Where are we ? In Red Pill.

Limbo, Bardo, Waiting Room.



In No Sense.



Memory retrieval. All these images are personal neural pathway memory triggers. In the big picture the universe is saying that 3D reality is fake and this is a wrong dimension. Ma Tricks of the mind.





And the Holy Now. I’m experiencing on a regular basis periods of Time when everything seems to freeze. The world seems to be going on outside but it’s not. I believe this to be a portal to real Time.




6 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. Patient Zero in the virus of the crown has been ID ed as Dr Ben Hu, pronounced Who.

    Over the weekend I met Dr Khine which I heard as Kind when they were introduced. Dr Kind presented to me as completely genderless, not androgynous.
    Hard to completely understand from this photo.

    The search for Ocean Gate. Titan, forced by Zeus to bear the heavens on his shoulders. The Polar Prince. Polarity is a ‘separation of electric charge’ leading to a molecule having an electric dipole moment, with a negatively charged end and a positively charged end. The north/south thing.

    1. Northbound. Hyperboreans, inhabitants of the extreme north.
      The two endings of Lost Horizon.
      One leaves the illusion intact. “Do you think he will ever find it?”
      In the alternate ending, Sondra is waiting at the gate for his return.

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