Green Grass



On a cloudy and grey day in England in January, my mind is half California Dreaming.The grass is greener on the other side and then I venture out for a walk and I notice the grass is exceedingly green where I am.

And advice from Dr Frank. I realise it’s horses for courses and the attraction of walking will vary depending on the location. If you want to keep your dopamine levels at a good level go for a walk every day if you can. Roam free.













More berries.




That’s the bright side.

The Dig goes on. Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.





Weeping Angels.



And time loopy. There is no way I can prove this but my heart says so. Can love blossom in the unimaginably grimmest places and darkest dark. The answer is Yes.





10 thoughts on “Green Grass

  1. Retrograde: from Latin retrogradus, from retro, ‘backwards’ + gradus ‘step’ (from gradi ‘to walk’).

    Childhood’s End
    To look after yourself, when others can’t or won’t.

    Parent: from the Latin parent ‘bringing forth’.

          1. No sweat! Just part of the process.
            Except that it’s about Classified Info getting out. No more secrets.

            Sardoodledom: Well made works of drama that have trivial, insignificant or melodramatic plots. Staginess.

            1. It’s a staged cover-up of a much bigger scandal…

              … Someone or something really, really wants a change of batter…

              25th Amendment coming up?

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