Root And Branch


And the seasons, they go round and round.






‘An ash I know there stands,
Yggdrasill is its name,
a tall tree, showered
with shining loam.
From there come the dews
that drop in the valleys.
It stands forever green over
Urðr’s well.’


Irresistible. Not bad for 62 !

“To climb a tree is for a child to discover a new world.” : Friedrich Froebel.







I think I’m going back.


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  1. Shoot me down if I’m wrong.


    Appeared from Now Here.

    ‘Yggdrasil in Norse cosmology, is an immense and central sacred tree. Around it exists all else, including the Nine Worlds.

    ‘An ash I know there stands,
    Yggdrasill is its name,
    a tall tree, showered
    with shining loam.
    From there come the dews
    that drop in the valleys.
    It stands forever green over
    Urðr’s well.’

    1. Goin’ Back
      Freddie Mercury
      I think I’m going back
      To the things I learnt so well in my youth
      I think I’m returning to
      Those days when I was young enough to know the truth

      Now there are no games
      To only pass the time
      No more colouring books
      No Christmas bells to chime
      But thinking young and growing older is no sin
      And I can’t play the game of life to win

      I can recall a time
      When I wasn’t ashamed to reach out to a friend
      And now I think I’ve got
      A lot more than just my toys to lend

      Now there’s more to do
      Than watch my sailboat glide
      And every day can be
      My magic carpet ride
      And I can play hide and seek with my fears
      And live my days instead of counting my years

      Then everyone debates
      The true reality
      I’d rather see the world
      The way it used to be
      A little bit of freedom’s all we lack
      So catch me if you can
      I’m going back

      Hi Bob,
      I needed a friend today, thankyou for sharing that song so I could look up the lyrics and learn something new. “I can recall a time
      When I wasn’t ashamed to reach out to a friend” for me that is such along time ago. Have a great day Bob.

  2. Hi Frank,
    I realised years ago I know very little of this Earth realm and what/why we are all doing or being here! That’s when I started calling myself “Naive””when visiting and talking here in your Merovee sanctuary . I felt everyone who posted here( way back before your old site disappeared) knows so much more than me about religions, word play, knowledge in general really . But I also realised that everything that is written down or discussed anywhere is someone else’s interpretation and ideas. Not to question and to believe whole heartedly in information is to be naive. So I discovered that really I’m like a big eyed, innocent child craving understanding, always seeking answers : why, why, why as many small children seem to always ask! So I aim to learn something new every day, question it and if it clicks right inside me, I may have discovered a truth. That would make me naive though – a catch 22 situation! Living life seems to reset all the time. Same thing practically everyday but something small or big changes. Somedays it’s noticeable other days not so. It’s like looking at a picture and everyday one detail has changed so in the end the picture looks the same to you but in reality it’s totally different but because the details have changed gradually it’s not a shock (unless the change was drastic requiring urgent attention). You said “I think I’m going back.”, I feel we are all where we are supposed to be, innocent, big eyed children looking for that tree to climb (it was fun climbing that tree with you by the way, thankyou!) So there is no going back, you are already there!
    ❤️ Naive

    1. Naive

      Good to hear from you ❤️. It’s always Now Here even up a tree. Much of my early years were spent playing in the woods. A lot of trees got climbed.

      I see Life as neutral and it’s our own personal interpretation which is crucial. We give it meaning. We do all seem to be attached to a collective mind set of guilt and fear etc though. What and who exactly is ‘We’ is a big question.

      I went to the tree again to take a pic on a blue sky morning and found myself under the canopy and I looked at the tree and the tree looked at me and was saying ‘climb me’. If you stare at a tree, the tree stares back. And whilst I was wondering whether it was a good idea I was up the tree before I knew it. Story of my life.


      Much of my life now has turned into a script from different movies and TV shows and books. One of the TV shows is The OA if you saw that.

      1. Mine seems to ‘echo’. I say or do something and the song playing will repeat something I’m talking about for example, instantly, all the time! Or I’ll think of something I need and when I go for a walk when I can,(I also enjoy you videos of English country garden walks) it’s there, free waiting for me to pick up. Getting use to it sort of, but I must admit it’s always a pleasant surprise.

        1. Curiouser and curiouser. The song Echo Beach has been playing around my mind. It’s a weird sensation when you feel you are sharing the journey if you like and you were up the tree with me. This crops up occasionally . I had it back in the spring when I went to a town called Eastbourne in England and shared the pics with a friend and she said she could see the pics like a movie in her mind as if she was there. There must be some sort of joined mind and sight. There’s some people I don’t want in my head though.

          And as if to confirm your point about automatic pingbacks I’ve just looked out the window and there is a big truck with Alloway Timber on the side.

            1. No worries.

              Concerning nature. One of my observations with the eco movement once big business and government start getting involved is there is a danger it turns into a fascist mind set. This happens with a lot of good ideas over time. See health industry and educational system. If you fight the empire, you can become it.

              Humanity is a big player in the natural world. Maybe the major player and we have created wonderful things from nature.

              So simple and amazingly beautiful. IMO. As a caveat I will say I’m having an adverse reaction to metal these days. Metal Lurgy.



                1. They do look very much like enormous tree stumps when you view them from that perspective. Thanks. Good article.

                  In the article the Devils Tower jumped out with its connection to ET from Close Encounters movie. A plasma ball orb UFO showed up here last night after climbing the tree. I think there maybe a connection with ET and the forest. Over here there was a famous ET close encounter at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk and also I know Chanctonbury Ring which is a ring of trees in West Sussex has a history of UFO sightings.

                  [wpvideo CHuUOFLO]


                  And Rendlesham Forest.


                  Chanctonbury Ring.


                  Maybe trees hold memory.



      2. Okay, my heart is racing right now and I feel reluctant to post this! Yesterday when I first looked at the photo under the word irresistible in this comment I seen Jesus on the cross head bowed with a “face” above him in the branches. I’m wacky I know, pictures always jump out to me when I look at things, I didn’t grasp the message yesterday but I just came across this article just now.

        1. I talked to God a couple of months ago saying I can’t eat the flesh and watch the priest drink the blood of Christ and feel good about it. It feels like an extremely bad and evil ritual. as I did this when I was a child being a Catholic. I said I was sorry and if that meant I was destined to hell it was my cross to bear. I feel deep inside it’s not right and was blessed with that article to now know there is a reason I was feeling that.

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