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    1. Jenny

      You maybe onto something with 2022. Or maybe it’s me being pedantic.

      With Times Square it’s called New Year’s Eve 2021. It’s not New Year’s Eve 2021. It’s New Year’s Eve 2020 !!!!


      And in 2019 it was New Year’s Eve 2020.


      And another weird time slip. I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday and looked at the calendar on the phone and it was saying Thursday.

      This pic is dated 24/12/2019. Signs were there.


      1. From Home With God by Neale Donald Walsch :

        God : “There is no such thing as ‘the tiniest moment.’ Your question resides inside of your
        reality of what you call ‘time,’ where things happen sequentially. Yet all the things that I
        have described as happening to a soul happen at the self same instant.”

        NDW : Wait a minute. You, yourself, said they happen in ‘stages.’ Stage one, stage two, and so

        God : “That is correct, according to your terminology. Yet those stages are experienced
        simultaneously–with each new experience ‘erasing’ the old. And so it is as if the old never
        happened. You ‘are’ what you ‘are’ Right Now, and it is very much as if you never were
        anything else.”

        NDW : ‘I’m sorry, that doesn’t make any sense. You’ve just stopped making sense here.’

        God : “The challenge here is to speak in earthly terms of a situation or experience that is out of
        this world. Let me just say that all things happen sequentially and simultaneously.”

        NDW : ‘That makes even less sense! Things happen either sequentially Or simultaneously. It
        can’t be both.’

        God : “It can’t? “I am telling you that all of life is both.”

        NDW : ‘All of life is ‘sequential’ and ‘simultaneous’?

        God : ‘That is correct’

        1. Similar to being in a dream that goes on for what feels like an eternity but, has gone on for a few minutes in waking time.

    2. Yeeee-up. Still feeling Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto staring at us.
      IDK! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Moon’s moovin’ as fast as she can?
      MOON is ZOOM
      (when “they” “see” it) … staring back at the screen.
      Help, sister Jenny! Bring this into focus!
      I feel like we are all one mind and you can help. We need water, here.

      I have a feeling the moon seas every thing.
      Sister MJ

  1. Vanky’s caravanky.
    Let go the ankh key.

    We know what you did next summer.

    “UN press idented.”

    No more popes, no more presidents, no more grifters. Get out.

    1. no master, no slave
      the question is,… can anybody accept it? When you stop “fighting”, then, all there’s left is, FREEDOM.
      I’m ready. And U2? duo too? 😉

  2. A fro (future) a sia (comsciousness) tik

    A friend recently asked me why Hebrew used the same word – tik תיק – for both “bag, satchel” and “file, dossier, portfolio”. This is one of those cases where knowing the etymology helps.

    The word tik has been around in Hebrew for a long time, going back to the mishna (Shabbat 16:1 mentions a tik for a torah scrolll and tefillin, meaning a case or box). However, the Hebrew word was borrowed from the Greek theke, meaning “receptacle, that which is placed”. So a tik is something you place things in – which applies to both files and bags. ”

    A steal dossier.
    A stele dossier.

    …and the summer after that and after that and after that and after that….and after alllllllll that…

    Can’t box us in

  3. Riel:

    “The 12 Tree Grid is Level 1 of the Lightbody. It is the Architecture of our multidimensional consciousness orientation.

    The Core Manifestation Body Foundation: The structure of the macrocosmic Universal Tree of Life is replicated within the microcosmic personal tree of Life, the 12 Tree Grid. Individual Human anatomy manifests upon and within the multidimensional layers instructed by the core manifestation template – The Tree of Life which is the Lightbody architecture. Every aspect of the Universal Creation and life spiral are designed and instructed through these Blueprint structures. Learning to travel consciously through the Universal Tree of Life is the pathway to personal sovereignty and freedom GSF. Intelligence bodies create the blueprint Morphogenetic Field of all creation. It is a Base-12 Template and culminates in the Krystal Star Body with Cosmic Christ Intelligence. (13, 14 and 15 are the Threefold Founder Flame Rays (Mother/Father/Sun). See the cosmology of dimensions in our Universal Time Matrix here.

