Sound And Vision

The Polarity Coaster.

‘Too hot for heaven. Too cool for hell’.

Too Too – 22.




My mum was a very good cook and she used to make puddings to die for. And when anyone asked ‘Whats for pudding ?’ she would reply it’s ‘A Wait and See Pudding’. Don’t get me onto women and food !

The runes say there is a Change due in 2020.

The See Change and the Change in See.

2020 Vision.




Projection makes perception.



And the little voice. The word of God etc. In a sense I believe in reality there is only place we see and hear.

It talks.



See Changes.



It’s a Wait and See Pudding.


74 thoughts on “Sound And Vision

    1. Jenny

      The See Change. See as in Holy See – Vatican. Celibacy in the priesthood.

      10/4 was the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi and the Season of Creation was closed. Déjà Vu isn’t what it used to be.

      Also a more personal See Change. Jen and I like to watch a movie on Saturday. My TV has been in its death throes for the last few months and today it went kaputt.

      The See Change. Will have to change to Netflix on Amazon Kindle so a See Change.

      From the CNN link :

      ‘Rome (CNN) — A major change may be coming to the Catholic Church from an unlikely place: the Amazon.’

      The Amazon’s on fire.

      ‘Kindle : When you start a fire burning, you can say you kindle the fire. … The verb kindle not only means to start a fire, but also to catch fire. Another meaning for kindle is to arouse interest or passion.’

      This is how this stuff seems to work.

      Projection makes perception. Mirrors or kaleidoscope or whatever it is exactly.

      1. See Hear DO
        I’m in the land of do.
        Which is strange because I didn’t plan on it from one day to the next but had been musing a few days before about odd and ‘od.
        Like may the Od be forever in your favor.
        Like in odds we trust.

        So here I am. Here I do.

        1. Forgot the real intention and spur of my post.

          Your kindle comment.

          I arrived in do last night after a long drive and as I made my way off the freeway to the hotel, handy GPS as my guide, I encountered a police barricade that closed off the street with flashing lights and police cars parked at an angle. An ambulance was let through but others had to turn around. The route was in the middle of nowhere so it seemed strange there’d be a big accident there and it seemed just as likely it could be a planned event, a strange kind of sacrifice or an investigation of an alien landing as anything else.

          This morning I went to look at a building in an area of the city called Germantown and upon leaving, handy GPS as my guide, I was directed down a street where yet another barricade was inacted -this time police and fire. This location was across from a vet compound -those cemeteries and shrines to death- and the firemen seemed to be spraying water on a vacant lot. I looked and looked for the fire and the burning thing and decided it must have already been burnt (“nothing to see here”) until I finally saw a modest flame teasing the air.

          Led to two official barricades requiring me to turn around by GPS in less than 24hours. That’s a first.

          1. Anon

            What occurs to me is the Emergency services – 911 etc.

            The other thing is Germantown and Book Burning : BB 22 and Fahrenheit 451.

            1. What a funny movie trailer. Funny how things from back in the day look.


            2. Frank!

              Ohmigod, Fahrenheit 451, so funny!

              And of course! …I had an ambulance drive by my house today as I “cleared the deck.” Its lights flashing…..

              Hope nobody was hurt!

  1. Germ-many is cropping up.

    The Sound and the Füh·rer

    More people are whistling.

    I hope the Dems and Reps all get exposed. Naked naked naked.

      1. Anon

        Here you go. Start of the Amazon Synod.

        Kindle, Ashes of fear / fire and Dear Prudence.

        ‘In response to such fires that destroy, Francis on Sunday called the roughly 300 bishops and other participants in the synod to kindle a different kind of fire, one that saves – a fire of “daring prudence,” the pope called it, fed by the Holy Spirit.’

        SIOUX See. Dear Prudence.

        And this may not go down well with some.

        A radical change in policy.

        “How many times has God’s gift been imposed, not offered,” the pope said. “How many times has there been colonization rather than evangelization!”

