The Holy Well

It’s All There Is.




The Holy Well.

Waterslade Holy Well or Sacred Spring in Redhill .

Holy Water.

From :

‘Holy Well or Sacred Spring in Surrey

An ancient spring which seems to have been revered in the past, but fell into disuse. The Waterslade farming area was extensively redeveloped and is now a bustling housing district. The spring has been marked with a brick wellhouse, and a stone plaque read Waterslade Spring, although this is now illegible. A square trough area has been dug into the earth surrounding the spring, but this was filled with detritus from the tree above on my visit. The spring had a small amount of standing water.’







It’s in our DNA.






Surrounded by water.


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  1. Hawking and the Multi Verse.

    ‘In the 1980s, the Cambridge scientist, along with US physicist James Hartle developed a new idea about the beginning of the Universe.

    This resolved a difficulty with Einstein’s theory that suggested that the Universe began nearly 14 billion years ago but said nothing about how it began.

    Instead, the Hartle-Hawking idea used a different theory called quantum mechanics to explain how the Universe arose from nothingness.

    The idea tied up one loose end but created another – an infinite number some might say.

    As physicists analysed the idea it emerged that it carried with it the implication that the Big Bang would create not just one universe – but an endless supply.’

      1. Swim

        The Holy Well was discovered this morning.

        MJ’s article about mounds got me looking at mounds in my local area and I ended up on this site.

        And in the section about nearby megalithic sites I noticed there was a ‘Holy Well or Sacred Spring’ very close to me and when I went to the local shop this morning I thought I would have a look. Didn’t show itself at first and then suddenly there it was. Out of Now Here. It’s smaller than it looks in pics. Interestingly it says there maybe another one very close by . The spring in the pic is called Waterslade Spring and the site mentions a Holy Well at Whitepost Hill which is just across the road. Not sure if it is same spring or another spring. Two of Everything at the moment. I will have a look .

    1. Frank

      When I was a child my aunt had a statue of Mary as Our Lady of Lourdes, in her garden. She was depicted standing in the grotto or alcove just as she is in the video. The statue was engraved with the message of the apparition, “go and drink from the spring”.

      1. Elena

        One of the things that has been coming up for me is a ‘Christ’ DNA for want of a better description. My area is a Mary Magdalene area rather than the Virgin Mary. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. Speaks to me of a male/female Christ DNA and a Family of Christ.

    1. Anon

      Whenever I see the term VP now I look upon the position as President of Vice.

      About the Holy Well. Across the road is meant to be another spring which I will look for at some time. There’s also a fountain which manifested out of nowhere one day. Wherever you look there is water.

      From a distance.

      Is Water Wet ?

  2. The Cutting Edge Newsletter –
    5. The time has come that all discerning patriots demand that our officials stop lying about the COVID-19 new cases:

    * Flu cases are being reported as COVID-19


    “One of the most bizarre features of the alleged COVID-19 ‘global pandemic’ has been the mysterious disappearance of the seasonal flu in medical and public health record keeping. It’s as if the Flu just vanished into thin air after being the most common perennial seasonal respiratory virus.” (Emphasis Added)

    “As it turns out, recorded seasonal influenza cases have literally nose dived by 98% across the globe.”

    “Earlier in December, Southern California news outlet KUSI raised the alarm which prompted an audit of COVID statistics in their region…

    “SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – COVID-19 cases continue to increase across California, and here in San Diego County, but flu cases remain extremely low in comparison to this time in previous years. We are well into flu season, but San Diego County’s data for flu infections only shows 36 reported cases so far this year. Carl DeMaio tweeted out this shocking revelation, comparing it to this time in other years saying, ‘In a typical year we get over 17,073 on average!’ ”

    In other words, doctors are rather uniformly signing Flu Death Certificates as “COVID-19”!

    Let us repeat this dynamite statement:

    “Doctors are rather uniformly signing Flu Death Certificates as “COVID-19″!”

    No wonder America and other countries are experiencing “surging numbers of cases”, even after the vaccines are being administered! When you throw in the fact that American doctors receive a bonus for every COVID certificate they issue — no matter the real cause of death — and you have a continuing pandemic that is really man-made!

    * New false positives are being generated by these millions of vaccinations!

    NEWS BRIEF: “Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer: The pandemic is over, PCR tests yield false positives”, Creations Magazine, Nov 30, 2020

    “According to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, almost all of the positive tests for COVID-19 are false positives, and current government policies and the restriction of constitutional rights are based on faulty data. He says ‘the pandemic is fundamentally over’.”

    Let us repeat this dynamite statement:

    “almost all of the positive tests for COVID-19 are false positives”

    But, governments cannot afford to have the pandemic over! They have more fundamental liberties to seize and far more vaccinations to administer! They cannot allow this virus scare to be over.

  3. That is beautiful, Frank. I love the holy well✨

    I was ranting last night out of sheer frustration because it feels like we need more support in this transition and I feel tossed about with nothing but dark jokes from the universe.

    Here’s an example. A couple of weeks ago, me and Charlie go for a walk in our neighborhood. There’s actually lots of beautiful nature in this densely populated area but just in our neighborhood, we see deer, hawks, wild turkeys, ground hogs, owls, rabbits and coyotes, foxes.
    Fortunately, people take good care of their pets so it’s a rare occasion to see a dog or cat on the road but if we do, I just remind myself and Charlie that they feel nothing except happiness in the new place.
    So we’re walking along and Charlie says “what is that?” (Warning, this is a bit gruesome), but it’s this little rabbit foot with a little bone sticking out and the fur looked perfectly soft and untouched. (Like something just grabbed the rabbit but left the rabbit foot behind). There was no blood, no trace of other rabbit parts, nothing! except a strangely undisturbed little part of rabbit.
    And then the mind happens, and a flood of thoughts, including ‘lucky rabbit’s foot’ and then, in a cheeky tone I thought “not so lucky rabbit”.
    And yes, I know they’re my thoughts but I honestly don’t want to see a rabbits foot like that and I certainly don’t want Charlie to have to go through all the thoughts associated.
    Anyway, I’m sure I will figure it out 😖

    1. MJ

      Your article led me there. From the mounds of Kazakhstan and the world to the Megalithic website to the Holy Well 🙂 . Neural pathways.

      Some of the imagery and life experiences and extreme emotions are very difficult to deal with at times. I’m comfortable with the weirdness and spiritual aspects of this. It’s confirmation to me of the illusory nature of our reality. It’s the mundane stuff I have difficulty with. Money, banks, bills, paperwork, bureaucracy and the rest of it. My mind, heart and soul I think is rejecting it. It doesn’t compute.

      And yet another example of the ‘weirdness’. I’m getting ready to move. And what we call a skip has been ordered and just turned up to chuck out old stuff.

      Frank’s Skip. It’s In No Sense.

      1. I’m throwing some garbage there, if you don’t mind!
        Thank you!

        Lol. Why does the dumpster have your name on it?! Same reason I see my name on stuff,…we are not separate from anything.
        Question is, how do we make it something real? Instead of stupid jokes all the time, something inspiring! Maybe I’m too picky? 😁😎

        1. MJ

          Put it in there ! Why does the illusion show up as it does and how can we change it ? This is a strange reflection of reality . IMO the core barrier is ‘I am a sinner’ and Fear of God and I think we are flying through the clouds of guilt at present. Even though some of this raises a smile we really need the movie to change. But I’m not arrogant enough to second guess ‘God’ and I assume it’s under control even though it looks chaotic.

  4. The Eve of the Epiphany


    I won’t apologize for thinking better of going down into D.C. on my ebike.

    Too dangerous, for a woman alone.

    Foolish, even.

    So I send my prayers to those SOLDIERS who DO.

    God bless you!

    Remember, both George Washington and Donald J, Trump were among the RICHEST men in the world at the time…..

    Neither of them NEEDED to do this…..

    They both are HEROES and PATRIOTS of the Greatest Nation on Earth.

      1. Trinity

        Nothing against the USA. It’s full of wonderful people in general but why is it the Greatest Nation on Earth ? Britain had the same view with the Empire .

