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  1. I’m getting same message on repeat.

    Apart from obvious messages about The Prisoner and Deep Water the pics look as if they have been photo shopped with fonts added.

    ‘A nice place to live.’



  2. Frank, your post is syncing with my story ‘Just Us (Part 1)’ that will appear in Underdog Anthology XXI. I signed and sent back my author’s contract for it last night.

    1. Roob

      I’m not surprised. Mirrors and synchronicities and general weirdness are off the scale at the moment. And the Matrix and repeating themes. It’s a weird way to make a point it but I suppose it makes sense. A cat walked in front of me again this morning. Third time in last couple of weeks. And just got back from In Sainsbury’s and saw Kurt Cobain’s doppelganger in the store. Which was a surprise !

      And big animal consciousness connection to all this which is part of the reason why I turned Nature Boy. Everything is connected. Definite animal – human telepathy as well as human to human.

        1. Psychic protection and listening to spidey senses is important at the moment. I’ve been getting all sorts of stuff thrown at me over the last few years. Always been there but definitely ramped up. Flying monkeys are being used to cause aggravation and annoyance. It’s there most days now. And things like Clif High’s windscreen suddenly cracking and then being hit by the car goes with the territory. I’ve seen others targeted as well. And the most ridiculous thing about is what is behind it doesn’t actually exist.

          The false Matrix is somehow programmed to attack anyone who goes off message. Lots of people off message at present. Used to get to me. I tend to smile at it now. It has no power over reality.

            1. I’m taking a no sympathy for the devil approach. Recently a lot of memory has come back and basically it has been tampered with, mainly changing good memories into not so good memories and general reality manipulation. How it is done I’m not sure. The consciousness is very unpleasant and I’m under no illusions as to how nasty it can be. How I view it though is anything can be used for the good if turned over to spirit.

              1. I think this tweet is meant for you, Frank. Not just you but I immediately thought of you when I read it this morning (it’s lengthy, so has to be opened up). I was debating with myself whether to drop it on here or not. Perhaps it’s meant for this specific Merovee post, which wasn’t up at the time…

                1. Thank you.

                  I went into past lives a year or so ago. Some of which were unpleasant or had unpleasant endings and some more pleasant. The most unpleasant was Bergen Belsen. The Holocaust was as bad as it gets. Beyond belief. An unfathomable darkness. This is where we get into weird reality territory. Spirit is saying it was another place a very long long time ago. Memory and time don’t work the way we think it does.

                  And recent memory revelations about my present life, or lives as there have been different phases, actually link to Bergen Belsen with past lives. It gets very confusing in the diamond self though as to who is who now ! Or where everyone is in time . Or out of time. Time looping is a head spinner.

  3. Duck Soup 🦆
    They say that truth is the first casualty of war. Here’s a truthy quote from Duck Soup.
    “You’re a brave man. Go out and break through the lines. And remember, while you’re out there risking your life and limb through shot and shell, we’ll be right in here thinking about what a sucker you are.”

    1. Orlena

      I’m still going with this. Spirit keeps saying to me the mindlines are a load of tosh.

      ‘But on Earth’s surface a different kind of reality reigns. East and West are at peace. And across the planet an elite group of expert hoaxers preserve the lie’. As Jagger and Richard put it what is puzzling me is the nature of the game.


      Deep Water.

      A few days ago Roob posted this X tweet or whatever they are called now – Lord of the Flies – which synced with a Boar’s Head pic I had put up. About ten years or so ago we noticed with the mindlines at the time many were based on the titles of James Bond movies. One of them was the killing of Gaddafi and the Man with the Golden Gun from memory. Seen similar things ever since in the mindlines.



            1. Ahead of the curve, a head in a curve, a head in a curve ahead of a the curve – See header image ;P

              Speaking curves, saw this last night…

      1. Castle Rock is a Q Clue…

        Castle Rock is a ‘rotten’ ‘fort’ in Lord of the Flies…


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