Exterminate !


There is a place.

Red Pill was invaded by the Daleks and Cybermen today. Doesn’t get much more dreamlike than this. They invaded on behalf of Autism All Stars : Autism All Stars.org looking for donations.

‘Where’s my coffee ? Decaffeinate !’ 🙂



The Daleks use a Protection Racket approach to collecting donations.

‘Senior human you are filming me. You have two choices. Donate or be destroyed. Which is it ?’ I decided to donate.







I couldn’t resist popping into the Tardis. The door was open.





The Console.



Time’s Winged Chariot.







And down the memory banks of Merovee.

‘Upgrade Or Be Deleted’. I was very tempted to ask both the Daleks and the Cyberman ‘If God is in the machine, are you God ?’ but decided against it.





The good news is the Daleks have a weak spot. As they left the Belfry Shopping Centre they were told to stay under cover in case the falling rain damaged the metal.





NB: Autism All Stars also have a Facebook page.



7 thoughts on “Exterminate !

      1. Kenneth

        It was brilliant ! The ‘actors’ inside the Daleks were so funny. They approached a coffee franchise and demanded coffee and then one of the Daleks shouted ’Decaffeinate !’ 😀.

        And when a Dalek demanded I donate or be exterminated my mind blew up. And after I finished with the Daleks,the Cyberman suddenly appeared.

        There do seem to be underlying themes with ‘All the world’s a stage’, Is God in the machine ? and nature of Time.

        Had an interesting conversation with Peter Davidson Dr Who who is actually involved with cloud computing in his day job about AI fake news and AI avatar movies and sentient AI.

        I’m ambivalent about the rise of the Machine. A positive aspect IMO is that it has brought questions about ‘Who and What is real ?’ out of the shadows of metaphysics and into the public domain and become relevant questions for everyone.

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