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  1. Frank, lovely photos of nature in the UK!

    But what is going on with the Titan submersible tourist vehicle getting lost while attempting to explore the wreckage of the Titanic?
    I haven’t been here for a while so may have missed what has been said so please take what I am going to say with consideration. I find it astonishing!
    British Billionaire Hamish Harding (HH = 88) was said to be a passenger.

    Anyway, I looked at this most strange news event and found some extraordinary numbers connected with it and Kilauea volcano on Hawaii. And of course I am hopeful that the passengers will be rescued safely. I pray that this will happen.

    Nevertheless we need to consider these facts –
    It has been said that the Hilina Slump next to Kilauea on Hawaii will be made to fall into the sea causing a tsunami to hit the West Coast of the USA!
    They lost touch with the submarine exploring the Titanic wreckage on the 18th. 6+6+6.
    Kilauea volcano to Titanic site = 9801 km and 9+8+1 = 6+6+6.
    9801+1089 = 10890 = 33x10x33.
    (10890 is exactly 10 times the size of the mirror 1089!!!)
    (9801 – the mirror 1089 = 8712 = 264 = 8×33 and 8+7+1+2 = 6+6+6.
    8712 where 87+12 = 33+33+33.)
    9801 = 33x33x3x3.
    1089 = 33×33.
    9801/1089 = 9.
    So 9801 is exactly 9 times as big as it’s mirror 1089 which equals exactly 33×33. Astonishing!!!
    9+8+1 = 6+6+6.
    Something is definitely going on!!!

    1. Ken

      ‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.’

      There’s a bit more going on with the images than just pics of the English countryside.

      This is my take. The story is not real. The mindlines are all fake. It is actually a reflection of what is going on in the ‘sub’ conscious of the Self. There’s a clue with ‘sub’ marine. Also I believe it to be a time loop with MH 370. We are not in 3D any more. And history is bunk. It has happened but it hasn’t. IMO.

      It’s difficult for the mind to accept the 3D physical reality is not real until you see it day after day after day.

    2. The Titanic wreck is 2664NM from the blown up Nordstream 2 Pipeline in the Baltic Sea.
      2664NM = 666+666+666+666NM.
      They say the cone of the submersible was found about 1,600 feet ahead of the bow of the Titanic.
      1,600 feet = 266.666667 Fathoms.
      266 Fathoms?
      Remember in 2015 when the 266th pope met Obama in the WH on the 266th day of the year, 23/9/2015???
      The next guest in the WH was Xi Jinping on the 24th and the 25th.
      From his next birthday counting back to 23/9/2015, the 266th day of the year = 266 days!!!
      Today is 23/6/2023.

      1. 266 days is the gestation period for twins.
        Antichrist birthed down here and the Bride of Christ birthed into Heaven?

  2. I find it interesting that the submersible which looks like a sperm missing its wiggly tail was launched on Father’s Day which is celebrated worldwide. How ironic: it lost its power after being lowered into the water after such a short time with the strong possibility that it imploded on the same day it was launched/injected/ejaculated into the sea. Could this be that with this big, (little sperm) incident is an omen that male dominance on the world stage has or is dissipating and we’re seeing Mother Nature finally and literally reject it?

    1. Prana

      Mother Nature and the natural world is a very big part of this. How I see the gender ‘problem’ is that in reality the male and feminine are joining. It is both the false masculine self and false feminine self which is being rejected. IMO.

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