        And not directed at you personally. It’s in the coding. From ACIM :

        And Him / Her.

        ‘Specialness is the idea of sin made real. Sin is impossible even to imagine without this base. For sin arose from it, out of nothingness; an evil flower with no roots at all. Here is the self-made “savior,” the “creator” who creates unlike the Father, and which made His Son like to itself and not like unto Him. His “special” sons are many, never one, each one in exile from himself, and Him of Whom they are a part. Nor do they love the Oneness Which created them as one with Him. They chose their specialness instead of Heaven and instead of peace, and wrapped it carefully in sin, to keep it “safe” from truth.’

              1. That pan Maga entity calls itself “Angeli” 😆 and carries a bull

                We know what you did next summer….its so duh.

        1. Frank

          It’s the “Greatest Nation on Earth” because of what is stated in OUR NATION”S “Declaration of Independence”:

          “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

          All those ACTORS who “stormed the Capitol” were paid off.

          Oh, so Trump hired actors in his FIRST election?

          I don’t even care, and Trump is not who “I believe” in anyway….

          So-called “Christians” were not present in D.C. and to be honest I posted that George Washington vid of the morning attack on the ahem, “FOREIGNERS” [British] who are trying to STEAL our country right out from under us…..


          I think “true believers” out there who “get me”…..

          GET IT

    1. It’s not real and No Threat – but not sure why it manifests in these weird ways. And water/Atlantis came to mind with Storming the Capitol and the STORM Act, which was recently signed by Trump on December 31st having something to do with water and natural disasters.

      “Safeguarding Tomorrow through Ongoing Risk Mitigation”

      This legislation would be an important step towards improving resilience and planning for communities across the country. The historic floods of 2019 throughout the Mississippi River Basin, the record-breaking wildfire season of 2020 throughout the west, and the most active Atlantic hurricane season recorded make action on this legislation all the more urgent.

      It’s all happening…naturally. Holy O’well. Release the Quacken.×600/

          1. A funny map circulated showing air force one heading to Texas. Dont know if that’s true or not. But Trump ran away from the scene of his crime.
            Maybe he’ll pop up in Phonenix.

  5. This is the Eve of Christ’s birthday in the calendar before this limited egregoreian one.

    Tomorrow is Christmas in Ethiopia.

    Drumf and Biden and crew just doing what they do best. Attempting to trump Christ.

    His father literally changed his family name for that purpose.

    Trinity, in the narrow American “Christian” timeline, the indoctrination centers will teach your great grandchildren that that “man” “Trump” is the true descendant of Christ and have all the forged docs to “prove it.” Supping at the unholy well those actors on screen are….

  6. “Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God.”

    Exodus 20:3
    Matthew 4:10
    Luke 4:8

    The real Christians have remained home. Centered in the Living Temple.

    1. 😂
      Christians literally in Statuary Hall pay rioting for “Trump”. The screen got jokes.

      1. What happened to all that “Christian” disdain for violent protests and “defacing government buildings”?

        I’ll wait.

        1. Anonymous


          You can wait.

          Those violent “Trump supporters” were FAKE, “Antifa”…


          “We’re” not “Christians,” I told you that (but you would not remember)

          We’re “Nazarenes.”


          Whoever “WE” are, LOL


          Have your fun laughing and mocking not only me, but true “Christians.”

          I DO BELIEVE…..

          The BATTLE has already been won!

          You see, I’m an

          “Eternal Optimist”


          1. The idolaters can’t see. He plays you like a fiddle. Biden and all the rest are on his payroll.

            1. Anonymous

              So what do you make of the backstory? And why many many “Christian” people like me support Pres. Trump.

              You know, “Epstein Island”?

              “Pizza Gate”

              “Comet Pizza,” with all the CLEAR EVIDENCE on TWITTER from that disgusting sodomite who’s very name translates to I LOVE CHILDREN and was listed in Conde NASTY’s GQ magazine as one of the MOST POWERFUL “people” in D.C. because ALL of Washington, D.C.’s power players “ate” there?

              The true pandemic of “child-trafficking”?

              Child PORN???

              “Missing Children” fro across America and Haiti???

              SRA? [Satanic Ritual Abuse]

              Marina Abramo Witch’s “art installations” featuring CANNIBALISM?

              Is it all just “fake news” to you?

              I never hear a word about it here on MV.

              Just sayin’

        2. Who was it actually doing the violence?
          We have experience in a variety of incidents of bad actors infiltrating the good guys and doing all the bad stuff to get the good guys a bad name.
          Every report I heard here in Australia mentioning the fact that the election was fraudulent have failed to mention the Dominion voting machines and how they can be hacked. You mustn’t mention Dominion. Not allowed! People might start taking notice and wake up to what actually happened.

          We don’t want that to happen now do we? We want you all to be obedient little sheep and get vaccinated and then get into those box cars peacefully and be taken away for slaughter.
          Just like the Georgia Guidestones recommend – reduce the global population to 500 million in permanent balance with nature.

              1. “Babbitt (1922), by Sinclair Lewis, is a satiricalnovel about American culture and society that critiques the vacuity of middle class life and the social pressure toward conformity. 

                The word “Babbitt” entered the English language as a “person and especially a business or professional man who conforms unthinkingly to prevailing middle-class standards”.


            1. Ken, that’s all been predicted.
              The right will say the left infiltrated. Just like the left says the right infiltrates when it rallies.
              They look like animals playing Russian joos to me.
              Which is fitting given that this all resides in and took place in Cyberia.

              Shocking to see how people still worship Trump when he is a master magician fully aware of everything happening. He wants to be King. Open your eyes. He wants the whole world in his hands.

              Follow the white Babbit. Like a wind up toy.


            2. They “look like” antifa because they’re wearing fur? Lol. Actually “libtard snowflakes” (right wing term not mine) are against wearing fur. The story goes.

              Anyhoo, does that viking guy look like a proper MAGAt (left wing term not mine) in the photo with Rudy below or nah? The clothes make the difference? Or your own personal confirmation bias?


              Man, we are being tested.
              I’m tested evarydayumday.

  7. When they say “pay t riots” believe them.

    The hollow graphic hollow cast casting shadows on Drumf’s wall.

    “The Hollywood Reporter broke one of the earliest scandals in Donald Trump’s political career when it reported in 2015 that his campaign spent $12,000 to employ a talent agency, Extra Mile Casting, to hire background actors, paid $50 each, to attend Trump’s presidential campaign launch on June 16, 2015, at Trump Tower. “We are looking to cast people for the event to wear T-shirts and carry signs and help cheer him in support of his announcement,” read the casting call.”

    1. Anon

      I’ve been mulling over The White House. Get the keys tomorrow. IMO ‘Out There’ is full of subconscious symbols and I’m wondering what it represents.

      And the Pagan. Jenny used a good phrase – ‘Manifestations of extreme energy’.

      Myth You.

      ‘Just Time Away’.

  8. MJ, I’m sure animals feel just as much as we do or more. I’m sure they grieve when they get farmed, hunted and hit by machines, muzzled, yanked away from their babies and slaughtered by people who insist they feel nothing. Huemans are supposed to love not only themselves and their individual families but their extended families including animals, minerals, plants and so forth. As long as we deny cause and effect there is no love. What is love

    1. Yes, I know. Of course they feel things and they are definitely a part of my family.
      When I start to think too much about it, it in conflict about eating meat. And I definitely don’t think it’s wrong to eat meat, I think the way it’s done is wrong. More disconnection that I was born into.
      I watched a documentary about hunting and there was a chef who went out and hunted game and said “if you don’t hunt or grow you’re on food you are sadly disconnected to the environment” and I thought, so true. But how can everybody do that?!

      1. GoI–

        Maybe once the grid collapses….

        And the End of the World comes…. and the Garden of Eden is restored…

        We WILL!


  9. I COULD post that crazy-good video documenting Sodom’s dusty desert and lifelessness even today after its demise in Yahuah’s fire and brimstone… on its Judgment Day.

    But I won’t.


    1. This world is all an illusion…..

      Hmm, true.

