A couple of quotes from the last post.

‘In a sense the black and white ‘Good Old Days’ were a simpler time. The programming was accepted without question there was a real world outside the Self.’

‘An illusion, dream or hallucination. In a variety of ways the Universe keeps repeating it’s an illusion.’

As if by magic the next day which is now yesterday.

‘Cue Sun’ and a white picket fence.



Angels are real.


It’s a paradox. The more I’ve looked within and entered deep pain and guilt and fear the more the world in places has revealed true beauty. Also the obvious unreality of 3D. The weirdness is off the scale. Another observation is that it’s a shared pain and guilt and yet I can only change my own subconscious programming. It’s amazingly personal.









And mysterious flora and fauna which I haven’t seen before. Everyone Says Hybrid.




Something new.


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