Shell Beach


Deep Water.



There is a place.



On repeat.

Today in Red Pill market. Dark City, The Prisoner, The Matrix etc, etc. Butlins it hurts until it doesn’t. Down memory lane and tell me about your weird childhood.




All the world’s a stage and cardboard cut outs.



A couple of years ago these messages showed up for me within a few days of each other and since then there has been a drip drip release of what has happened and things have become clearer.




The long and short of it. There has been reality manipulation and energy theft on an industrial scale.

Again the pics speak.



I believe this to be a very good description of what has gone on.

From Andromeda Trade Collective :

Shell Beach A1 Poster – The Perfect Memento From Your Visit(s) To Dark City

Item: Shell Beach Poster (A1 Earth Unit)

Place of Acquisition: Human Psychological Research Facility (Colloquially is known as the Dark City)

Purpose: Back Story Fabrication Device

Description: Quite possibly the worst vacation memento of all time. If you have this in your possession, chances are you have never been to “Shell Beach” and aren’t even where or whom you think you are. You might say that even by yourself you are among strangers (literally and figuratively).




And Shell Beach. In Dark City it is fabricated. However I believe it to be a real memory deep down in the memory bank of somewhere better. The Universe keeps saying this is now Limbo or Bardo. 3D is over and we are seeing something else. I’m not sure exactly what at times. It’s incredibly weird but in short it’s the death throes of the old unreal world of guilt, death, fear, pain and need. Letting go of the past is not easy.




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