      But there’s a “spiritual battle” going on for your very soul in this “world”…. right NOW.

      Now that, my Brothers, is very VERY true.

            1. And I dare say….

              We WILL see justice done for children who have been raped, mutilated, and EATEN by these “people.”

              Hmm, Pence betrays his President?

              Well I heard he ALSO received the NOTICE at the Bush funeral, along with Hellary, Bush JR., um all of them…..

              WE HAVE YOU

              GOD has you.

              YOU think after abusing “little ones’ you could POSSIBLY escape DAMNATION???

              It’s coming.


        1. Hmm, good question: Who is “George Washington” [in The CROSSING]? Or better, who does he represent?

          Who is riding the white horse?

          I meant that I thought it was Christ, leading the Wheat to stand up and FIGHT Satan’s army….

          THEN I spotted the underside of his cape, it’s red….

          Oops, “don’t get fooled again!!

          And just now I see his cape is not black but blue: the red and the blue rays….

          Oh, so! He is Christ!

          But no…. now I remember that prayer card image of “Jesus, I Trust in You” of Jesus that was created/published during WWII, with him so handsome and the blue and the red rays shining our from his “Sacred Heart” (I know the image very well: I used to wear it on a pendant around my neck and I took it off when I first fell “sick” 20 years ago after the chimney man, in the ER… dad and 8 year old son looking on and the evil nurses telling me I just needed to EAT. I also had it on my mirror but I took it down when I awokened to God’s First Commandment: “You shall have no graven images of ANYTHING, especially of any kind of “GOD” to worship, “BEFORE ME.”)

          And I mean, c’mon….

          Jeff Daniels’ eyes are smug, and darkened… patronizing as the “enemy” is being slaughtered… His eyes are um…. not right? (And I will admit the eyes of the Jesus in that Nazarene clip are darkened and creepy as well…)

          Hey, let’s remember Daniels was the star, alongside the other now revealed “Truman” is actually an anti-Christ” Jim Carrie (sp)…..[rumored to be or have been the head of the Satanic cult in Holly Wood….]

          You know, the STARS of “Dumb & Dumber”?

          Anon, you speak of my use of “The Matrix” as if I’m unaware of the internal programming upon me, you know, “Trinity.”

          I’m not dumb and dumber anymore, I’m not BLIND anymore….

          I CAN SEE

          From Wikipedia to my question I just now searched on Google:

          Who is riding the white horse in the Book of Revelation?

          “In John’s revelation, the first horseman is on a white horse, carrying a bow, and given a crown, riding forward as a figure of Conquest, perhaps invoking Pestilence, Christ, or the Antichrist. The second carries a sword and rides a red horse and is the creator of War. The third is a food merchant riding upon a black horse, symbolizing Famine. The fourth and final horse is pale green, and upon it rides Death accompanied by Hades. “They were given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, and plague, and by means of the beasts of the earth.”

          “The Christian Apocalyptic vision is that the Four Horsemen are to set a divine End Time upon the World as harbingers of the Last Judgment.”

          1. And if I remember correctly, the reason that first officer is reluctant to draw his sword and is nodded on by another (Just DO it) is because George Washington was breaking the civilized world’s at that time “Rules of War”….

            Ambushing them on the morning after Christmas Day…..

            A BLOOD SACRIFICE to Satan?


            Hey, Anon, you keep attacking me but I’m just posting my Journey for all to see for my Brothers in Christ!

            To see that I DON”T KNOW ANYTHING….

            That I am an “innocent,” “weak,” child, i.e. sheep, or better, lamb being led into slaughter.

            I can only keep my eyes fixed on Christ and keep asking HIM every day:

            What is this?
            What do I “do”?
            Where do I go?

            And we are so “lost” in this world…. we have so little understanding of our “place” in it, or where to go…

            That only He can ANSWER our prayers for guidance….

            and ONLY day by day….
            baby step by baby step….

            The Good Shepherd.

            Guides His sheep.

            Praise be to the Father for his GIFT to us!



            1. Anon

              In other words, I’m admitting here on MV that I’m a split personality.

              “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

              Yin and Yang

              Light and Dark

              The twain of which shall never meet.


              It’s 111… 1…11

                1. It was just 1:11 AM (Of course on 1/11/2021… today’s date)


                  And I left MV to read a BitChute “report” vid that Trump has signed the Insurrection Act and that General Flynn will be replacing Pence as VP.

                  Oh Lordy, please let it be TRUE!!!

                  And go to read the comments and they are mostly denouncing this vid poster and so my heart kinda sinks…. No…. not more lies! and one poster said that last night there were more cop cars at the Vatican than flies…. and then another one posted the LIVE link to see what’s going on at the Vatican right now, so I did…..

                  Absolutely empty…. Nothing doing…..

                  But I kept it on, looking over the edifice with the “saints” all lined up along its ridge looking DOWN at us in the “square,” and remembering when I was there, with my parents, in 1977, and how we entered through the front door….

                  and noticed the clouds getting pinker and pinker over the Vatican and its Egyptian obelisk with a Cross on top (wth) in the Center of the Circle (Satanic much?) right next to their Christmas tree [sacrifice of children to Moloch is what it signifies….](all “graven images” devoted to Moloch i.e. Satan…)…

                  And I realized all of a sudden in the LIVE stream, I was watching the sun rise!


                  So I stayed to watch the clouds turn pinker and pinker….

                  And then a bell began ringing…

                  Hmm, hey, it was um 1:45 my time….. 7:45 their time…. bells for what?

                  Well, they rang 7 times, then went silent.

                  I have NO IDEA what it all means, other than….

                  Satan mocking me once again?

                  Or a sunrise on a New Day.

                  It’s probably both!

                  I decide.


    1. It’s a narrative and character cobbled together out of “quantum computing”. Ashli out of the digital genetics of the Nashville story and the overarching idea that Trump/America will “rise from the ashes” and bring “order out of chaos”and Babbit as in the white rabbi T and the baaaaaa of sheep following their shepard. Her old name Mc**** will ripple forward to eventually materialize into a digital/screen/consciousness inception about the grand old superior family tree of the McLeods (they are conducting genetic testing as we speak to locate and preserve themselves 😅…look it up on the Trump empire website) who reside in the Cloud (quantum computer storage space) and are descendants of Christ him/herself.

      You can by now see not only the patterns that have happened but the patterns they are projecting into the future through false flags, false narratives, hollow graphic inserts and false files. No?

      We know what they did next summer and we are over riting it.

      1. Trinity, Trumo is a jesuit trained rabbi. Wake tfu.
        And God save the world from the American, British, Russian and European delusions of grandeur.

    2. Frank and Anonymous

      Just another Crisis Actor…..

      And you know what?

      They LIVE!

      They are “The Immortals”!


    3. Mc”Entree” who crashed the gates.
      Mc as in the golden arches of the Mc Lie of a false Big Mac (rho).

      The Q Shaman for Drumf comes from Phoenix, Arizona. Any surprise?

      The danger of programming the quantum with a single collection of stories. Eventually the story gets old.


      1. Geez, Anonymous!

        You believe more in “Trump” than I do!

        You believe in the programming!

        I’ve been trying to tell you that…

        Belief in the CREATOR, not the ARCHITECT…..


        1. I dont believe in Trump.
          Whatsoever. He’s a digital fiction, a fake file that needs to be removed from the collective sub/consciousness along with his cronies.

          It’s revelations, hun.

          Delete. Delete.

        2. You use the Matrix movie program to tell me about deprogramming. Ok. 😅 That movie is dull and overrated. Belongs in a dustbin too.

          I can see the narrative recycle the Trump fiction intends. It dovetails with the palindromic Masonic bible you use which has trapped hue-manity down for centuries. The Trump fiction is supposed to “prove” the bible that has done so much harm and “prove” that a false idol is the king of kings. You and his sheep are the new missionaries (same as the ol ones) hoping the entire consciousness field will tow your line. Well, we won’t, Trinity. You all had your day.

          1. Anonymous

            We all had our day, huh?

            What does THAT mean, hmm?

            Your mind is yes. like a “steel trap.”

