The Spinning Wheel


Another trip through the Windmills of my Mind.




I think it could get seriously nutty in Nutfield. My first few days has continued normal service. My Landlady’s name in Nut Field is Sally.



It’s the Manderley Effect.



The Spinning Wheel.

Wheels Within Wheels.



Wake up and smell the coffee. Or something.

And Old.




The Old Bakery.




Anyhoo it is very clear that our reality really isn’t what we thought it was. I don’t like speaking for others but I think we are getting to the point where we are close to leaving the old 3D world. One of the hurdles to be crossed I believe is letting go. Even though I can see that the reality is not real there is a part of the mind that hangs on and wants the old reality to be true. It’s a false comfort zone in a sense where the ‘Separated Mind’ and Little Me thinks it is safe from God and All There Is.

The Fourth Wall and No Boundaries and No Limits. I want to be able to walk through the Wall. But we set the boundaries and limits.



And Storage Space and the Tech mind.

The Shed.



Selfless and Shedding. Who or what is Identity and the Self ?



Apart from the sheer insanity of 2020, I had my own personal repeat pattern . At my old apartment in Reigate, from about the time of the first lockdown in March I had to deal with a constant stream of different people who wanted to come into the apartment . Every week or so I would get a request from someone – electricians, fire safety people, landlord and family, plumbers, estate agents etc – who wanted to come over into my apartment. It was seriously bizarre especially in Lockdown year. It felt like the whole world and his wife for whatever reason wanted to come inside my apartment. They were welcome but it was very strange. I have never felt less isolated !

It became like the ‘mother!’ movie with Jennifer Lawrence, where she had to to deal with a mass of people who turned up on the doorstep of the house which she was lovingly renovating.

Who are all these people ?





And the Mirror Verse. We are ‘Out There’ on the silver screen. In my case there is Pope Francis and I now live at the White House. Do Pope Francis and Trump and Biden etc and all the rest of our reflections or the other Us exist or are they just pure illusions or reflections that the Mind creates or are there are other worlds within the Spinning Wheel and we experience some sort of reality in the kaleidoscope.

And just pushing a few buttons and hoping for the best and ‘Getting Naked’ I thought I would welcome everyone to the White House. I’m partly hoping it may actually reduce the number of physical beings who show up on the doorstep. Bah Humbug ! But don’t make a mess. That’s my job.






Lights will guide you home.


20 thoughts on “The Spinning Wheel

    1. Roob

      Happy Anniversary 🙂 And Happy Birthday Poppy.

      And showing how crazy some of this. I went for walk into South Sally Nutfield about an hour ago. On the way back I got chatting to a man walking his small dog. I’m not too sure of the breed to be honest but he made a point of saying ‘She is 9 years old’.

        1. Roob

          The Gaff.

          And the Fair and the White House. All the fun of. All is fair in love and war.

          ‘Then there’s the British slang meaning of gaff for the place where one lives (“come round my gaff for a coffee”), which is almost certainly derived from the use of gaff in the eighteenth-century to mean a fair, and later a cheap music-hall or theatre (as in the infamous penny gaff) and which probably comes from the Romany gav for a town, especially a market town.’

          Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time.

  1. In the Mirror Verse.

    And the In No Sense never ends.

    Trump visits the Wall and Alamo on the day I wrote I wanted to walk through the Wall.

    Picture This. In the Texas Capitol building.

    All the Fun of the Fair. And Blondie.

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