Piggy In The Middle


In Memoriam.



Every day is an adventure. Earlier I had a cup of coffee at my local corner shop. All sorts of people have a habit of showing up when I’m having my coffee as if by magic. Today first of all a man who experienced some heavy duty stuff in the fighting in Rwanda in the 1990s. And then a young mother holding a baby who gave me a smile. I Sis has many faces.

He’s 5ft 2″ and he’s 6 ft 4″.

The multiverse is confusing.





As part of my personal journey I have gone deep into my childhood. There have been three major elements. Firstly the absent father which was then projected onto a number of male authority figures and secondly guilt projection from my mother when I could do no right – narcissistic mother syndrome – and thirdly the scapegoat being the youngest child. I don’t blame anyone personally as I understand they were only transferring their personal stuff onto me which was part of a larger collective process and I attempt to avoid projection onto others if I can with this understanding.

Secondly I have made a trip into past lives. These memories are more intangible as they are difficult to prove for sure. At least in this life I have pictures and documentation. Again there are two strands. Firstly the patriarchy which is well documented. What is not so well documented is a pre history world before time as we know it which was a matriarchy when the Goddess was the main figure of worship and men knew their place. A mirror matriarchy of the patriarchy.

The Lovey Doveys. I doubt if Carry On Up The Jungle would be made these days. Probably a good thing. In a sense the black and white ‘Good Old Days’ were a simpler time. The programming was accepted without question there was a real world outside the Self. It gets more complex when God enters the picture.




Personally neither a false patriarchy or false matriarchy appeal which is where we enter deeper territory. IMO none of it has ever been real. The past only exists in the Mind and in short we only see a reality when the idea of guilt entered the Mind – Mea Culpa – and the real God and Goddess became the enemy which has replayed itself over and over again. An illusion, dream or hallucination. In a variety of ways the Universe keeps repeating it’s an illusion.

Dream Weaver.



A crack in time.




As I understand it the plan is to wake up from the dream of guilt and death and fear and need and linear time. How reality will be experienced when this happens I’m not sure.



Now is a gift.


17 thoughts on “Piggy In The Middle

      1. The basic message is clear. It’s unreal. There’s also some very weird stuff going on with AI. It may just be a projection of the robotic mind. Not sure . I’ve actually seen ‘real’ robots in normal life and went through some sort of Turing Test earlier this year.

        I’ve shown this video countless times I realise. There is something to it.

        1. Dreamstate Logic. This showed up yesterday in Red Pill. It’s always yesterday or earlier today. Now is a gift.

          A Little Batts and vampires and the search for immortality are in the mix as well.

          A Batter Of Time dot dot dot = A Bot.




          Mysteries Of The Abyss

            1. A batter of time.

              Lucy :

              Film a car speeding down the road. Speed up the image infinitely, then the car disappears. So what proof do we have of its existence? Time gives legitimacy to its existence. Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist.


              Down the pub after the match.


              Captain Blackadder:

              How are you feeling, Darling?

              Captain Darling:

              Ahm… not all that good, Blackadder. Rather hoped I’d get through the whole show. Go back to work at Pratt and Sons, keep wicket for the Croydon Gentlemen, marry Doris… Made a note in my diary on the way here. Simply says: “Bugger.”


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