            I think that used to be a compliment!

            I don’t think you understand me, and you seem to be on a mission to prove me a liar, and a fake, and um… idk…. a yuge backhoe?

            WHAT EVER

            I am tempted to reiterate that LIGHT and DARK do not and cannot “communicate,” nor “mix, nor COEXIST.

            But you’d probably call me a racist.


          2. Welp, Anonymous….

            You’ve really touched a nerve

            Um, as a Columbia University School of the Arts educated “film critic”….

            I stand BEHIND my opinion that the original “The Matrix” film stands alone as…. yeah…

            The Greatest Movie Ever Made

            Eat that


  10. Just my 2 sense 😄 fwiw. With apologies for repeating myself.

    This is a sensory test. Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. Five senses. Yesterday January ‘sixth’, the Sixth sense was blown wide open. The sixth sense is proprioception. “One’s own”. It is the relationship of the movement of the body to it’s surroundings. It’s what enables us to ‘navigate’. This is important !!!

    About this guy that everyone is laughing at Q Shaman. He was there for a reason. The shaman is the ‘spiritwalker’. The “One who knows”. He/she has one foot in the material world and one foot in the spirit world, and travels and communicates freely between them.

    The Sixth Sense and why we see only what we want to see.
    “I see dead people, they don’t know they’re dead”.

    Brexit is done! We are about to enter into a whole new realm of existence.
    Are you ready for it?

    1. Great take.
      I loved seeing the animals in the story.
      Their consciousness is entwined with ours and they have a say.

      Truly, the animals did it. They live in the real world.

      Thank you, animals! Hear and see you loud and clear.

  11. Revelations is about what’s in US.
    The screen triggers are a way of purging the Heart.

    What is love?

      1. Meanwhile in the egregore-ian calendar:

    1. Anonymous

      All right, all right, all right!

      I’ve suspected as much, so give me a break!

      All I know is that I do not want my son to have to live in a world of wearing a mask every day, six feet apart from anyone else in ISOLATION, unless we take some “shot” that will mark us as one of Beast’s… 666.



      Enslave US.

      So I am willing to USE the SYSTEM of LAW and ORDER given us by GOD to take President Trump at his word.

      UNTIL he is proven a LIAR…..

      I will continue to SUPPORT him.

      That doesn’t mean BELIEVE in him, OK?

      You want America to LIE DOWN and accept a CRIMINAL, an out and out criminal and suspected pedo, incester (with his own daughter of his former mistress, now “wife,” who was “around” when his FIRST WIFE got in a fatal “car vs truck “accident”), and who is CLEARLY a demon whose eyes SHIFT and turn BLACK…



      Trump is still human.

      His eyes (the windows to the soul) don’t SHIFT.

      They don’t suddenly (like Hillary’s–OMG!) turn BLACK.

      I’ll take my chances with him.

      Love you, President Trump!!!


      1. Blinded by the false light.
        No politician has your back.
        Take back your personal sovereignty.
        Statism is a hell of a drug.
        American “Christianity” messed with your mind. You’re in hypnosis.
        Jesus turned over the tables of the money lenders. Was that unconditional love?
        What is love?

        1. Um, I can’t work a job without wearing a MASK.

          I can’t go into ANY store without wearing a MASK.

          Trump has demonstrated that he does not PERSONALLY believe in wearing a MASK to “save him” or save anyone ELSE.

          That’s um, GREAT.


  12. I mean, this world (not to be confused with Earth) has been pretty f******* limited. Same ol stories recycled over and over without new perspectives and vantage points. Everything shoehorned into the collective brain from a fake central command. Not hard to read the writing on the uni CULT-ural wall.

    Transmute that bitch.

      1. OK, that’s cool, to admit to your own programming…..

        The TRUTH is?

        You can’t bust out on your own.

        Go ahead and try…..

        And probably DIE in the futile effort.

        The quicker you surrender to the truth: you are in Satan’s hospital prison ward…

        In shackles tied up on a bed….

        And that you can’t escape on your own, a la Sarah Conner….

        And that you need “help”….

        A Deliverer…..

        Then the sooner you can ACCEPT the Truth…..

        Which is?

        The Creator already gave us One.

        That’s the “good news”!


        1. The Pope, i.e. NOT the Vicar of Christ on Earth but yes, the opposite:
          the Anti-Christ
          ALREADY took over Congress….

          Five years ago.

          Watch Biden.

          I can’t find the clip but there was a point (toward the end, probably scrubbed now from the Internet), where the Pope turned to acknowledge Boehner but then did not turn to Biden, and just ignored him…
          and Biden’s eyes went black.

            1. The simple truth is….

              Joe Biden is not fit to be president of the Untied State of America.

              I did not vote for him.

              Practically NO ONE voted for him.

              And now he will be inaugurated as our next president?

              TALK ABOUT A COUP!

              🙁 🙁 🙁

              1. Satan BLOCKED me AGAIN!

                LOL!!! Of course I noticed my typo right away…..



                “Untied” = “United”


              2. This is my 3rd attempt, and I honestly can’t believe Satan is so PETTY that the Anti-Christ SPIRIT is blocking this follow-up “comet”:

                Of course I noticed my typo right away…..



                “Untied” = “United”


                1. Hey, it takes repetitive teaching to break through Satan’s brainwashing.

                  Three’s the charm


        2. Trinity, I’m guided by my God, thank God.
          Not yours.

          This guy may be a cracker jack but he has some good points. Except Trump followers ARE NOT the ones most likely to reject the system. They’re happy to be cajoled by it. Trump IS the system.

          1. Again for the other side

            1. Anonymous

              “The “Christians” who shielded Trump did America in. As did those who gave their consent to the other head of the Mac Rho Fraud.”

              You contradict yourself…..

              IT WAS ALL PART OF THE PROGRAM, not the “Christians.”

              Am I right?

              Satan likes to make true “Christians” GUILTY for HIS ever subtle manipulation of them.

              He’s their “God,” and they don’t even know it.

              MIND CONTROL

              MK ULTRA


              If I'm not mistaken, America was "DONE IN" five years ago when the Pope "took control" of all the compromised "Power Players" in Congress who went to Comet "Ping-Pong." Maybe you're right, and the Pope has Trump too….

              Doesn't matter.

              I don't TRUST in ANY "man."

              I trust only in Yahuah.

              The Creator of our BEAUTIFUL, LEVEL, IMMOVABLE, and BUILT ON PILLARS…..

              FLAT EARTH.

              Maybe this IS a plan to push Trump out and cause REAL civil unrest among those Christians who are too blind to see through the deception, and thereby institute their final goal of martial law: TOTAL LOCKDOWN.

              Guess what?

              Um, welp.

              I wanted to say, It won't work….

              They might very well succeed.

              And the Second Coming will be even CLOSER and more DEEPLY yearned for by the Wheat.

              IT'S ALL GOOD.


              1. “The Book of Enoch mentions seven holy angels who watch, that often are considered the seven archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Remiel.”

                They are all MEN.


                Not little girls and boys with wings, YOU GET ME?

                I’m ready to meet one.

                Maybe …. he’ll make a “visitation.”


                    1. UGH

                      For some reason, Anonymous, the visual of your post of Biden/Trump as the double-headed eagle atop a tower of BREASTS…..finally, what, the picture opened to me as I, what, reloaded?


                      Betrayal of WOMAN

                      NUDITY which is of SATAN

                      IT’s PORN

                      It’s so gross and an image of hell.


  13. Once you are “born again”…. of the “Holy Spirit”?

    Like me?

    Anything “fleshly” is REPUGNANT

    Hellish, even

    Your BODY is simply a VEHICLE of the SPIRIT

    To indulge in its LUSTS in any way:

    Being a “foodie,” a “chef,” sexually liberated?, even as a yogi making it a “god” with “chakras” you can use in yoga and purity and clean eating and perfection… reach


    All Satan’s LIES that….

    Enslave you.

    Just sayin….

    I Know!

    Believe me.

      1. Or is “The One”…..

        just Me.