    I. 12 Spheres, 12 Rays, 12 Dimensions, 12 Timelines (24 Potential), 12 DNA Strands, 12 Base Tone Harmonic Structure (144 Sub-harmonics) of the Cosmic Christ Frequency in the 12D. Beyond these 12 Dimensions is the Threefold Founder Flame, which is the Founder consciousness of our Universe.

    II. 12 Spherical/5 Horizontal Triad Bodies that hold the morphogenetic fields for the mental bodies/identities. Each triad body builds the horizontal structure of the Tree and the Mental Body/Male Principle. See Horizontal Triad Bodies built upon the 12 Tree Grid, and Rod functions.[1]”

  4. f-AI-ke via the use of base 10 andvtge egregore-ian (Gregorian) calendar.

    “Base 10 Math, Artificial Tree of Life
    The artificial core manifestation template is built on Base 10 Math, and is an intentional distortion of the 12 Tree Grid manifestation template or Kathara Grid that is built on base 12 math. This distortion to the natural order compromised the integrity of the Universal Tree of Life core manifestation template, which is the basis of all energy to matter manifestation.

    Essentially, the Thothian Luciferian agenda was to utterly destroy all organic creation code, matrices and artifacts that included Base 12 Math and replace it with their own versions of Base 10 Math.

    The patriarchal slant and use of the Artificial Tree of Life to project virtual realities distorted the original Base 12 Code into the base 10 code (eliminating the 12D Ray), which caused a reality split between the artificial and organic layers throughout the dimensional timelines. There were sections of the dimensional matrices that remained organic, and others that split into Artificial Timelines and were absorbed into the phantom matrices.[2]

    911 Timelines
    Because the original 5D Ascension plan was not achievable becasue of the False Ascension Matrix and the damage caused through the False Navel and False White Webbing, it required our evolution through the time fields in the Harmonic Universes in the Universal Time Matrix to be drastically sped up. Those serving the Law of One, are moving through extreme amounts of the future timelines, observing its collapse, in order to arrive at the Gateway Octave where the organic and eternal light is overriding the Artificial Machinery and replicated alien coding. False Timelines and False Software to Mind Control humanity was used to deter humans from their organic and natural ascension evolution. This is why this planet is called, Prison Planet. Meanwhile the negatives desperately cling on to the artificial timeline programs to influence humans through fear to manifest into their enslaved future selves as Negative Form. Some examples: Nostradamus Prophecy, Armageddon Software, Pestilence Programming, 911 Military Industrial Complex Revolution, any terrorist and cataclysmic inorganic event generated by the Negative Aliens. None of these manipulated programs are sourced as natural events.”

  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enkutatash

    New Year in Coptic Christianity is on September 11. Hence “Trump” and Co’s NY trauma event.

    Christmas, birth of Christ, in Coptic Christianity is on Jan 7. Hence “Trump” and Co’s plans to upstage on Jan 6.


    When a person is mentally unstable they are more vulnerable to Dark Force Manipulation Methods and Possession. Mind Control scripts and their string commands are being used to sweep and locate unstable people (such as severely wounded males) to act out and spread this “artificial intelligence program” to infect more people with a sick or imbalanced mental state. Large events of gatherings are a perfect terrain for executing these kinds of triggers into the field. However we have noted several attempts of NA’s to personally come to implant the male through the attempt to corrupt them through direct manipulation of unhealed feelings of guilt, shame, sexual issues or anger.


    1. By no means an endorsement of Biden/Kamela or “the other side”…who in actuality are in service to their lords “trump” and crew.

      Any timeline that requires a priest, a pope, a president or any such fiction is fake as fuck.

  6. “The plurality that we perceive is only an appearance; it is not real. Vedantic philosophy… has sought to clarify it by a number of analogies, one of the most attractive being the many-faceted crystal which, while showing hundreds of little pictures of what is in reality a single existent object, does not really multiply that object.”

