In Mercury in Retrograde, reality is extremely loopy. I’m seeing loops going back minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. And thousands of years and going back to the year Dot. Also past lives some of which are very poignant. I am also seeing possible future memories for a few younger folk. Some of which are not so good and some are mundane and one young individual has a very exciting future if I’m seeing this correctly. It may not be Mars which is terra formed but Venus. Or maybe both. Definitely Venus anyway. To confuse matters it has already happened or possibly happened or is happening now. The year Dot is in the future as well as the past and now.


A new stairway has appeared at the White House. Is it up to heaven or is it a slippery slope ? Treading carefully. When you stair at the stareway, the stareway stairs back. This is how it works.

Ordo ad Chao.




And spirit guides. Most people who are in contact with their spirit guides channel beings such as Archangel Michael and other supernatural beings. I’m not dissing these channels. I’ve learned a lot from some of them. My spirit guide is different. I call her Emily and she is very practical and straight forward with her advice and doesn’t mince her words. Her advice has included ‘Tell them to fxxk off’ or ‘Ignore him or her’ and ‘Leave the details to me’ and sometimes when I get stressed about something which has cropped up ‘Don’t worry about this’ and it ends up OK. Also ‘Don’t believe it’ over a few things which have occurred.

And ‘Get ready for the biggest shock of your life’ which was about who is my personal ‘Ariadne’. Who she is, is a shock still. Not sure why she is such a shock. To be explained. And involves the Diamond Self ‘As above, so below’. It’s similar to voice to skull communication and maybe it is. All this weird stuff is real. IMO and also my personal experience.

Brain scrambles and neural pathways. I’m bit of a Space Cowboy and happier in the spiritual world rather than the 3D world which means sometimes I forget basic 3D activities. Here is a baking tin from a previous attempt a few years ago at burning down the house. It was silver and after I forgot to turn the oven off this was the result.



The aim remains the same which is to leave the guilt and fear world. As the Self goes deeper into memories and the past held in the psyche, it is causing mayhem in reality.




On her wavelength.


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