        I’m finally happy with not waiting for the “One” anymore…

        When “the One” I’ve been waiting for all along…..

        Is ME.

        No worries, no wonderings, no nothing anymore…..

        I AM….




        There’s really nothing “special” about it.

        I’m thinking now, all Yahuah’s children figure it out eventually.


        Mary Magdalen, the Whore/Lover

        Mary, the Holy Mother of God, who kills the serpent under foot

        Mary, the Young Virgin… yet untouched

        Three in ONE


  14. The simple Truth is…

    If you deny “Christ”

    if you deny that Jesus is the Son of God that Yahuah, the Creator, sent to save us….

    Then you are “Anti-Christ.”

    What Does the Bible Say About Denying God? –

    But whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven. … Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? … All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, … For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead …

    What does the Bible say about rejecting Christ?
    The Bible declares that Hell was never intended for man but for the devil and his demons (Matthew 25:41). Those who reject Christ choose to follow Satan, and they will follow him right into his ultimate destiny, in spite of all that God has done to save them from the fiery abyss.



    “Well. Love the video. We have 8 days. Ooops. 7 days now. President Trump is either going to kick someass, or tuck tail and run. There are Zero signs that he is kickingass. Is this a play to the last minute? A play down to the 0:07 mark for the win? Or is it all just a bunch of shit? We have held on this long but the hopium is wearing off. We need a boom boom of thousands of people arrested for treason. 14th amendment with the election on a grand scale. Or we will realize we got kicked in the balls. 7 days Mr President. We need something.”

    1. thank God!

      Seven days countdown…..

      to know…

      The TRUTH.

      Once and for all……

      You might be able to dupe US….

      But you can’t KILL the American SPIRIT.

      We who know we were born FREE.




      He better be true….

      Or it will be the “death” of him.

      1. Maybe he WAS the last president….

        Ugh, you get me?

        THIS IS IT

        DO or DIE for the United States of America

        1. DO IT!
          DO IT!
          DO IT!

          Turn OFF the Mainstream MEDIA!

          SHUT THEM DOWN

          Twitter, Facebook, Google, You Tube….

          SHUT THEM DOWN


          They’re ALL clearly COMPROMISED with this PANDEMIC of child porn/ritual.sacrifice/freemasonry/ ….

          EVIL SHIT


          No American citizen can STOMACH their LIES anymore.

          SHUT THEM DOWN

          1. Including all the major TV networks and including all the evil late-night talk show hosts…..

            CBS (one eye from the start!), NBC, ABC, um then FOX NEWS….

            All OWNED.

            And you know who I’m talkin ’bout!

            SHUT THEM DOWN NOW while you still have the AMERICAN PUBLIC behind you.

                1. TRINITY,

                  There are a few well-informed people who have always thought that Trump is going to act and save the country.
                  Then there are those who say he is just playing his part in the Plan.
                  Here are one of each of those –
                  1. Henry Makow says Trump is part of the Plan.
                  Makow–It’s Time to Face Harsh Reality
                  2. Anthony Migchels says there is still hope for Trump taking action.
                  Don’t Count Trump Out Just Yet

                  I think Trump is still part of the Plan and just playing his part. His three level penthouse in NYC is devoted to Apollyon, the sun god.
                  So any New Agers here on this site – Trump’s ya man!
                  The alternative? Jesus Christ!

                  1. Ken

                    I know all this, I know “the Devil’s Advocate” was FILMED in Trump’s apartment and I have thoroughly looked over Trump’s past photo spreads in my former employer’s pages….of both his apt on 5th Ave and with his “daughter.”

                    I’m very frustrated but also feeling a rise in energy.

                    We will finally know the truth by the end of this saga (this month! Hallelujah) we will not tolerate being “dragged along” with this HOPIUM.

                    Waiting for “JFK Jr.” to take over and exact justice upon his father’s evil assassination….


                    I’m looking to move FORWARD….

                    somewhere where there is some SANITY….

                    Where people have the balls and self-confidence to refuse wearing masks….

                    Texas, seceding from the Biden (who is a demon) Harris (a MAN. Otherwise know as a TRANS DEMON) lol …. USA?

                    Who knows…..

                    I’m OUTTA HERE.

                    1. I’ll tell you something else…..

                      The Juden who SEEM to “rule” over us…
                      Because they control the MONEY….. the DIAMONDS from the sky….

                      No 1, Jesus told us who they were: “Serpent Seed” not “Jews,” and NOT to place our faith in such things as “money,” or food (What are we to eat today?) or clothes (Fashion! oh and HAIR cuts and hair color….)…

                      least of all in “diamonds”!!!

                      Do not “go after” these bodily, temporal, glittery THINGS……

                      So once you THROW OUT all of that….. monthly hair and nails, um ugh, um totally UNNECESSARY stuff sought only by Serpent Seed…..

                      You realize the Juden CANNOT conquer “US.”

                      The Wheat

                      That NO ONE CARES about your “hair” or your “status” or WHAT EVER…

                      Or “me”

                      Or “you”

                      Once you turn your faith and love and gratitude toward Jesus…

                      You REALIZE (AWAKEN) to the fact that

                      Jesus does not require “nice hair.”
                      Jesus does not require um, financial stability, or that you pass an “inheritance” on to your son….
                      Jesus does not require you to be “good”

                      And THAT”S your release to FREEDOM.

                      Because you know WHY?


                      will take care of it, IF YOU ASK HIM.

                    2. But it’s much more personal than that.

                      If you ask Jesus from your whole heart for help….

                      He WILL answer you , no DOUBT!

                      It’s up to YOU….

                      to HEAR it.

  16. But to be more convincing that that…

    God sent his Son to SAVE.

    That’s HIS SON’S “PROGRAM.”

    Jesus is OUR “Savior”

    That’s His “MISSION”

    That’s ALL HE DOES.

    1. We are ALL “MK Ultra’d”

      (yeah, “Mary Kirk”‘d)…. Church of Mary….

      Brain-washed by Satan’s system, from birth.

      It takes REPETITIVE jolts or messages or songs to WAKE US UP.

      If I AM on the path and seek to FOLLOW in JESUS in His “Way”….

      I seek to be a “good Shepherd” too.

      You saw “Constantine”?

      He’s an “addict.”

      So am I…..

      that doesn’t mean….

      I can’t “wake you up.”

      And maybe, save myself in the process.


          1. Jesus was ….

            a fearless “truth” teller, who was not afraid of the “powers that be.”


            And I think THAT is EXACTLY what “makes any man a ‘man’.”

            No LIES.


            Telling the TRUTH.


            NO FEAR

            TRUST IN GOD for protection, not yourself….

            1. And I kinda play this in jest, because….. welp, “they” play it for me all the time and…..

              You know me now, I’m John Wick.

              So that means….

              YOU don’t kill me….

              I kill YOU.

              Got it?


                    1. All my so-called “lovers” end up stalkers, or losers….

                      Why? What does that mean?

                      Why have I been so cursed in “love” in this life?

                      I don’t know and I don’t CARE anymore.



                      I'm out

                    2. THIS IS IT


                      Why are all the chairs in this photo with Epstein covered in (idk) leopard skin?

                      Why does the “woman” kickass lawyer who has evidence to “take down Big Tech” and Dominion voting fraud….wear that same “leopard skin” pattern in every presser?

                      “Sidney Powell”

                      What the Hell kind of name is that…. for a woman?

                      Just ASKIN


                      It may VERY WELL be TIME….

                      to head for the hills.

      1. Frank,

        Another Bitchute vid!

        I’ve watched enough of this to say…. the American people need to see this.

        It’s not fun and exciting, actually digging for truth and sticking with the “facts” as Lin Wood has done, takes a lot of attention span.

        It’s 3:11 A.M. and just wondering else what to say.

        This is a sad sad story…..

        But it doesn’t need to be.

        Let’s it become a story of love and heroes…..

        Let’s RESCUE all these children.


        to JUSTICE.


        1. If the United States Supreme Court’s Chief Justice ROBERTS is a pedophile…..

          And so is the President – Elect Biden and his Hunter of a son….

