Higher Ground


The message is the War is over.

Living in the Past / Frozen in Time.



From Wiki :

British hardened field defences of World War II were small fortified structures constructed as a part of British anti-invasion preparations. They were popularly known as pillboxes, a reference to their shape.

With the German invasion of Low Countries in May 1940 came the realisation that the United Kingdom was vulnerable to invasion. Late in May 1940, the Chiefs of Staff Committee decided that vulnerable beaches needed to be fortified with pillboxes and anti-tank obstacles. This proposal was resisted by the Commander-in-Chief, Home Forces, Sir Walter Kirke, who favoured a mobile reserve to counter invasion, but shortly afterwards, he was replaced by Sir Edmund Ironside. Having very few tanks or lorries to form such a reserve, Ironside formulated a plan to have a “coastal crust” of defended beaches, backed up by a network of “stop lines” which would limit any incursion, with localised defences for “vulnerable points” such as airfields.

Work on these defences continued through the summer of 1940, until in late July, Ironside was replaced by Sir Alan Brooke. By then, there were more resources for mobile defence and work on fixed defences became a lower priority, especially the stop lines which Brooke disliked. In February 1941, British General Headquarters issued an order that no more pillboxes were to be constructed. By then, some 28,000 pillboxes had been constructed; about 25 per cent of these have survived.




















Nor Earth Nor Boundless Sea.



Gently down the stream.



Tele Tubby Land.



Underground Overground.



And is there honey still for tea ?


















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  1. There may have been another reason apart from purely interest why I went to the pill box. I think there may have a creepy crawly in the pill box. If you watch from about 1:27 to 1-35 you will see something similar to a dementor in Harry Potter. It didn’t wait around. Add the apple tree – Le Jardin – and a few other things, it’s been a very interesting day to say the least.

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