A Tsunami Of Light


Below is a copy and paste from an article by Celia Fenn. Celia is someone who I’ve read with interest over the years and most of the time is accurate with her timing and prediction.

A Tsunami of Light Is Coming. Click ‘In 5D.com’. In a sense there has been a tsunami of light for some time but Celia Fenn predicts a ramping up of energy which is difficult to believe considering the last few years or so. Also, I believe the energy process to be internal rather than external. Incoming from inside.

‘We are getting ready to receive the most intense and powerful waves of light codes ever on the planet, starting at the 10/10. There will be huge shifts as the incoming waves of light and frequency activate waves of awakening in the next four months.’



And the As Above, So Below mirror indicates it will be connected with sight – 2020 – and the other senses and perception of reality.



Angles and mirrors and radiation. Looking at reality through a new angle. The Tsunami of Light is a single wave.

‘Heading Towards A Tsunami Of Light’. Click Phys.org.



‘Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have proposed a way to create a completely new source of radiation. Ultra-intense light pulses consist of the motion of a single wave and can be described as a tsunami of light. The strong wave can be used to study interactions between matter and light in a unique way.



“This source of radiation lets us look at reality through a new angle—it is like twisting a mirror and discovering something completely different,” says Illia Thiele, a theoretical physicist at Chalmers University of Technology.’


And the Tsunami of Light was hinted at, in a memorial celebration I attended on Friday. The humanist ‘compere’ was a lady called Susan Rae. Recommended.

Tsunami of Light – Tsusan Ray. Click ‘LOL : Playing Devil’s Avocado’.



On the pavement in Raygate, two twin flames but in the mirror one flame. A single wave.

In Sight.





We’ll see.


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      1. FRANK,

        It is and will be a trap!
        They are going to provide you with a fake Christ for you to worship.

      2. Its just a choice
        DC or AC
        Debt Currency or the Alternate Currency (no debt)

        Corporatocracy (land of the corpse) or the Lone Warrior

        Its time to Steal from the thieves in the Temple who have Stolen from us..

        Is it Stealing.. if its already stolen

        The Super mind Super Man is awake.. Creating a Wake of Consciousness

        Time to liquidate the Wicked Witch and go back to Kansas

        All in Time

        the POWER
        of the GENI of US

        The Geni is out the bottle..
        The Wish of us.. is our command of US, OUR War accountant.. Till now cooking the books. For the enemies of the estate

        But now at 1:22 of 2:10 we have our accountant having the DC in his crosshairs

        The US is a reflection of us.

        1. Good to hear from you 🙂

          I’ve used this anecdote before but I think it’s revealing. When I was at a self service till, the lady next to me was being pestered by her young daughter who was impatient to leave.

          And her mum said ‘You will have to wait. I have to pay’.

    1. Fear keeps us ‘safe’ but it’s not meant to be the way for us to Live, is it. Therein lies the lie of the Dead Letter. What are you afraid of, Ken? What exactly would be the ‘deception’?

    2. And by the way, I’m still sorting old indoctrinations as well but sort we must. My comment was more for introspection than reply but feel free if you wish. Bring on the Tsunami of Light. 🙂

  1. Aren’t we supposed to walk towards the light when we are dying? Any recounts of death i have heard all seem to be drawn towards a white light then decide to come back and live instead. Hopefully they don’t mean mass Tsunami of death!

    1. Anonymous, I’ve heard an interesting take on that whole walk toward the light thing – supposedly leads one to the recycling bin, ie endless recycling into the matrix. Makes sense if you think about it: lights, camera, ACTion. Nothing introspective about that.
      One does wonder about our linguistic obsession with light metaphors.

        1. Frank

          Not me. And apologies for being mia, but there’s some major renovation happening here. Over the weekend part of my bathroom ceiling came down. Landlord decided it was best just to go ahead and redo the whole thing. Make something new, replace the sync, too. 😉

          Makes sense, lots of talk in media about corruption which means completely broke.
          Let go of what cannot be fixed, trying to put the pieces back together will only make things worse. Holding on is being brave moving on makes us stronger.

          And not making any mystical connection with Skyfall but, the sky is falling, the sky is falling. 🐥

          1. Elena

            Apols. I thought it maybe you because if my memory is right, in the past you’ve mentioned about the perils of the Light post death.

            Getting lots of Sky things myself at present.

            1. Frank

              Turkey has just invaded Syria to push the Kurdish away from it’s border. They are fleeing.

              The Damascus Road.
              And the Tsunami of Light.

              As he, (Saul/later Paul) neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

              Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing. So they led him by the hand into Damascus. – Acts 9

              We’ll see.

  2. interesting synchronization
    a few days ago I studied a similar topic


    Thought is a living energy. One must be careful with this. When a thought slips out of your mind and then
    disappears, it does not cease to live …
    Shkrudnev F.D.
    Remains to the Man at the present stage, at least for
    started “Get to Know Himself” through your brain
    Makov B.V.

        1. Rain

          Your pic and the pic in the article reminds me of the nuclear explosion which at the time was described as a spike in radiation at Nyonoksa on 8/8.


