8 thoughts on “Far From The Madding Cloud

    1. It’s not real as we understand 3D. Where physical and non physical meet or something or somewhere. Pure imagination. As a further example of the weirdness I had an encounter yesterday with a man who was a cross between Harry Potter and Frodo in the movies and works for the IT Crowd / Cloud hence the title for the article ‘Far From The Madding Cloud’.

      Everything that appears in the physical world is a reflection of the subconscious. Something along those lines. When I moved here the Universe talked about a place beyond belief and it wasn’t joking. It was weird enough before. Weirdness upgrade. An infinite number of impossible things before breakfast on repeat.


      And add a bit of time travel and fourth wall shenanigans and it can get very confusing. To be frank has been accentuating the positive. There are some very unpleasant creepy crawly and deeply disturbing nasties under the surface which have been revealed.


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