It Started With A Kiss

It started with a kiss.



The President of You says Brexit is on a par with Original Sin.



The Big Bang and New Universe Reveal.



Do you believe in the One Theory Interpretation or the Many Theories Interpretation ?




Flying through the clouds of guilt.




In my opinion I / We / You and whatever exactly is real is One with God.

You only have to forgive once.


86 thoughts on “It Started With A Kiss

  1. It started with a Chris-

    We thought we would break new ground for the cyber defenses of Britain, America, and their allies and confront bubbling insurgencies with data, algorithms, and targeted narratives online. Then billionaire [Mercer-nary] acquired our project….I first met Mercer in November 2013, in a meeting held at his daughter Rebekah’s apartment on the Upper West Side….Over the years, the hedge-fund CEO had donated millions of dollars to conservative campaigns. But in the months leading up to the launch, I believed Mercer’s interest in our work was primarily for its commercial potential, not politics. If we could copy everyone’s data profiles and replicate society in a computer — like the game The Sims but with real people’s data — we could simulate and forecast what would happen in society and the market. If you can predict what people will buy or not buy, or see a crash coming, you have the all-seeing orb for society. You might make billions overnight.”

  2. It started in the guarded den
    “It’s both the profiling of people, but also targeting them and trying to dominate the informational environment around them. Once you can sever somebody’s ties with other sources of information, you put them into an environment where you have much more control over what information that they actually see. That’s a very powerful thing, because they still feel like they’re in charge, because in their heads they’re making the decision to click on something, share something or chat with some random account that they don’t actually know. They don’t see the thought process and the strategy behind that.”

  3. Times Square…

    911 Emergency… Here comes The Sun and, ah, Flood… TikTok…

    ‘One person said: “What if you kiss your bf and your lip is still in his mouth when you pull back.”

      1. ‘Iranian state TV identified the ship as the oil tanker Sinopa, but the NIOC later said it was another vessel named Sabiti.’

        Sabiti means ‘Born on Sunday’.

      1. All politicians kiss ass. It’s what they do. The bipartisanship is clickbait – illusion, to get the clicktards fired up.

          1. Make America Greta Again
            I see a “Great White Hope” subtext.
            “Climate Change” is, in many ways, fear of the non-white other. Fear of the dark.
            Greta starts to remind me of little red riding hood.

                1. I’ve wondered why in linear time terms this is being done now when the human race is set to colonise the Universe. I think it’s relevant.

                  1. The words “colonize” and “race” are interesting. What is “this” that’s being done now?

                    1. I believe there is a shift in consciousness taking place. That is the ‘this’ I mean.

                      I wonder if the old episodes of Star Trek for example are history that has happened in the future. And that future Universal history is reflected in the history of the Earth.

                      Maybe possibly.

      2. Barrack Obama’s Ass is a BOA.

        B-OA. The sheik in the garden. The boogeyman all “lights” fear….afraid of their own shadow so project their shadows elsewhere (onto Mexicans, Muslims, “black” men, etc).

        Trump’s panties get soggy daily over BOA and AOC. Those two politicians playing the game like everyone else bring Trump to his knees. Kneel hitler.

        Kneel Armstrong. Colonizing the moon (shadow).

              1. Aleksei Arkhipovich Leonov (May 30, 1934, Listvyanka, Tisulsky District, West Siberian Territory, RSFSR, USSR – October 11, 2019, Moscow, Russia) – Soviet cosmonaut No. 11, the first man to go into open space. Twice Hero of the Soviet Union [1] (1965, 1975). Member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia Party [2].January 22, 1969 was in a car fired upon by officer Viktor Ilyin during an attempt on Brezhnev. Not injured.In 1971 he was commander of the main crew of the Union-11 (together with V.N. Kubasov and P.I. Kolodin). Shortly before the start, the medical board challenged Kubasov, the crew was changed. Doubles flew in – G. T. Dobrovolsky, V. N. Volkov and V. I. Patsaev, who died during the landing of the descent vehicle.In 1975, on July 15-21, together with V. N. Kubasov, he made the second space flight as commander of the Soyuz-19 spacecraft under the EPAS program (Soyuz Apollo program). Flight duration – 5 days 22 h 30 min 51 s. Then the ships of two different countries were docked for the first time.

