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    1. bob.

      Thanks. Good link.

      Agreed. A lot of the animals have their own spiritual symbology and I’m seeing the ponds and lakes around here as the spiritual Universe in a microcosm of the macrocosm type way. Also I see the many paths I walk as Nadis in the chakra system. Nadi means flowing river.


      The chakras and nadis are part of the same system, the nadis being the almost infinite network of tubular organs or channels of energy flow felt throughout the body, and the chakras being the epicentres and origins of this energy flow. Nadis follow the same lines as all the objective body systems like the nerves, lymph, and circulatory systems, but on top of this there are numerous extra lines of energy (sometimes expressed as extending to the tip of every hair on the body). It is important to retain an tone of spaciousness in order to experience nadis, and this is pointed to my the root ‘nad’ meaning resonance. While nadi itself means ‘a flowing river’, the common description of nadis is as ‘tubular organs’ through which this flow moves.

      I remember reading a book which said water was spirit and physical land as the physical aspect to the Self and the beach or shore was where they met. I’ve also been playing around with the idea of humans as being a symbol or expression of God as well.

      Roob has referenced MH 370 in her comment above. I see the MH 370 crash into the ocean as when we left 3D and we’ve – who exactly We are – have been in a weird bardo ever since. Moving on up.

      Also there is a very big bird of some sort with big wings which keeps flying overhead here and I’m hoping to get a good pic or video at some point.

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