The Urban Spaceman


Life ain’t boring.



A plasma orb UFO over the skies of Surrey, England on 22/11/2022.

I’ve included two YT videos. The first video is the original and the second video is a cropped version.




And downloadable WP Videopress videos which is bit of a tortuous process. The videos can be downloaded by playing the video and clicking the share button in the top right hand corner of the video which you will see if you hover your mouse pointer or whatever over the video whilst it is playing and click on ‘Download this video’. And then the video will play on the screen and then you have to click on the three dots on the right hand side of the video which then allows you to download it fully.





Keep watching the skies.


20 thoughts on “The Urban Spaceman

  1. A comment from Naive and my reply on previous article. The ash tree and the plasma orb ball UFO are linked IMO.

    Root And Branch

    ‘I came across giant trees stump photos last year. Fascinating!

    Not metal but stone (I had to look up what caveat means as I haven’t come across that word before!)’

    Reply :

    They do look very much like enormous tree stumps when you view them from that perspective. Thanks. Good article.

    In the article the Devils Tower jumped out with its connection to ET from Close Encounters movie. A plasma ball orb UFO showed up here last night after climbing the tree. I think there maybe a connection with ET and the forest. Over here there was a famous ET close encounter at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk and also I know Chanctonbury Ring which is a ring of trees in West Sussex has a history of UFO sightings.

    And Rendlesham Forest.

    Chanctonbury Ring.

    Maybe trees hold memory.

      1. Are you Swim ? Showing as Anon. Water holds memory as well. And buildings and everything possibly.

        22/11/2022 has a ring to it. All the 2s. And 1s & 2s.

          1. I get used to phrasing.

            I see ET as multi dimensional. I have a friend who the Universe pointed out was a multi dimensional cat lady which has made our relationship a bit weird in her human body when we meet. She’s vaguely interested in spiritual matters but probably not enough for me to say ‘Do you know you are a multi dimensional cat lady ?’.

            Deep down I believe we are talking about the end of the Separation from God, the Universe and Everything. We are not alone.

              1. I’ll try and explain. Again this is IMO. What I mean by that is I realise others will have their own opinions and beliefs which are different from mine which is fine with me.

                I see the physical world as a reflection of the non physical spiritual Self. The core dysfunction within the Self is the imagined separation from God. Who and what God exactly is a question which I will put aside for now. Hoping to find out though. Actually Love is the Answer. Basically at the core the belief is I am Alone / We are Alone and this is reflected in the physical Universe as planet Earth spinning on its axis in a massive Universe and there is no other sentient consciousness beyond. We are all alone is the belief. I’ve seen ET contact for about the last ten years or so as a symbolic end of separation from God and All There Is.

    1. I’ve given both melodies a go. And another face. If you were mad you would think there is an intelligence behind all this weird stuff 😊.

      As part of my trip down memory lane I’ve recently remembered a police box which was close to where I lived in my childhood. One day some pals and me went to have a look see what was inside. Basically all there was, was a phone and information how to call the police. When the memory popped up a few weeks ago I thought ‘Phone home’ and a few days ago the plasma orb UFO appeared.

      1. And connected with your avatar name and Echo Beach.

        Flu Id and Sol Id. Water holds memory. And in the thumbnail pic The Alchemist is holding a plasma ball. If you were mad you would think there is an intelligence behind all this weird stuff. Does it have meaning or is it just random mind stuff ?

        And Numbers are numbing. You mentioned 33 a few days ago. I’ve just noticed I posted this article at 3:33am GMT on 22/11/2022.

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