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  1. You know it’s a larp when….


    Forcing a script through social media by wrestling control of a digital “ground zero” IS the nuclear codes. One aspect of them at any rate.

    “March for Trump” meant the month of March is for Trump. People have seen similarities between yesterday’s shitshow and the storming of the Reichstag in March which ushered in “law and order out of chaos” under a fascist nanny state regime. That was a controlled burn yesterday. So dud.

  2. Meanwhile in Georgia in the e-Gregoreian calendar, Vanky tells the truth.

    Those MAGAts are “fighting for our children’s future…each one of you.” She means the Trump children. No, really….

    Nepotistic grifters off to own the world.

    Wake up, Trinity.

    1. Word salad barbie.
      They’re making a movie for your great grandchildren to suffer through.
      “Blue blood blue print.”

      1. This guy is controlled opp and a honey pot but he does drop insights. It’s a movie to play in the future to “prove past.”

  3. Damn, I should give the Biden/Kamela frauds equal playtime. They just as icky. I dont only because in truth they’re batting for Trump.

    1. I see why you say green screen.
      It’s totally right in front of us. The holographic matrix and they think it’s a game. Archons. The wall is above them, as if to reinforce their bullshit. Cutting off from the heavens. They’re so done.
      While I say that, I also know it’s not real and can’t sustain. But exhausting for sure.

      1. Yeah they aren’t real.
        They’re hollow graphic inserts designed to create a “simulation” of the real world. Sorry to those who’ve lost any connection with that and don’t know what that is.
        Even if the real world exists in “another dimension” we ought to still have links to our casual and astral bodies.

        These people do not exist.

        1. Fake file.
          Dust bin.
          I’m sure he’ll be recycled for the script’s last hoorah but the digital genes of AI characters is finite. Pixels start fucking up.

        2. In Christian terminology, I have my doubts that they are “in the book of life.”
          Mostly because of how vile the Trump children are.

      2. As above so below as below so above. It works in both directions, no?

        Toto himself bitchslapped that curtain.

    1. The covid news is always encoded.
      Because it’s an act of black magic. So is space news. All images of space stuff is CGI.
      All images of “viruses” are CGI.
      Since whatever they are, being incapable of creating, they can’t keep it up. Total exposure coming soon!

      1. MJ ❤️

        fwiw, I see it a little different.

        The screen is where ‘all of us’ project. It’s not about we and they. That’s a byproduct of duality which keeps the war going.
        Human ‘projection’ is a psychological ‘defense’ mechanism which allows us to take the unacceptable parts of ourselves, cast them onto the other and thereby relieve the tension in ourselves, which they create and at the same time…keep the war going.

        There is no enemy, no threat! There is just us! The best, the mediocre, and the worst that lives in all of us. We are the ones being exposed. This may very well be some kind of ‘simulation’. I don’t know. But in this program running, we must either love one another or we must die! Daisy’s dilemma.

        The screens and the nuclear codes and the unwinnable war.

  4. The Nashville grimoire with the sigils “AT&T” and “Antioch” thrown in….

    ATNT as in Attention!
    Och as in ach! as in achtung! as in the German word for Attention!

    A filthy spell to sync people further onto hypnosis. That’s what the staged impeachment trial was actually. It was a seance acted out by both Dems and Reps, full of hypnotic suggestion to lull people to sleep and accept the CV deception. Pelosi’s laptop and the new round of staged impeachment will be similar. Not a search for political justice, rather more movie grimoire.


  5. Told you, he’s the magician responsible for the shit show….

    ♦Maga in Latin: Magic, Magical, Witch

    ♦Maga in Italian: Sorceress or Witch

    ♦Maga in Spanish: Magician or Wizard or Illusionist

    ♦Maga in Polish: Magician

    ♦Maga in Sanskrit: Magician or Priest of the sun

    Now, in English the word ‘Mage’ is an archaic word for magician or sorcerer coming from the Latin word, Magus/Maga, and Greek word Magos.

    ♦ Etymology com….mage (n.)

    “magician, enchanter,” c. 1400, Englished form of Latin magus “magician, learned magician,” from Greek magos, a word used for the Persian learned and priestly class as portrayed in the Bible (said by ancient historians to have been originally the name of a Median tribe), from Old Persian magush “magician” (see magic and compare magi). An “archaic” word by late 19c. (OED), revived by fantasy games.”

    With that said, once the term ‘Magician’ came up, I could only think of one thing, yup, that Economist magazine cover from December of 2016 called ‘The world in 2017’ Planet Trump, with the Tarot cards on it. Now do you think that was a coincidence?!

    1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/prayandbeready.wordpress.com/2020/09/23/what-does-maga-really-mean/amp/

      His creepy father, also from the bot pit, trained him. As did his jesuit teachers.

      Jan 6, the day Drumf chose to (try to) trump Christ was the Christian Epiphany when people in the east celebrate God incarnated into human flesh and,
      in the west, when people honor the Magi who visited the Christ Child.

      All those MAGAhats in DC –the real humans under hypnosis– were used, harvested. Instead of celebrating Christ and the Magi, you celebrated Drumf and the MAGA on a day reserved for your own supposed God! Do you see how the master mason is conflating the story? An artificial reality grafted onto this world with the help of the screen.

      Is God using Trump or the other way around?

      1. In Drumf’s simulation,
        DJT is Christ
        Maga is Maga.

        Negative artificial reversal. Superimposition.

        Pattern recognition.

        We know what they did next 12+ summers.

        1. Maga is Magi rather.
          Autotext changed the i to an a.
          I wonder who controls the autotext.
          Surely not just AI.
          He who controls the algorithm controls the logos?
          Not so fast.

