The Cub E Whole

Firstly apols. I’m seeing the world as a set of images and possible butterfly effects and neural pathways in the Mindscreen which in a reality where words are predominant as a means of explanation makes illustrating what you are seeing not easy.

Painting A Picture.

The Cub E Whole and Pablo Picasso.




The Labyrinth.





The Girl in the Mirror.




The Cube and Harlequin. Why So Serious ?




Boxes within Boxes and Smile.

‘Ha Ha Said The Clown’.





It’s You. Or something.


24 thoughts on “The Cub E Whole

  1. Ice Crystals.

    ‘The hugely symmetric shapes are due to depositional growth, namely, direct deposition of water vapor onto the ice crystal. Depending on environmental temperature and humidity, ice crystals can develop from the initial hexagonal prism into numerous symmetric shapes. Possible shapes for ice crystals are columns, needles, plates and dendrites. If the crystal migrates into regions with different environmental conditions, the growth pattern may change, and the final crystal may show mixed patterns. Ice crystals tend to fall with their major axis aligned along the horizontal, and are thus visible in polarimetric weather radar signatures with enhanced (positive) differential reflectivity values. Electrification of ice crystals can induce alignments different from the horizontal. Electrified ice crystals are also well detectable by polarimetric weather radars.’,dendritic%20crystals%2C%20and%20diamond%20dust.

  2. I was thinking about Jenny’s YouTube about I-35.
    I saw this

    Nothing is what is “says” it is. Someone said “Ft. Hood is complicit in human trafficking” and this is cover up or avoiding exposure.
    Now, what actually does “trafficking” mean, if you see my point?
    Just like the lone shooter. What is the lone shooter?!

    Is the mask wearing something happening in the field, because the mind is realizing that these things aren’t actually what is meant?
    It’s all mind stuff. And something has been hypnotized because of the languish. IDK, I just feel like there’s non stop “buzz” in my head and it’s driving me crazy.

    Nothing is as it seems. Fine. But knowing that isn’t helping.
    Seriously, are we going through a portal?

    I feel like I’m being a pain in here lately. Saying too many words. But if you knew what I go through…
    Elena’s comment about sixth sense is what I constantly experience. There’s nobody to talk to. I feel like it’s always ignored or there’s just a big misalignment. It’s maddening.

    1. MJ

      Part of the reason I put out so many articles is to to release the jumble in my mind otherwise it just circles around. I find just putting it out there helps with the insanity and most of the time the mad thoughts are reality.

    2. MJ

      I think of it as waking from a coma. In a coma there is no ability to respond to outside stimuli. So, strange sensations happen when you wake up. An Australian man woke up and found he could speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. Talk about maddening.

      Take heart, some of us do understand. 🥰

      1. And Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome is a common effect of the Crown virus. “I can’t breathe”. It’s what lands you in the ICU on a ventilator.
        Try to remind yourself that what you are seeing is symbolism, trying to convey a message. I’ve found it helps to make it less overwhelming.

  3. And this… (which I haven’t checked it could be nonsense, except the number of people that go missing in state parks in which this also is alignment with)…

    These state parks don’t have a scenario like a city. It’s nature, so cameras aren’t on every corner. So dimensions are happening and our mind can’t be satisfied with “footage” of video.

    It’s too many stories that are strange.

    If there is something obvious that I’m not seeing, tell me!

  4. Waterslade Holy Well or Sacred Spring in Redhill.

    ‘Holy Well or Sacred Spring in Surrey

    An ancient spring which seems to have been revered in the past, but fell into disuse. The Waterslade farming area was extensively redeveloped and is now a bustling housing district. The spring has been marked with a brick wellhouse, and a stone plaque read Waterslade Spring, although this is now illegible. A square trough area has been dug into the earth surrounding the spring, but this was filled with detritus from the tree above on my visit. The spring had a small amount of standing water.’

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