          Um, who else….the Vice President… um… the Speaker of the House is a demon (most likely cannibal)….

          It’s a little too much for any one man to handle….

          let alone, our beloved Donald Trump!


          God Bless you, President Trump

          We want you to stay in power, get rid of these masks and vaccinations!

          I know you want to do it, too.

          I believe the First Lady is a good mother, and I believe that although you were social acquantances of the “be all and end all” Jeffrey Epstein that you two stayed “out of trouble.”

          Stick with God, and God will stick with you.

          God Bless.

          Let’s do this.

          Let’s Bring this EVIL cabal DOWN.


          Do it: Insurrection Act and a takedown of the pedo Internet and treasonous MSM: FAKE NEWS?

          No…. TREASON!

          These Big Media LIARS need to face the firing squad.

            1. Sometimes, “ambush” is NECESSARY….. as on the morning after Christmas in Trenton, NJ, in 1776.

              Side note: I just remembered/noticed “they” cast Jeff Daniels in that Newsroom show (lol) and that he said that “America is not the greatest country in the world anymore…”

              Well I stand by my belief that it IS.

              You see, I’m from Wellesley, Massachusetts, and we attended MANY a July 4 remembrance at Fanueil Hall in Boston and listened year after year growing up to many many inspiring readings of our Declaration of Independence:

              “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

              “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

              So I’ll just say again, Godspeed President Trump.

              This is YOUR hour.

              Because if you don’t EXPEL the traitors in D.C. as well as the foreign powers who have meddled in our election….and finally clean out the Swamp as you did say you intended to do….

              WE THE PEOPLE…..


              1. MIND CONTROL

                “Hunger Games”

                “Katniss” saves the day.

                It’s all a lie.


                To keep real MEN in the audience.

                When in real life a woman cannot possibly defeat the Enemy on her own.

                Talk about a set up!!!


                Maybe I AM a “hero”

                But the movies have set me up to FAIL.


                I can INSPIRE real men to take the lead….



                  1. OK, so where am I going with “War Horse,” directed by Steven Spielberg.

                    That it’s MEN who fight, and SHOULD fight when the NEED arises, not women…..

                    It’s MEN who make wars (haha, or rather the “money men.” Mel Gibson was so-called DRUNK and he told the truth: the JEWS are the cause of all wars. Mel Gibson is incredibly SMART.

                    Mel Gibson once RULED in Hollywood until the Hollywood Jews took him down with the DUI.

                    Mel Gibson, I mean, just look at his movies! Every single one is “inspired.”

                    Mel Gibson is my HERO.


                    That um Hunger Games is just part of Satan’s program to teach women to be warriors.

                    Women are not warriors.

                    The Creator made us women to be child-bearers and child-raisers, which believe me, is the HARDEST and most “warrior” job there is.

                    Satan has us all MIXED UP!

                    War Horse is kinda like an evil Disney movie, by anthropomorphizing a HORSE.

                    It’s actually pretty stupid and sick, making a horse to be some sort of hero….

                    It’s like Disney, SIRIUSLY.

                    Designed to “tug at your heart strings.”


                    TOTAL FICTION

                    TOTAL MIND CONTROL

                    1. Satan has worked to turn God’s “patriarchy” of good law-abiding men and their families into a “matriarchy” in which evil witches like Anna Wintour and “Becky” RULE.

                      Believe me, you do not want to work for a woman.


                      Satan’s plan is close to completion, because real men are far and few between….

                      Like I said….

                      Is it time to just “head for the hills” and await the Second Coming?

                    2. Or do we need to open our eyes and SEE that China is trying to take our country over.


                      You know, EVERY SINGLE THING YOU BUY?

                      “MADE IN CHINA”

                      It is possible, they have infiltrated us very well…..

                      Is it really TIME for WWIII?

                      If necessary, YES

                      BRING IT ON

                    3. And finally….

                      Why would I say bring on WWIII?

                      To PROTECT THIS, and to AWAKEN THE WORLD To THIS:

                      The beauty of God’s Creation, which God GAVE and ENTRUSTED to us.

                      The Earth {Heart} is our SALVATION, and we were born to THRIVE and be FREE in it!

                    4. The mind boggles at the beauty of Creation that the Creator (Yahuah) has showered upon us…..

                      And we?

                      Don’t even NOTICE it. In fact, we unbelievably think little of it….

                      “Oh, it’s that um, what, “hydrangea” dad planted, yuck.”

                      We have been made BLIND to its UTTER beauty, and we NEED to AWAKEN to the unbelievable, merciful, motherly LOVE of our Creator

                      Before it’s too late….

  17. Unless you are willing to RISK the walk through the fire (that means lose your job) thank you for your righteousness.

    You are a good man.


    1. What does that mean?

      Forgive me.

      I’m … somehow not capable…. of … what is it?….. POSSIBLE…. courtship.

      I’m just, idk, I’m … just … too… fast.

      YUP, I AM

      Don’t know why.

      I need to get there before …. it disappears?




      I'm FAST, that much is clear.

      Catch me if you can.


      1. And finally I need to make this absolutely clear, straight from Captain Kirk of The Starship Enterprise:

        This is not about “race.”

        When I said the “Chinese” worship the Dragon, I meant the Chinese State, i.e. the “Chinese” TARES, the Global Elite, who oppress their own people through Communism. The same ones who obliterated and genocided God-worshiping and peaceful Tibetans. The same ones who have persecuted and genocided (and organ-harvested) the God-worshiping followers of PEACE in the Falun Gong movement…..

        This is a very important distinction, much analogous to me having called the “Jews” out….. I should have said, the “Jewish” TARES (because they are NOT the true “Jews” or “Israelites,” the Chosen People of God.

        They are the tares.

        I have read that there is and has been a great AWAKENING in China that has led many Chinese to come to America. The news organization “The Epoch Times” was founded by Chinese wheat who escaped the tyranny and are doing their best to help American fight with true journalism. I recommend you subscribe to it.

        Also I know that in my own community, the Chinese-AMERICANS are quite “good people.” Why else would they have left a country in which the ELITE TARES subject them to TYRANNY. In which routine and unlawful imprisonment of “political dissidents” and their “organ harvesting” has become a regular thing.

        It is the Chinese TYRANTS/ TARES, the Global Elite, who have infiltrated us through, first of all, MONEY. Buying up our country’s real estate and then COMPROMISING American power players in D.C. through sex and YES, pedophilia and wow, now we KNOW: child sacrifice on Epstein Island…. YES!!!!

        CHILD SACRIFICE, children who have been KIDNAPPED through WAR and POVERTY. Children who have lost their PARENTS. Orphans. Poor lost children who have no one to defend them….

        Satan goes after the weak and the defenseless!

        It’s BLACKMAIL (see Hunter Biden’s drug-driven video in which the woman giving him pleasure was CHINESE)….


        They have COMPROMISED all of D.C. power players (led by “Jeffrey Epstein” and his BILLIONAIRE “JEWS” (whom Jesus told us are not really “Jews” but Khazars who are serpent seed and CONVERTED centuries ago to “Judaism” (altho the TAL-MUD is quite quite EVIL (it says you can rape a female child and it is OK. That a Jew can do anything to GOYIM (steal from, rape, lie to….) and it is OK….

        The “goyim” (i.e. US) are their CATTLE

        The Kabbalah

        If you ask me, we should just blow Israel off the map, and just be done with it.


        SO the FINAL BATTLE here is not between countries or nations because they have been taken over by ELITE SERPENT SEED.

        I just want to make that clear (no racism, as was unfortunately perpetrated against Japanese-Americans in WWII in internment camps here in the U.S.

        These people (honest Asian Americans) came to AMERICA to escape the TYRANNY they experienced on their own countries.

        The point is, Satan (the Enemy, the ONLY Enemy) has turned the “American Dream, and what the Statue of Liberty represents on its HEAD.

        You cannot just OPEN THE DOOR to Our Great Nation founded under GOD to uneducated and possibly criminal immigrants and give them citizenship FREELY, as Biden has said he is going to do with this caravan coming up from South America.

