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  1. More shots of a rather overgrown English (?) garden but still producing fruit (Apples).
    Reminds me of the 2012 animated cartoon, “I,Pet Goat II” that many (mostly Christians) have been trying to decode. Most say it is portraying the sequel to 9/11 which could be happening this September. Yes, the apple plays a central role in IPG II. Are you all ready for what is about to happen?

    Meanwhile, down here in Oz our Government (Bless their hearts) are promoting The Voice Referendum to give a bigger say to the Aboriginal population.
    Here is my shortened version of my observations –
    Announced on 30/8/2023 that the referendum will be on 14/10/2023 exactly 46 days inclusive of both dates.
    46 days = 23+23 days.
    30/8/2023 is Day # 242.
    14/10/2023 is Day # 287.
    242+287 = 529 = 23×23.
    23 squared!
    The centre day #’s are 264 and 265 or the 21st and the 22nd of Sep.
    The next day is the 23rd.
    264+265 = 529 = 23×23.
    So BOTH pairs of day#’s = 23×23!!!
    The first and the last day#’s and the two centre day#’s!!!
    Therefore ALL pairs of day #’s either side of the two centre days = 23×23!!!
    So in total there are 23 lots of 23×23 using the Day #’s!!!!!!!
    We are told that the Voice Bill requires 92 new words in the Australian Constitution.
    92 words = 23+23+23+23 words.

    I would be more than interested to hear anyone’s views as to why they have featured the number 23 so much?

    Also worth considering is the fact that the scorching of Lahaina in Maui on 8/8/2023 looks like it was aimed at the Indigenous people who lived there.
    And The Voice is supposedly aimed at giving the Inidgenous people of Australia more influence by adding 92 words to the Constitution where 92 = 23+23+23+23..
    From Lahaina fire, Maui, 8/8/2023 to 30/8/2023, announcement of date for The VOICE Referendum Australia = 23 days inclusive.

    Would any person be brave enough to say that the occurrence of the number 23 was just pure chance?

    BTW, “Indigenous” = 117 (Ordinal) or (3+3+3)x13 or (13+13+13)x3.

    I know that 23 is seen by many as an occult number.
    I know that the human body has 23 pairs of chromosomes.
    Any other suggestions please?

    1. From Lahaina to Parliament House, Canberra = exactly 8,447 km, a prime number.
      And 8+4+4+7 = 23!
      8,447 km is prime number 1058 and 1058 = 529+529 and 529 = 23×23 as pointed out in my previous post!.
      The mirror of 8447 is 7448.
      The difference between the two is 8447 – 7448 = 999!!!
      999 is also 666 flipped!
      999 is also 37x(9+9+9)!
      Astonishing! Astonishing! Astonishing!

    2. Ken

      The apple tree is not in an English country garden. Out in the sticks. It’s a subconscious memory or projection of a well known apple tree. You would have to experience this place to believe it. Reality is stranger than possibly could be imagined and yet it is imaginary. It’s a paradox.

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