    ― Erwin Schrödinger

    Schrodinger, as in.. the cat? 😀


      1. Anonymouse,
        The mouth is death, the booty is life, butts that the reflection.
        IDK why!
        I’m trying to figure this out and I don’t have to be X “raided”, but the butt jokes are insane. And I wish I could convey what I think we’re coming face to face with… (and not it’s not what you think).
        What were you thinking?

            1. I’m not being petulant. Just saying…words form world wolds blalds ballads… if you see the progression.
              I’m sayin this LOUD AND CLEAR
              For years, I have said “words form and manifest”
              Now, I’m asking… no “quotes” needed. This is straight from the heart: Does anybody have something to FEEL with everyone that we can all FEEL to-get-her?
              (because HER needs energy)
              the 3rd person is distinguished in the languish on purpose). And its not real.
              SING real.

    1. See, now we want to SEE the battle end in a Hollywood resolution!

      I won’t post it.

      You have to SHOW UP in D.C, on the sixth of January….

      Just “show up.”

      God will take us from there….

  7. Mike row, Macrow

    ”This Archangel Michael Matrix distortion is like an artificial holographic insert placed into the 3-6-9 dimensional fields that splits apart masculine/feminine merging at all those dimensions which destroys the Rod and impairs it from merging with the Staff. Since these are masculine principles as well as the particle physics governing that space, it means it severely damages the function of the higher mental bodies of all human beings. This is the severe splitting of the higher Monadic mental body called Metatronic Reversal.”


    1. Yes, he is absolutely an ANGEL! I love him.
      And love you too and wonder what you are doing.
      Slightly worried about you.

  8. That is the *place beyond words* place.
    I love everyone and everybody here. I love you!
    (my name is Mary Jo)

  9. Hahahaha…..

    Um, MIke?

    Do you see what you are in for ?…um….


    I’ll be asking for a day off for the 6th of January.

    You’re welcome to come with….

    For a day out of CRAZY TOWN


    (Bring your bike)

    1. Welp, I might as well tell you all my “plans” since I know I am on the enemy’s GPS (EVERYONE, including the State Police,who are on “Rebecca’s” (do you really call her “Rebecca”? Isn’t she really “Becky”?)…. TEAM.

      Not only that, Mike, you may as well know now….

      I am on SPEAKERPHONE in my car in which I tend to blather a Lot….

      to the FAMILY of Matt (I know his last name…. uh uh uhhhh……)

      The Family of the Sheriff of Dutchess County.

      YOU GOT ME???

      So I’m just sayin’…..

      I AM…. idk not fair…. um ….



      1. Yup yup yup….

        I’m TROUBLE



        Are you ready to take the RIDE of your life?

        Here I am.

        And I can tell…..

        You’re a “gent.”

        And you “get” me.


        See you on…um… idk oh yeah…..


        Full disclosure: we will not be having sex any time in the near future.

        In fact, "sex" is NOT on the "travel plan."

        I'm exploring a new kind of relationship between the "sexes" and I want to SEE, is it possible?

        To have a "love" relationship that "connects" only between the heart?

        I've heard it's not only "possible" it's the BEST and um…. most SWEET connection there can be between a MAN and a WOMAN.

        So that's what I am here for.

        NO SEX


        True LOVE.


          1. Oh, and “Will”

            I said “I love you” but that didn’t mean “I LOVE you”…

            But you KNOW that, cuz you’re a NORMAL person…

            Am I right?

            1. SEE how they work?

              A clusterfuck after I posted my I have to say “inspirational” vid of Jeff Daniels as George Washington in BATTLE.

              Calling you all to BATTLE

              In D.C.

              January 6.

              BE THERE


              I noticed “Michael” wears a mohawk….


              I wonder if he knows….

              I’m one of the Last of the Mohicans….

                1. So Frank,

                  In the spirit of 2020 being “Behind” me…..

                  I’d rather say, the spirit of 2020 is completely GONE.

                  It DOESN”T EXIST.

                  It is an unpleasant memory that GOD has given me the power to just EJECT from my MIND if I CHOOSE to do so…

                  And I DO choose to DO SO.

                  You’re GONE

                  It’s all in the PAST and it is now….


                  Love Your Enemies
                  27 But to those of you who will listen, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone takes your cloak, do not withhold your tunic as well…..