        To be admitted into the U.S. and to gain citizenship, you HAVE TO PASS A TEST, as President Donald Trump said. It’s a wide gate, but you have to EARN your ENTRANCE into the GREATEST NATION on EARTH.

        DO you know what America’s history is?
        Have you ever READ or HEARD the Declaration of Independence?
        DO you know that United States citizenship REQUIRES a knowledge of our history and our ideals?
        Do you know how to speak our LANGUAGE?

        It’s ENGLISH.


        This is not about race at ALL, including “Black Lives Matter,” a so-called “movement” that has been proven to be organized and run by “Jewish,” “White” TARES.

          1. No sound?

            Doesn’t matter……

            A picture speaks a thousand words…..

            I wish I could find how to post a Q-Anon meme/picture:

            “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams….

            So we’ll just cut them at 45-degree angles.”

              1. What is it?

                Hours from now…..

                If that pedo criminal (black-eyed demon) is inaugurated in a matter of hours….

                If you ALLOW the American Re-Public to even believe it so, despite your much-vaunted “TRUST THE PLAN”…..

                If you ALLOW the country’s election to be STOLEN from the American People who VOTED for TRUMP….

                Q Anon?


                WE WILL KNOW

    1. “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

      i think our world has fallen so far below what Jesus could teach about…

      I honestly don’t think he was talking about these child victims we know about now, of what, CANNIBALISM?


      We’re talkin infants and newly born, just like Gov. Cuomo said was OK: abortion even when outside the womb? WTH. He is a CLEAR pedophile cannibal SUPPORTER!!!

      And Jesus never addressed transsexuals, altho Mr. E made a very good case it WAS covered in the Bible as DAMNED.


      THIS IS IT

      How can you NOT fight against vampires?

      Elite vampires…..

      Richie rich “Jewish” MONSTERS…

      Oh and of course, the Grande “Dames”

      Like “Anna”

      Like I said when they “let me go”….

      “I’m an American.”

            1. Even if I am “rescued” ….

              I want to be FREE.

              Can you want to “be” with me when I want to be born “free”?

              No “family”

              No NOTHING

              I’m hoping you have no baggage, because that WOULD be a deal breaker…. kids.

              I’m soon to “take off.”

              Making preparations…..

              Just sayin….

              You want to fly with me?


              I’m going to ask you……

              So be ready with your answer.


              1. Doesn’t mean I want you to leave your job…..

                NOT AT ALL.

                In fact, I see you are really GOOD at your “job.”

                And I don’t want to ruin it.

                I admire it.

                You da man….

                I’m talkin SPIRITUAL…..

                Spiritual, baby!

                It’s ALL GOOD!!!


                I’m talkin bout ….. welp.

                We’ll cross that bridge….

                IF we get there.


                And if I was gonna dance to something right now…..


                I guess I’ll just wait.

                Until we dance together.

                Or not at all.

                1. Oh, but…..

                  I never admitted that I’M the ONE with the “MAJOR BAGGAGE.”

                  I have a “kid,” number one.

                  He’s now approaching 30, and he’s a doctor.

                  So no false advertising there…..

                  And number two…..


                  There you have it.

                  Lots and lots of “number two.”


                    1. I’m still getting “death threats” directed at my son from …. idk… “Becky’s” team? the Ire-ish?… wtf….. their n–gr work crews?

                      I know who you are at “work.”

                      I honestly don’t know why you keep threatening me with the death of my son.

                      I just don’t “get it.”

                      I have you . .. . . ALL OF YOU!

                      I CAN RUIN ….. all of you.

                      Including … what….. Jakie?

                      Beat it.

                      I MEAN IT

                    2. I actually like “Jakie,” not that I have seen him nor spoken to him in YEARS.

                      A father and mother who love their son “discipline” him.

                      You don’t “discipline” him and YOU are the Number One Law Enforcement Officer in this county….???

                      That means, if I need help, it lands on your desk?


                      I will SUE you and your “wife”… And your now grown son, who you have not disciplined.


                      F– OFF!!!





                    3. I actually think the filmmakers based this character on Jake, for real.

                      He’s… the type of kid…. you just want to …..

                      arrrrghum…. “kill.”

                      Well let me tell you, McKenna or who ever you are at my now current job…..

                      Your “family” fucks with my son, and I mean IN ANY WAY…..

                      because I know….

                      You’re ALL related…..

                      You and your precious “sheriff” are Fucked.

                      COMPLETELY FUCKED

                    4. Oh and fuck your “numbers”

                      I’m not ready to quit.

                      I know your “numbers” are rigged.

                      See you tomorrow.

  18. OK, so it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell you in advance what the question will be.

    I’m done with “games” and Bull shit…..

    They are listening in on my PHONE.

    That’s WHY when I told you I was thinking of taking Thursday as a, whatever, “V” day…. they HEARD it.

    That’s WHY they told you to schedule me for b.s. training so I’d HAVE to come in….

    When to be honest……

    I CAN”T do the job FULL-TIME 5 days a week.

    It’s not because I’m OLD.

    It’s because this is what they did to me at VOGUE:
    Every day, pure TORTURE.

    Not doing it, and not risking YOU and your career in the process.


    I’m thinking, just QUIT.

    And my question was gonna be, if I quit (because I WOULD want to let you know, you being my “supervisor” and all…..)

    If I just quit…..

    “What would you do?”

    Would you call me?

    Not that I NEED you too…..

    I COULD just ask they move me into part-time….

    But I’m thinking that would not resolve our “problem.”

    You “get me”?

    I’m going broke, by the way…..

    And I’m GLAD.

    I’m so so GLAD.

    Gonna be a complete “nobody.”

    Yes, I have almost completed my “Ark.”

    The “Starship Enterprise.”

    Where it goes is up to God.

    So that’s my “other” baggage.

    Love you!


    1. Hey!

      It’s not all “bad”……

      It’s ALL GOOD.


      It’s ALL OK, whatever YOU decide, I’ll still love you.
      As I still love…. No. 1.

      Who knows……

      Maybe you’ll be ready to join me a little while on down the road…..


      I DO think, time’s getting SHORTER.

      By the minute!

      You seem like a “pure white” guy, too…..

      Prolly means…. you can’t “dance.”


      I’m HERE to teach you, Brother.


  19. Did you see that crazy synch?

    (I just pulled that vid out of thin air on the resounding “I’ll be back”….. I don’t remember when I post them what these “scenes” will include…. they are somehow “given” to me….)

    I went to “Room 2,” like you told me to.

    I stayed in Room 2….. until “you rescued me”?

    Watch my Terminator post AGAIN if you didn’t.

    I’m sorry if I’m scaring you.

    I just want you to know…..

    ALL of my “baggage.”


    1. But I didn’t go to Room 2 like you told me to.

      I stayed home.

      I honestly felt too sick to come in.

      I’m sorry if I let you down.

      Feeling better and will see you tomorrow.

  20. Wow

    Watched a clip of the “Inauguration.” These “demons” or “actors” or WHOEVER WHATEVER “they” are?

    Seem to BELIEVE that I really AM the Mockingjay.


    Well, am I?

    “President Snow”?

    You tell me……

    If I AM…..

    Then I am


    1. Do I still believe in President Trump?

      YES I DO.

      YES I do.

      Not sure what’s gonna HAPPEN…..

      But, I mean… c’mon.

      You get ELECTED in a LANDslide by the United States of America’s population, to be PRESIDENT again!

      Voted CLEARLY for a SECOND TERM!

      After FOUR YEARS of HELL in D.C…..

      WE STILL elected him President AGAIN!

      YOU think he’s gonna just “let that go”?

      He better not.

      WE’ve got WORK to do.


      1. “Work”

        Like 9/11…..

        We need to get to the BOTTOM of 9/11.


        (Benjamin, I’m looking at YOU)


        1. You see, we have to do SOME thing, am I right?

          As we await the Second Coming, in which GOD will SURELY destroy any “city” that houses sodomite/pedo/cannibals.

          I heard a what, on NPR probabably, interview with a gay man who was trying to “convert” back to straight….

