In reality ‘Yours Truly’ is not moving. My mind creates the illusion my body is moving forwards and backwards. It feels like I’m on a treadmill and the image is coming towards me and in the second video the picture is moving away from me.

Time is the real distance.






Here Now.



From Infinity Chamber.



‘We’re in a place from the past that doesn’t even exist.’



From The Endless.



Frozen In Time.

‘We are always here.’




And just because.






13 thoughts on “Here

    1. Was the memory meme part of a Ted Talk or something?
      I’d like to learn more.

      I’ve seen Source Code. It was interesting. The other two look like something I might be interested in watching… maybe.

      1. It was a Ted Talk. I hadn’t actually watched it. It was the image that spoke.

        Here’s the video.

        And where it gets weird for me. I have at least – maybe more – two memory timelines. I don’t really think anything in linear time is truly real though. And I ask is it myself blocking the forgotten memory timeline or has there been manipulation. The memory I have just recovered I wouldn’t change for anything so why I would block it. ‘Emily’ said it would all come back and it is. And some more weird reality glitches have shown up. Reality gets odder and odder.

        Both The Endless and Infinity Chamber are good movies if you like alt reality metaphysical mind fxxk movies.

          1. Memory is a mined field. Even if you follow a straight one memory timeline, it’s impossible to say for sure how much of memory is correct. My trip down memory lanes shows me memory and memories, hence the past and the present and future, are flexible.

      1. I notice the video shows Biden in the thumbnail pic. He has a problem with memory.

        Putting aside personal emotions for one second which is not easy, it’s fascinating how the Universe or Spirit uses movies – Fourth Wall – and objects (And songs and books. Anything that works probably) as triggers for remembering. When I watched ‘The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ a few years ago I had the sense I was back in my old apartment about 30 years previously. That has suddenly become relevant and the picnic basket that showed up recently concerning memories which have been coming through for about the last month and I was struggling to understand and now I do.

        In the big picture the question that occurs to me are alternate memories a natural process within the quantum field or is hoodoo voodoo involved ?


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