          From the article :

          “This source of radiation lets us look at reality through a new angle—it is like twisting a mirror and discovering something completely different,” says Illia Thiele, a theoretical physicist at Chalmers University of Technology.‘


    1. Rain

      I think a Bardo is a good description of not only what we consider as ‘After Life’ but also the reality of what we call Life.

                1. Rain

                  To show how some of this works. Trinity posted Ventura Highway by America video. There is a lyric in it ‘Alligator lizards in the air’.

                  From one of my favourite videos. Song and video. Not sure what movie or TV show Dragon boy is from.

                  It speaks and it’s not really the ears that hear.



          1. It was really good, Frank. Acerbic, funny, moving – six half hour episodes were spent wet eyed. I recommend it 😀

            1. Roob

              Thanks about After Life.

              An aunt had a string of different sausage dogs. I got roped into occasionally taking one of them for a walk.

              Not cool taking a sausage dog called Bluebell for a walk when you are a teenage boy 😊

    1. Faux cult
      Faux opposition
      Democrats and Republicans share and prop up the same House. Let that sync in.

      1. Hunt-er in the guard-den.
        When the hunter becomes the hunted.

        Hunted House and a Moonster Mash

      1. Well just about anything is possible including some of the Sci-Fi suggestions in your link.
        However, there is only one solution to whatever deception is presented to us.
        Johnathan Cahn’s explanation about the consequences to nations and Empires that are anti-Israel is key – they fail and fall! He lists them all. Here we are on the cusp of Trump being replaced one way or another. The Democrats have been hounding him since he miraculously won the election in 2016. It matters not what sort of a person he was before that. Listen to what Cahn says about him and Israel. He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel! People need to wake up and understand the enormous significance of that!
        People need to realize that Israel didn’t exist for nearly 2,000 years until 1948! Then it came back to life! People need to get real! Listen to what Johnathan Cahn has to say about all that! Astonishing!
        Now what will the USA’s attitude towards Israel be if Trump is replaced?

        And to those here who say, “Oh, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Morals and ethics don’t matter,” I have this to say – you are going to be shocked when you find out that all those things DO matter!

        And yes, at some stage they will present a false Messiah for the whole world to worship. How will this false Messiah be presented? In an utterly convincing manner! Most will be deceived! He isn’t going to come knocking on your door to try to convince you of his worthiness like the Jehovas Witnesses do! Oh no! Lying wonders will be the order of the day!
        So, now is the time to choose the true Messiah before it is too late and they send you the false one!

        1. Once upon a time, Is Real was spoken into existence and ever since we’ve been warned, don’t speak against Is Real or else the Else might take over. God forbid it’s just US manifesting a new Empires and Holy Places. Imagine what we could do if talking heads and religions didn’t limit our potential!

        2. Ken

          Speaking just for myself.
          If I didn’t fall for the ‘real’ messiah, with all his miracles and wonders, why would I fall for a false messiah with all his miracles and wonders?

          The issue is not who or what is out there coming to save or deceive you. It’s what’s in you.

          Buddhists say, ‘if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him’. The point being that any answer that originates outside of yourself cannot be trusted. Especially when it’s backed up with phrases like ‘do it before it’s too late’, ‘then you’ll be sorry’.

          Do you really want to see everyone saved or do you just need the feeling of superiority?

          What’s in you?

        3. Seems to me that Trump is being lauded as a Messiah and if you listen to his own words, he’s really just a flawed human floundering like the rest of us. My guess is he’s the one (the false Messiah) you’ve been waiting for.

        4. And why so sensitive about Democrats hunting Trump? It’s what the politicians do. It’s what Republicans did to both Clintons and Obama. They all do it to each other. Why should Trump be the exception to the rule? Because he said some politically expedient thing about Israel?

        5. Kendo i understand what you are trying to say….however the counterfeit always comes before the is real thing…the Bi ble is quite clear on that….the current nation of Is rael is fake…. remember the first Exodus…..who was dwelling in the land… Israel or more specifically Jerusalem doesn’t belong to the counterfeit Jews the Muslims the counterfeit Christians the atheist it belongs to God….if i have left out any group that i haven’t offended my apologies i do try to make it my business to offend everyone.

          What the world wants today is the real thing……nice pigtails

            1. Ken the pigtails……that was the point ……..is there an echo in here? Whether you believe it or not we are in a time loop.
              The Truth is waaay stranger than any fiction.

            2. Definition of climate

              late 14c., “horizontal zone of the earth’s surface measured by lines parallel to the equator,” from Old French climat “region, part of the earth,” from Latin clima (genitive climatis) “region; slope of the earth,” from Greek klima “region, zone,” literally “an inclination, slope,” thus “slope of the earth from equator to pole,” from a suffixed form of PIE root *klei- “to lean.”

              its about the electromagnetic field…. everything you thought you knew is about to change its not about the fake carbon footprint which doesn’t exist.

              Its Childhood’s End

              When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

              1. TTN, on the ID cover Greta wears a buoy pin that reads “save the climate.” I find that expression so weird.

    1. Hugo

      Please shed light on technology. We need help in understanding that.

      I’m assuming you are talking to me . And I’m not playing the blame game. This was the situation.

      If you are talking about what I think you are talking about.

      Your comments at the time were effecting the health of someone who was not in a state to deal with it. That was the reality of the situation. So I decided to ask you to desist.

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