  4. It starts with a kiss and the exchange of saliva.

    Mononucleosis aka Epstein-Barr aka the kissing disease.
    Mono is single, one.
    Mono nuclear, having only one nucleus.
    Mono is in the blood, apparently everyone has it or will get it.
    It makes people very tired, monotonous.
    And monotheistic, believing in one God.

    We’ll see. 💞

    1. Elena

      I was thinking about Mono records and Stereo records the other day in relation to hearing.

      ‘Infectious mononucleosis (IM, mono), also known as glandular fever, is an infection usually caused by the Epstein–Barr virus (EBV). Most people are infected by the virus as children, when the disease produces few or no symptoms. In young adults, the disease often results in fever, sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, and tiredness. Most people recover in two to four weeks; however, feeling tired may last for months.The liver or spleen may also become swollen, and in less than one percent of cases splenic rupture may occur.’

      1. Frank

        I was watching a baseball game the other night and the noise from the crowd was so loud I kept turning down the volume.
        The one loud noise was the combination of tens of thousands of individual voices, that become indistinguishable in the noise.
        Until they started chanting in unison, ‘Rays suck’.

        And ‘One is all, all is one’, which is a mirror image.
        And the motto of US, E pluribus unum, out of many one.

          1. Frank

            I think that’s why the polar opposite view points have become so exaggerated now. It’s all we know and we’re trying to hold on to them. Just as we sense that the way we all see things is about to radically change.

            Regardless of our viewpoint we are all a little scared.

      1. Roob

        No disrespect.
        Saliva is also healing.
        Lick your wounds.
        Jesus used saliva in his miracles several times.

        I just wish everybody would calm down. But I think we have a ways to go yet. 🙂

  5. Q1. How many bio-comical sugarcomputers did you wire together in parallel in an attempt to solve the complex cryptographic mash I cooked up in my kitchen?

    Q2. Creating the Truman Zoo seems a little bit OTT in my view. Would it not have been simpler to just ask?

    Q3. Why couldn’t you just ask? Or to put it another way, what would you have to admit to yourself in order to ‘just ask’?

    1. Hugo

      Again I don’t know what you are referring to. I really don’t go about my life worrying what others are doing too much. But try to be a help where I can if it feels right. I’ve been following a path for a long time now which is consistent and logical if fxxking weird and I seem to be getting backing from the Universe so I just go with it. And a lot of others seem to be on the same path.

      No idea what I have to ask for or admit to apart from going through guilt in general and hopefully at some point letting it go.

      1. “…as time progressed the moon came to be associated with Thoth, possibly because the crescent moon resembled the beak of an Ibis….Thoth was the patron of scribes and of the written word. He was scribe of the underworld who recorded the verdict on the deceased in the hall of Ma´at and was given the epithets “He who Balances”, “God of the Equilibrium” and “Master of the Balance”. Thoth maintained the library of the gods with the help of his wife, Seshat (the goddess of writing).”

        Both sides now…

    1. Jen

      Japan…land of the Rising Sun and Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      And this weekend the Hunter’s moon.

      Edgar Cayce was famous for saying that in connection with the rise of Atlantis, (the collective memory) which he believed was in the area of the Bahamas (hurricane Dorian), the greater part of Japan would sink beneath the waves.

      I remember how I felt when Sandy came ashore. Scared doesn’t say it, but we are all safe.

      1. Elena, Exactly. A typhoon and earthquake on the same day and yet reports are, everyone’s fine – albeit a bit dizzy if I were to guess. Let the Land of the Rising Sun shine in! 🙂

        1. Maybe he’s your brother ! Just switch the O and E.

          ‘From a Greek form of a Hebrew name meaning “God is grandeur”. The Gospel of Matthew lists him as an ancestor of Jesus. This name is popular in Kenya.’

              1. On the edge.

                ‘Eyewitness video shows construction workers running for their lives as the upper floors of the Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans crumbled and a crane collapsed on Rampart Street near Canal Street, on the edge of the French Quarter. A large steel beam, hoisted up by one of the cranes, swayed in the air above the portion of the building that collapsed’.


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