          And he said that a man being “gay” is a GATEWAY to pedophilia.

          Well, um Yeah.

          It’s of the DEVIL.

          It’s “backward” and will lead YOU backward straight into HELL.

          There’s nothing “gay” about it.

    1. We need to find out HOW they SURGICALLY REMOVED all the buildings in that picture with the WTC prefix….. without leaving a SCRATCH on the surrounding buildings.

      Because unlike the “moon” landing, which was so poorly executed and fake….

      I BELIEVE.

      I was THERE.

      HOW in the world did “THEY” pull off 9/11 so PERFECTLY.

      THAT’S what I WANT TO KNOW.

      1. It’s clearly “hidden knowledge.”

        Keeping US in this prison.

        They KNOW the Earth is a “Circle,” not a Globe, because they ANNOUNCE it so clearly in the U.N map.


        We are at war with ourselves meaning as Jesus predicted in the End Times…..

        Children will turn on parents, sisters on each other…..

        “Families” will be burst apart….

        With this SECRET KNOWLEDGE.

        The TARES (who “know”) vs the WHEAT (who don’t know)….


        Let that “sink in” for a bit….

        Because it’s a mind boggle.

        And very sad and tragic and horrific as well.

        1. But I’m pretty sure I’m right in the fact that you can’t KILL the American Spirit with a STOLEN election.

          We are who we are.

          You can’t change that.

          We’re AMERICANS.

          “Born Free”

          And “We” the People intend to stay that way.

          1. This COVID-19 pandemic is a LIE.

            We must figure out a way OUT of wearing these ridiculous masks.

            They are STUPID.

            They are HUMILIATING.

            They are DISGUSTING.

            Let’s figure it out.

            Let’s OUT-SMART….

            the DEVIL.

              1. It’s an agenda to make real men feel weak……

                To “look” weak.
                To keep their mouths shut…
                To make them “their” “dogs” bending OVER.

                It is a HUMILIATION RITUAL upon OUR men.

                And where, ladies, does that leave us?

                    1. Wow.

                      The Masons tell inductees they don’t have to believe in Jesus Christ to climb the ranks and become “enlightened.”

                      That’s EXACTLY what “they” told those of us who sought to be Students of “A Course in Miracles.”….

                      Who’s “they”?

                      Um, Marianne Williamson. Check the NAME: Mary- ANN

                      “Anna” Santa Ana winds…. sat-ANN,

                      Will I AM Son {the devil}

                      “Do what thou WIlt”

                      And Gary Renard, author of “Disappearance of the Universe”.

                      I REALLY got “Into” it!

                      Thank Yahuah!

                      He pulled me back out.

                    2. I’m still watching the vid on the Grand Mason Albert Pike’s mausoleum….

                      “No alcohol is ever allowed in the building.”

                      Haha, because like “Anna,” who I was told at a Christmas party: she doesn’t “drink” because she’s “allergic to alcohol” (and who has been trying to SLAM me as a drunk ever since…..)

                      They are just so “virtuous.”


                      “They” have “SECRET RITUALS.”

                      In which…..they sacrifice babies.?….. and?

                      Get DRUNK on their BLOOD?

                      In FACT?

                      They are ADDICTED to it.

                      Evil Satanic DRUNKS.

                      See how the pot ALWAYS calls the kettle black.

                      DO YOU GET IT?

                    3. At 33:56 or so, do you see in this picture of the “regalia” of a 22nd Degree Mason…..

                      the face of a screaming child?

                      I do

                    4. I’m almost halfway through the vid, but I had the thought just the other day…

                      About what scenes “they” forced Stanley Kubrick to CUT from his final movie: Eyes Wide Shut.

                      He cut the scene(s) [whatever they were, we don’t know] and they killed him ANYWAY.

                      And now it’s ABUNDANTLY clear what those scenes could have depicted, or even just SUGGESTED as to what was going on in SECRET in those “elite parties” BEHIND CLOSED DOORS:

                      CHILD SACRIFICE

                      Tom Cruise must know.
                      Nicole Kdiman must know what those scenes depicted….

                      WE WANT TO SEE THEM

                      And NO ONE has had the COJONES to leak them out????

                      And now we know Assange was for real because Trump didn’t or couldn’t “pardon him.”

                      Dark Times, people!

                      But at least NOW (versus on 9/11….)

                      We SEE it.

                    5. There’s no lamp at the north corner of the Masonic “altar.”

                      Masons believe that in the North is darkness.

                      Whereas the Bible tells us, the North is where GOD resides.


                      You know, The “North Pole”!

                      Where it’s so FROZEN and SNOWY no one can ever GO there….

                      And it’s where “Sss-ann-ta” lives! Along with his WIFE and all of his “elves” [fallen angels]…..

                      And he’s keeping his “List,” checking it twice, got to make sure who’s “naughty or nice,” KEEPING TRACK of all us…..

                      So that he’ll know on Christmas Eve…

                      When he COMES down that chimney into your home….

                      What to leave you with.

                      Black COAL…..

                      or ummm, “presssents!!! um ummmm um!

                      Our precious Christmas presseentssss…..

                    6. Welp….

                      Video stopped playing after Jimmy Carter’s inauguration.

                      I heard BitChute is getting bogged down now with new content and lots of new viewers….

                      Maybe you all are watching it with me?

                      Hope so!


                    7. Thanks for that article, Ken.

                      “Welcome to the Hunger Games”

                      It’s not just a movie, after all.

                      How do we “combat” this evil?

                      By continuing to shine our LIGHT on it.

                      They are evil VAMPIRES who live in the DARKNESS and SECRET.

                      We will keep “HUNTING” them down now….

                      With the LIGHT of TRUTH!

                      “JESUS CHRIST SAVES”


                      GO to HELL

                    8. “Kid man”

                      Ha, he was a “kid” man….

                      Much like James Alefantis…..

                      “Lover” of Infants

                      It’s ALWAYS in the name….

                    9. Frank is allowing this to continue and I’ll try to make this the end here:

                      The North Star is, this is scary for me and I don’t know what it means: it’s located at the very end of the tail of the Little Bear, who is almost surrounded by the constellation Draco.

                      The DRAGON.

                      The Big Bear, Ursa Major, is there too, but the tail of Draco separates “her” from her son.

                      But not completely.

                      She is not surrounded.

                      Both the Little Bear (Ursa Minor) and the Big Dipper (Ursa Major)….

                      Have a WAY out.

                      If only they could MOVE.


                      That’s IT.

                      FIXED CONSTELLATIONS


                      Your “horoscope”!

                      ALL LIES FROM SATAN, i.e. THE PRINCE OF ASS_TROLOGY.

                      When you are Born Again in Jesus Christ….

                      your “Ass-trology Chart” is, um…. a waste of (toilet) paper.

                      Your “Whore-oscope”?

                      NULL and VOID


                      “See? I make all things new.”

                      2 Corinthians 5:17
                      Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

                      A New Heaven and a New Earth

                      4‘ He will wipe away every tear from their eyes,’ and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.”
                      5 And the One seated on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.”
                      Then He said, “Write this down, for these words are faithful and true.”
                      6 And He told me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give freely from the spring of the water of life.…

                      Revelation 21: 4 – 6

                    10. And finally, “M”

                      Do not try to help me.

                      All the men who have tried to “help” have….. idk….


                      I hope and pray they are well, because they are all “good” men.

                      The system you work for is CORRUPT, period.

                      So I need you to stay out of it.

                      I want to hold on to this job for a little while longer.

                      They never tell my my “numbers” when I know they are good, so good they are OFF THE CHART?

                      They only tell me my numbers when they are “bad,” and why are they “bad”?

                      Hmmm: an associate who doesn’t “do her job” and move racks so I can do mine…. I sign out….for um the 15 min break. When I try to sign back in….it seems…. I don’t need to…..

                      Envelopes that are mysteriously sticky and you have to battle them! haha!

                      All RIGGED.

                      Just play dumb, because every other “senior” of mine at work who has tried to HELP me when they see what I am enduring…. has gone down.

                      I love you.

                      But you don’t need to rescue me.

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