Kiss The Earth


Waltz Of The Flowers.





I have taken a surprise big detour into Mother Earth. It has been a Life Of Surprises. Heart to Heart. Earth to Earth. It is not only the physical beauty which is amazing but the energy is so incredible. The wilderness goes its own way. With private gardens I also pick up the energy that is added to the garden from the people who create them which can be extraordinarily powerful and can be similar to being hit with a sledgehammer. So much passion which is palpable. Creation is also incredibly sexual. There’s a lot of ‘You know what’ goes on.










Process Cosmic Unusual.


7 thoughts on “Kiss The Earth

  1. The HAELOS video ARK features a picture of a Bonsai tree. I remember seeing a small collection when I was young and finding them fascinating.

    1. Beautiful. I’ve bought a few over the years as presents. Always go down well.

      Also there was a bonsai tree which survived Hiroshima.×681-1-e1596706033710.jpg,the%20American%20Bicentennial%20in%201976.

      And this was outside my old apartment. I’m not sure for sure. Looks very similar to a bonsai tree.

      You can also find the Haelos ARK album on Spotify. Recommended. Very synchy too.

  2. Haelos reminded me of Portishead and upon further reading they were influenced by Portishead and Massive Attack. I was going to post this earlier, but decided against it as I keep reminding myself- it’s not music blog.
    Then things come along and it’s 🤔.
    Just one more.. I keep telling myself.

    1. Song titles were one of the first clear signs that showed up here how the ‘Matrix’ worked and there was a Matrix. Many mindline stories in the media seem to be based on song titles. Also movie titles.

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