                  Because THEN you will be …..


                  1. Trinity

                    Happy New Year.

                    I suppose the best thing you can say about 2020 was that at least it wasn’t boring.

                    The one thing I will say about ‘bad’ past memories is that we don’t see the Big Picture as our sight is restricted to a miniscule snapshot of Time and we don’t know what the final reel will show. I suppose if each step leads you to where you want to get to that’s OK. Even so WTF to 2020 !!!!

    1. Ken

      Happy New Year.

      I started article at end of November. WP introduced a new system for showing images and I was playing around with it and got the idea for 2020 review.

      For posterity sort of idea.

  10. language is sound is vibration is freequency


    1. “Son: Sounds Great!
      The Latin root word son means “sound.” Let’s “sound” out this root today!

      Many words come from the Latin root word son which means “sound.” For instance, a sonic boom is a very large “sound.” Sonar, originally “SOund Navigation And Ranging,” uses “sound” to detect objects under the water where they cannot be seen with the naked eye.”


      Born into sound.

  11. Haha, I tried posting a great vid on Bitchute called “Everybody Ready to CELEBRATE TRUMP DANCE BOOTY UP TIMBER…..”

    Frank may end up releasing it from the TRASH BIN when he ‘s sees it…

    It’s a bit X-rated….. (Not AT ALL)…


    For now….

    Let’s DANCE.

    President Trump,


    1. “If he wins the election…”???

      He WON the election….

      In a LANDSLIDE!!!!

      You think we are just going to let this go?


      NO NO NO NO NO!

      1. Thanks, Frank, I see it….

        Best that the um whatchacallit, screen shot or thumbnail shot DIDN”T open.

        2020 is indeed BEHIND us.

        So why not “show it” what you really think of it, am I right?


    1. Rain

      Thank you 🙂 Happy New Year to you and family and Kazakhstan.

      And I have no idea what he is saying. He maybe telling the dirtiest joke ever. I apologise if he is !

      1. 🙂 Dear friends!
        I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year!
        I want to wish that peacetime always stretches over our country, and that the people are united.
        May every dawn that we meet be blessed.
        May all adversity and illness leave the world, and the cry of a child will never be heard.
        May our main goals and dreams come true.
        Let’s all together take a firm step into the future and conquer new heights!
        I sincerely thank my compatriots and fans of my work from all over the world!
        Take care of yourself and be healthy!

  12. Inception?
    More like
    D-onald D-rumf.

    “The False Ascension Matrix is a inorganic alien technology NAA that was installed into the Astral Plane (4D) and is primarily controlled in the higher sound field dimension of 5D timelines. It is a false white light current (aka False Christ Consciousness light used by the Imposter Spirit) that is sourcing and manipulated from the lower Soul Matrix dimensional realms. ….Through this larger webbing in the Astral plane, it is possible to use Holographic Inserts and install software programs (like the Horseman Pulsing of the Armageddon Software) that Mind Control human beings to generate and promote belief systems for fear, religion and tyrannical control. ”


  13. The ”vaccine” is not a RNA jab in the arm.
    It’s ARN (a reversal network) via hollow, graphics pumped through the eye of the needle.

    The fake FAM playing house in UK in cahoots with the one playing house in America via auld lang(uage) synths.


    “A Reversal Networks are collecting life force from the collective fields of all earth inhabitants, and creating more black force and miasm in the planet by sending energetic currents into reversal patterns and synthesizing them into AI machinery on the planetary grid network. We can refer to that reversal pattern as an anti-life pattern, which also means the anti-Christ pattern. When collective life force is moving in the reversal patterns, it creates blockages that disconnect that person from the organic supply of eternal energy that is accessed within their own spiritual body. Instead, that life force energy is being collected and harvested for certain preferred groups on the earth, generally for those who keep the reversal networks running for the NAA. As an example, the NRG grid is a harvesting station of global life force that exists in the center of the United Kingdom.”


  14. I post this stuff for many reasons. One of them being because everyone chants ”all is consciousness” but few explain (or even know?) what that means or how/why it works. I find this explanation of what we see in the phenomenal world and why we see it fascinating, intuitive.