  6. Seems Sydney Powell, another MAGAhat wrecking havoc, may have a movie company as well. In her version, “Kracken” should be read as “crack” …as in digital cgi screen crack for the people. I dont really believe she’s a flesh and blood person, however, but an online corporate entity which white (as in non-benevolent) magicians can hide behind. Shell companies.

  7. This white (as in non-benevolent) witch cycled smut through the ether, one loosh story after another. She put the crack in the digital IV, told salacious horror stories to establish trauma bonds in the collective consciousness. Times up, honey.



  8. If the physical body and this realm is all fake, why do the most enlightened yogis practise non-violence and do no harm to other living beings? Why do they walk gently upon this earth, avoid polluting their bodies, avoid poisoning others, and use their connection with Cosmic God to help heal others’ physical wounds? Why then did Jesus heal the sick and the lame if none of this on Earth is real.

    Spotting the illusion is only the first step.

  9. Another actor bot, clear as day.
    They deleted their accounts to reinforce the victim angle and as part of the great data scrub of the “quantum.” Invoking the 10/10, eh, Flynn? As in Drumfs fictitious Christ who was born on 10/10 and the annual 10:10 reversal code used to maintain base 10 architecture in the Alien Machinery embedded in the planetary body, used to project artificial timelines into an Artificial Tree of Life manifestation template.


    1. “….artificially generated Fibonacci Spirals are inorganic, vampiric and created through Alien Machinery and AI technology. This is how the Metatronic Reversal fields were created, as well as the Adverse Sephiroth or Artificial Tree of Life that is represented in Kabbalah teachings, made popular by Black Magicians such as Aleister Crowley. The Metatronic code is based on two spheres of Bi-Wave Influences of the Vesica Pisces instead of the eternal life three spheres, or Trinity Wave. Metatronic code manifests reverse merkaba ratios which forces peoples Merkabas to spin in ways that prevents Ascension.”

  10. Hi all, Spirit guides me.
    Just move along and dont read what your spirit rejects.
    It’ll all work out in the end.
    It is done.

  11. It’s a war in the sense of a war on consciousness. Every single indigenous group could tell you that. Yes. Those people are, were REAL. It’s a war in the sense of handling our sovereignty over to the white magicians machine (his false God) with a false plan and becoming mankind (a kind of man) or chosing the real Cosmic Plan and the real God. Can’t only kumbaya your way out it. The middle way is to work in ALL dimensions. Straight down the middle.

  12. They want you to believe it’s just a simulation.
    They = the hierarchy above you.
    The one that has you wearing a muzzle.
    The one that taught you your body is bad and that you could drug it away.
    The one you’ve slaved your whole life for.
    The one that writes the uni-cult script.
    The one you pay your tax to on income it’s already taxed.
    Shall I go on.

    If it’s all consciousness and consciousness is “light” and the earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic field and we are “lightbodies” obviously on this dimension all that can be “tweaked.”


    “This was accomplished as the infiltration into the Holographic Blueprint of the Planetary Logos architecture as the most effective way to create destruction of the human species through the continual creation of holocaust and genocidal wars through False Father God religions as a self enforcement method of planetary enslavement. The mind control creates slaves which make those humans that are mind controlled enforce the alien agenda and warfare strategy with minimal effort on the use of externalized or energetic alien resources. Thereby making “alien” invasion into the physical reality not necessary. The repeated cycles of historical conflict in Iran and Iraq, as well as its thoughtform infection spreading through the Middle East are a primary example of how this mind control has manifested suffering, torture and killing of the human race.”

    1. What, you may ask, is a boy white (as in non benevolent) magician doing walking with a handbag in Iraq?

      “The hijack of the horizontal grid networks of the Golden Eagle Grid and Phoenix Grid were taken over to create a global brain hemisphere splitting, stage the takeover of the global brain that has led to the mind control programming of the people of the earth. These races divide into two major agendas, the Luciferian Annunaki, a hive mind hierarchical reptilian mentality (Belial) and the Satanic Black Suns, a materialistic individualist race of misogynist war mongers. Both groups of intruders subscribe to patriarchal domination, False King of Tyranny through elitist mind control agendas, such as the Illuminati, that employ military warfare and technological strategies to program, enslave and torture the inhabitants on the earth. These beings, through the Imposter Spirits have stolen the consciousness field technology and its memories through reversal code architecture programs to create the anti-life or death programs on earth, to bind the planetary soul (human collective) to serve their Satanic and Luciferian agendas of current time and future time planet enslavement. This created the recycling of humans after death on the Astral Plane through the False Ascension Matrix and Addiction Webbing.

      Themes: Timelines and Histories of the Military Invasions into the land mass of Iraq, Iran ( Former Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Sumeria, Persia) and their archetypes, negative alien invasion, Sacrificial and blood ritual to demonic and satanic entities on earth, Black Sun Programs for the Nazi related theories of eugenics, genocide and survival of the strongest and “fittest”. This is the point that human history was rewritten by the alien victors of war, and the current false history was given to humans up to the Sumerian records 5,500 years ago. All previous historical records or monuments with significant data were destroyed or confiscated from the human race, all knowledge bearers were killed in order to isolate the written records of history which were edited and falsified by NAA. This was to accomplish a hidden alien invasion without outward signs of extraterrestrial and extra dimensional involvement in the evolution and the affairs of the human race. The illuminati ideology was brought in through the financial ruling classes to which their bloodlines began alien genetic manipulation and satanic possession in order to recover and retain consciousness (esoteric) and Stargate technologies of the earth. These were called the Essenes, Christos Templars of the earth, they were humans that had the knowledge of the planetary forces and planetary stargates (templar). This area represents the biblical fall of Man from the Garden of Eden, and the stories, holograms and archetypes are related to this area and timeline of invasion.”

  13. Most yogis will tell you there are indeed interdimensional beings and they ain’t all yo friends.

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