Middle Earth





Middle Earth.




From Axis Mundi – New World Encyclopedia :

A plant can serve as the axis mundi. The tree provides an axis that unites three planes: Its branches reach for the sky, its trunk meets the earth, and it roots reach down into the underworld. In some Pacific island cultures, the banyan tree, of which the Bodhi tree is of the Sacred Fig variety, is the abode of ancestor spirits. The Bodhi Tree is also the name given to the tree under which Gautama Siddhartha, the historical Buddha, sat on the night he attained enlightenment.

The Yggdrasil, or World Ash, functions in much the same way in Norse mythology; it is the site where Odin found enlightenment. Other examples include Jievaras in Lithuanian mythology and Thor’s Oak in the myths of the pre-Christian Germanic peoples. The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis present two aspects of the same image. Each is said to stand at the center of the Paradise garden from which four rivers flow to nourish the whole world.

Each tree confers a boon. Bamboo, the plant from which Asian calligraphy pens are made, represents knowledge and is regularly found on Asian college campuses. The Christmas tree, which can be traced in its origins back to pre-Christian European beliefs, represents an axis mundi. Entheogens (psychoactive substances) are often regarded as world axes, such as the Fly Agaric mushroom among the Evenks of Russia.










Play Misty For Me.







When two worlds collide.




The Bi Polar Roller Coaster. When you feel too much or can you feel too much ? Don’t panic. Dr Feelgood and Nurse Ratched are here to help but at a price.




From Spirit Library.com – Gillian Louthan :

‘The Dove Star Columba spreads her holy satin spar wings on November 11, 2022. One by one we come together in heart entering a sacred facet of ourselves, a higher aspect and expanded aspect of the human heart. One by one by one we will look into the many reflective soul mirrors around us and saw all the pieces of their heart and soul in completion.

Each was a different reflection of light unlike our own. Where we had sparkle they had shadows, where they had light, we had deep healings and spiral stairways to climb. How can you compare one Angel’s wingspan to another’s or one rainbow to another? All are magical in Gods eyes, but human eyes do not always see ‘Holy’.



Beings Of Light.



Shine On.


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