        To All Tribes Lost

  2. Good & Evil – A Declaration of War

  3. “We’re supposed to believe that an autistic 16-year-old, Greta Thunberg, single-handedly created The Global Climate Strike a year ago when she started skipping school on Fridays to protest Climate Change outside Sweden’s parliament. Purportedly like magic and without any outside funding or organizational support, kids around the world began to follow her example skipping school on Fridays to demand action on climate change.
    Why would the Global Elite like Soros select an autistic, clinically depressed teenager with learning disabilities like Greta Thunberg? To begin with, it’s harder to criticize a handicapped person. And of course a teenage alarmist must behave as simple-mindedly as her supporters so they can think they are as smart as her. And children are traditionally gullible and easily misled, so Greta is perfect for this hoax…

    1. Asperger Syndrome

      Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger’s, is a developmental disorder characterised by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. As a milder autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it differs from other ASDs by relatively normal language and intelligence. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and unusual use of language are common. Signs usually begin before two years of age and typically last for a person’s entire life.

    2. I don’t even belief she’s autistic. I think that’s a sympathy construct too. And I like that you called her a teen because she is now. A typical “look at me! Look at me!” social media teen personality

    1. They look like flares. Maybe some kind of military training going on, and a plane or ship spit out a bunch of flares.

      Pretty short recording for someone who was really “shocked” by what they were seeing.

  4. Can I ask everyone here a question?

    You um, well….

    you don’t “fear”….

    You look upon all this craziness, but it doesn’t seem to faze any of “you”

    Oh ha, look, the WORLD is coming to an END, how about that!….la di dah… oh and did you see that cat out there?

    So um my question is…..

    What are you looking for?

    The truth?

    And mention of the Genesis rendition of creation whereby God created a “level” (so much better than “flat”) Earth?


    I’m leaving here because…there is nothing HERE for me…..

    I’ve enrolled at Eric Dubay’s site, because at this point?

    It’s the only place I see any truth.

    I won’t give you the website address, because you’re all just trolls and snakes….

    And don’t forget…..

    I’ve got your number.

    1. So thank you, Frank!

      For putting up with my “drama” and not excommunicado-ing me.

      I’m a hypocrite!

      I speak about how we need to walk the middle way….

      But do I?

      Oh no.

      I’m Carrie, and I veer up and down, left to right….

      But I’m trying to pull it back, trying to reign it in.

      So thank you all for putting up with me as I share my…


      “A DOG”S WAY HOME”


      1. I’m no saint

        I couldn’t possibly leave (lol!) because there is no other “site” whereupon one can post videos like this.

        It’s a trap!

        Or a blessing?

        Depends on how you see it. How I see it……

        But yeah, hey……

        I want to keep on speaking the Truth, and well, the only Truth I know is in Jesus and in His Gospel.

        Thanks, Frank, for letting me post it.

          1. And for observers I’m just noticing stuff at the same time you might be?

            Like, am I “Mary Magdalen” reborn?

            Exacting justice for Jesus’ MURDER in her black robe….like “Batman.”

            Is Batman Mary Magdalen in disguise?

            Could be….!

            But NONE of this is real……



            Mary Magdalen is not “Batman.”

            In fact, there is no “Mary Magdalen.”

            Nor “Batman.”….


            Anything else!

            This world is not real.

                    1. I have to go back to the BEGINNING.

                      Yeah…. it’s not easy….

                      to admit…..

                      That ….

                      your “mom” …..

                      was a witch

                    2. This is what happens when an immovable force meets an unstoppable object.

                      And there’s only one way out.


                    3. I think the bottom line is…..

                      You have no right to judge me.


                      WHAT EVER you think I AM

                    4. So who is “John Wick”?


                      And, well…

                      He’s just ME

                      Let’s put it that way.


    A ‘charge jew’ in 2020? That’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Pin all those lovely ‘charges’ on the ‘plastic’?

  6. For the Five Star System Addicts.

    Because it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the amount of time you spend warshipping at the altar, chowing down on all-you-can-eat wafer, could it?

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