5 thoughts on “Feather

  1. The two US Solar Eclipses of 2017 and 2024 explained in shocking detail about what the Satanists are planning for everyone.

    I Pet Goat 2 DELETED! Revealing the NEXT 9 eIevens!! Part 1

  2. Horse Feathers

    Not just because it’s funny but because there’s ‘word play’ at the ‘speak easy’.
    “You can’t come in here unless you say swordfish.”
    It’s not the password itself because that changes, but the requirement that specific words be used. Think, what is a woman?

    Ultimately, it’s not just controlling the expression but changing the language code itself.

    1. Your Marx Bros videos have pinged an amusing memory from when I was at school. Can’t remember exactly why the Marx Bros were being discussed. I asked the teacher whether Karl Marx was a member of the Marx Bros which he found very funny.

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