Dazy Dazy


Rainy Daze and Mon Daze. And Twos Daze and Wends Daze etc, etc.



PK Dick :

The changing information which we experience as world is an unfolding narrative. It tells about the death of a woman. This woman who died long ago was one of the primordial twins. She was half of the divine syzygy. The purpose of the narrative is the recollection of her and of her death. The Mind does not wish to forget her. Thus the ratiocination of the Brain consists of a permanent record of her existence and if read will be understood this way. All the information processed by the Brain β€” experienced by us as the arranging and rearranging of physical objects β€” is an attempt at this preservation of her; stones and rocks and sticks and amoebae are traces of her. The record of her existence and passing is ordered onto the meanest level of reality by the suffering Mind which is now alone. This loneliness, this anguish of the bereaved Mind is felt by every constituent of the universe.





Dazy Dazy.





Groundhog Daze.



Frozen In Time.

In Shock and Awe.




Golden Boots.









11 thoughts on “Dazy Dazy

      1. Roob

        That seems to be the message. In time she may have died over and over again. When it all went to shit on repeat. Out of time she’s very much alive.

        There is a pain β€” so utter β€”
        It swallows substance up β€”
        Then covers the Abyss with Trance β€”
        So Memory can step
        Around β€” across β€” upon it β€”
        As One within a Swoon β€”
        Goes safely β€” where an open eye β€”
        Would drop Him β€” Bone by Bone β€”

        Emily Dickinson

        PK Dick was writing from a male perspective. Going over old ground a bit but I’m seeing a His Story and Miss Story. The feminine may have the same story. Throw in anima and animus as well, it maybe a joint story.

          1. Not sure about that. It hurts.


            Within all this time stuff, there are serious distortions. When memory is pinged. The Great Intelligence, Strangers, Inner/Outer Demons, Ego mind, AI – whatever exactly it is – has the capacity to change or cover over memory hence the past. This pic speaks about a different past to how I remembered it. It maybe alternate pathways. A natural process within the quantum field possibly. Difficult to know and incredibly weird. My gut instinct tells me it is manipulation. Spirit has been talking about Deep Waters. If it is manipulation it is cruel beyond belief.


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