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  1. Crab walks into a bar and the bartender says ‘sorry, you’re barred’. Crab asks why and the bartender replies ‘because you keep giving it all that’ and makes repeated pincer movements with his forefinger and thumb. Sorry (it works better in person).

    1. The Stones these days lead me down into a dark cavern and I am only referring to the rock band called The Rolling Stones. There is a lot of weird and dark stuff that has always surrounded them even though they were brilliant.

      And Haelos keep sinking.

  2. Awesome, beautiful, photo and with the image I see within it and the music you added took me on a journey of struggle and then acceptance, life is like climbing a tree – an exciting adventure and experience.
    ❤️ Naive.

    1. I added a comment link to one of my favourite songs which didn’t post for some reason, only just to realise that Budda is on that tree! All really is love.

        1. Naive

          Glad you enjoyed the video. It works. Music and pic go together. Your vids got put in spam before WP accepted it. Who knows the secret of the algae rhythm.

          Once I was perched on a branch it felt like I was Being wrapped in the arms of the tree. A wonderful spiritual experience disguised as a human experience but the physical journey is a spiritual experience at the core. And great you got something from it as well.



          [wpvideo 2IHQNnP0 w=450]

          1. Even though we haven’t meet in the real world, I truely consider you as a friend and you would not realise how much you and Merovee have helped me in this place we call Earth over the years! Thank’s again Frank, for always being here.
            ❤️ Naive


    Minster Christine has been commenting for a very long time and predicting this and that to happen and getting very annoyed with anyone who criticizes her for getting things wrong with her predictions. However, she is now saying November 29th is a BIG watch day for the Rapture! Well of course it is! It is MY Birthday! Ha ha ha! But it is also the 75th anniversary of the UN Voting Israel into existence in 1947.
    November 29th is the 333rd day of the year and the 33rd reverse day of the year.
    I have a couple of comments on the video but the key thing is the difference between the number of days since 1947 (27,394) and it’s mirror (49,372),= (21,978)being exactly divisible by 33 and 666!!! ie 49,372-27,394 = 21,978 = 33×666.
    Also 11/9/2001 and 29/11/2022.
    Adding the digits in both dates = 1+1+9+2+1+2+9+1+1+2+2+2 = 33.
    But wait – the difference figure above of 21,978+87912 = 109,890 = 90×1221 and 1221 = 11×111.
    And 87,912-21,978 = 65,934 = (33+33+33)x666.

    From 29/10/1929, Stock Market Crash, to 29/11/2022 = 33,999 days.
    3+3+9+9+9 = 33.
    3x3x9x9x9 =6561 = (3+3+3)x(3+3+3) + (3+3+3)+(3+3+3).
    6+5+6+1 = 6+6+6.
    6x6x5 = (6+6+6)x10
    The Satanists do everything by the numbers.

      1. Thanks Frank!
        Funnily enough the current weather forecast for us on Nov 29th is Max 37 deg C.
        37, that super-special number.

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