    1. Oh and because Donald, the Vat, the UK, the Dems, the Reps and all their cohorts are incepted D-ceptions.

    2. “Consciousness energy creates, stores and retrieves experiences and meaning in the Universe by projecting and expanding at certain frequencies in a multiple dimensional model that creates a living pattern called a Hologram. Human consciousness is comprised within a personal Lightbody Hologram which attunes itself to the larger Universal hologram by the medium of energetic exchanges of information held within light, sound and electrotonal codes in the unified field.

      How Holograms Work
      Our reality is a consciousness hologram. Holograms are manifestations of the properties of light, how light is produced and transmitted and how it interacts with itself. The Universe is a time matrix consciousness hologram. Reality is projected as illusion of timelines within the hologram. Our hologram is composed of grids of instruction sets (morphogenetic fields) created by the source consciousness then projected into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical matter and anti-matter level.”

    3. “Human Consciousness is a Holographic Light Projector
      The human body is a holographic light projector. The human central nervous system processes electrical impulses transmitted from the DNA code which further neurologically transmits to the brain the instruction sets to perceive external images as a context for reality. A person can only experience the levels of (multidimensional) reality that have been programmed into the DNA code and the personal 12 Tree Grid, the holographic template.”

  15. “When we apply consciousness with intent, when we apply change in the frequency structure and we direct it throughout our bodies, we can remove, alter and clear artificial refractions of structures that impact our personal hologram. The HGS system is designed as a roadmap to reclaim the Christos Body (the Risen Christ through Sacred Marriage with the Trinity or Hieros Gamos) through the removal of artificial Alien Machinery, dead, inorganic, refracted light holograms that have been used to enslave and torment the human race for thousands of years. This is entirely possible however most of us will need mental discipline, the reeducation to remember our original language and a context to apply frequency alterations with the Krystal Star/Christ consciousness intent.”
    There is a reason why ”black” was always incepted as bad and why that translated to skin luminosity. I love hue-manity. Can’t shut me up.

  16. Great job down the ‘visual’ memory lane, Frank.

    January the Sixth, Sense and the Observer Effect. And the ending we didn’t coming. 😊

  17. “Twitter Thinks Fake Melania Partied With Trump on New Year’s https://t.co/iYUwNvTc7O

    I read that as that Melania PARTED with Trump….

    Could be…. He went back up to D.C. alone….?


    Because I think he is a president who knows he is in the battle for the SOUL of Our Great Nation.

    A la George Washington.

    Both have been accused of being simply Freemasons, who are FAKING IT.

    I think the difference between “wheat” and “tares”…. and those who believe President Trump’s goal is still to Make America Great Again….

    and those who don’t?

    Is that “We” eat…. (WHEAT) believe in God.

    Therefore, WE believe in MIRACLES.

    Sure, Trump might be defeated, thereby “letingt us down” but so what?

    Because we know that the Most High God will NEVER let us down.


    And “GOD” is a “person.”

    With a NAME: Yahuah

    “Yah” for short.



  18. The Nashville Bombing and now the death of a female UN diplomat (unnamed) in Manhattan both have address links to the number 333.
    333 Commerce St was an AT&T building and was known as the Batman building in Nashville and some have likened it to the head of an owl which also has occult connections.
    From 333E 45th St Manhattan to 333 Commerce St, Nashville = 662 NM. (Trump is also the 45th President)
    In degrees of the earth’s surface they are 11 degrees apart.
    662NM is 266 in reverse which is the normal gestation period for twins.
    Some are saying that this is what is going on here in any case – the birth of the manchild into heaven and the birth of the antichrist.
    These two events join 333+333 = 666 and were 6 days apart – Christmas day to NYE.

        1. Also I noticed the other day you wanted to visit the Lunatic Outpost and now you’ve gone to the Bizarre. Wordplay in English with Bazaar and Bizarre.

    1. Numbers are the language of the matrix or the machine code of synchronicity if you like. There’s no meaning in them other than that , IMO.

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