Brave New World


Over the last few years I’ve experienced some weird close encounters with AI of various types. I don’t like robots and am uncomfortable with AI. I wonder about the screen and screens within screens and see physical reality as the big screen. And also screen memories.



I’ve taken a dive into Deep AI Art and here are the results. I type a few words into the machine and out pops an image. Who is the creator ? My mind or someone else’s or a joint mind or the machine or maybe all at the same time. And if it is my mind, WTF is going on in my mind ?






Crystal Palace


Dancing Hedgehogs


Flowers in my Hair


God in the Machine


Holy Tree






Long and Winding Road


Love Heart


Rose Cottage


Sexy Alien




Time Circles



What is real ?

Raindrops keep falling on my head.










17 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. I was watching / listening to Echoes reaction videos earlier today and came across this.
    Freaky as F.

    1. Swim

      I ‘created’ the pics by putting a few words into the engine and clicking generate and out popped the images. A question for the lawyers maybe who owns the copyright. Me, the website I used or the AI itself as its doing the work ?

      Some of AI is very freaky. I’ve noticed there are some You Tubers who have complained that their sites are being copied. Most of them think it is individuals copying their stuff. It maybe quantum weirdness. My view is that it could be AI. It’s shown well in Cam movie. Curiously with Lost Girls the name of the real Cam is Alice. I believe I may have had a similar experience last year with someone who contacted me. Very weird when you are not sure if you are speaking to a human or AI copying being human.

      And in normal life. The tree wasn’t there in the summer and next time I visited there it was. I’ve lost count of the number of times something similar has happened. The energy is very real though. The tree is alive and is a conscious being. Another example which shows me the unreality of the world is when I’m walking I sometimes experience the sensation of being on a treadmill and not moving and the world comes towards me and passes by.

  2. Hi Frank,
    Do you do art drawing yourself with pen and paper? I like to just do random scribbles and then look and see what pictures I can create from what I see. I find it’s kinda of like looking for pictures in clouds. The AI art is really “trippy”. Swim made a great connection with the burnt tray. Echo right there.
    ❤️ Naive

    1. Naive ❤️

      I do occasionally. I’m better with oil painting and water colours than sketching.

      About the AI art there seems to be a reason why I included the Dancing Hedgehogs pic which links with the Tree. Etheric echoes and heart telepathy. I wondered why I included them. The tray is a good example of how it works I believe. This is a bonkers place.

      Here’s a link to the website I used – Deep

      This is an example of AI art and syncs perfectly with the music. Slightly scary thought AI can do this. Maybe I’m a luddite.

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