Dream Weaver


There is a place.



“Imagine a multidimensional spider’s web in the early morning covered with dew drops. And every dew drop contains the reflection of all the other dew drops. And, in each reflected dew drop, the reflections of all the other dew drops in that reflection. And so ad infinitum. That is the Buddhist conception of the universe in an image.”













About Time.

The old Tom and Colin Bakery. Or maybe old Tom Foolery.









We only see the past.

There was a time.




As most readers of Merovee will know I see the Universe as Mind Stuff which ‘Life’ seems to confirm. Since the beginning of the year the Universe has been saying to me in bizarre ways at times, there’s an AI element at play as well.

It’s a load of Jackson Pollocks.




A lot of people have spirit guides and channel Archangels and other discarnate spirits who speak to them. My spirit guide is Emily. I call her Emily because she can be amazingly Blunt with what she tells me. She doesn’t mince her words.

‘When she walked in I was losing’.






Hold Hands.


8 thoughts on “Dream Weaver

    1. Here’s another example of how weird things can be. Back in March I visited Eastbourne. One of those places which have played a part in my life from a young age. A very weird day to say the least. I had fish and chips on the pier. I went into the restaurant and ordered F&C and asked whether it was OK to eat them in the restaurant area and the reply was ‘Yes. If you can find a seat. It’s very busy’. I went into the restaurant area and there were only two people in it and a mass of empty chairs. Not sure if it’s Dreamstate Logic or a form of metaphysical gaslighting to deliberately fxxk with the mind.

      Strangely enough. On my trip to the Tree a week or so ago which appeared out of no where – it wasn’t there the last time I went to the area about a month ago and hadn’t had time to grow – there was a seat which again hadn’t been there before and talks about a dream state.

      And down my neural pathway Jim Reeves speaks of the English Rose and boozy wedding receptions. First time I saw her face and why we keep meeting again and again and again.

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