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  1. Clicky posted this vid to you yesterday, Frank, on ‘Long Distance’, but it’s not appeared. Special attention is paid to a boot in it…

    1. Roob

      Went into spam. I was thinking along the same lines with the moon landing and the boots and the Penultimate Truth : ‘And across the planet, an elite corps of expert hoaxers preserve the lie’.


      And memory.

      The more you look at it, the more unbelievable it becomes and that doesn’t just apply to the moon landings.


      The Knife Edge on Mt Snowdon in Wales is somehow connected. Jumbled or mirror memory in the Hall of Mirrors. Absolute terror walking across the Knife Edge in a blizzard which had appeared out of now here, in boots with metal on the bottom of them similar to the Armstrong boots pics. Again the same story. Reality or dream manipulation.

      And seriously weird way the Universe speaks. The teacher in charge was Mr Balaam. Lions led by a donkey. And Baa Lamb and with ET – Baa Lam.


      AI is also in the mix.

          1. Empty tea cup time. Again !

            There is an old Buddhist story of this saying about a scholar and a zen master. Scholar Tokusan, who was full of knowledge and opinions about the dharma, came to Ryutan and asked about Zen. At one point Ryutan re-filled his guest’s teacup, but did not stop pouring when the cup was full. Tea spilled out and ran over the table. “Stop! The cup is full!” said Tokusan. “Exactly,” said Master Ryutan. “You are like this cup; you are full of ideas. You come and ask for teaching, but your cup is full; I can’t put anything in. Before I can teach you, you’ll have to empty your cup.”


            ‘And across the planet, an elite corps of expert hoaxers preserve the lie’.




            1. And the Knife Edge and Moon Boots and Stranger Things. The Knife Edge is part of a mountainous route which includes Mt Snowdon and is known as the Horseshoe.



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