The Deep End


Something new.




Anything could happen. It’s a new language. ‘Metaphysicists’, including me, use phrases such as multi dimensionality and the Hall of Mirrors and Time loops. I think this is the rational mind trying to explain the indescribable. This is somewhere new.

‘It’ is saying I’m at the Gates. And in Franglais : Pain = Bread. It hurts. Yesterday’s Bread awe something.

The old and forever language.

‘If a face could launch a thousand ships’.



And The Doors.



It’s Max Off the Richter Scale.





Bubbling under.




I suppose it deep ends how the movie ends.


8 thoughts on “The Deep End

  1. Truss didn’t look too upset or bothered at her resignation speech which could mean she knows she is just playing her part in the play.
    From when Johnson resigned to when Truss resigned is 105 days which matches 3 more occurrences of that number recently.
    105 = (7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7).
    From when the Queen died to when Truss resigned = (7+7+7)+(7+7+7) days
    The centre day of Truss’s 44 days as PM is 28/9/2022.
    From 28/9/2015 (The last Blood Moon of the Tetrad and a Super Blood Moon) when the pope left the USA after his 8-day visit, to 28/9/2022 = EXACTLY 7 years or 84 mths.
    84 mths = (7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7) mths.

    From 27/3/2002, half way through the Twin Towers light memorial, to 28/9/2022, half way through Truss’s job as PM = 246 mths between dates.
    246+642 = 888.
    In Greek gematria Jesus = 888.

    From 27/3/2002 to 28/10/2022, when they say we should hear who is going to be the new UK PM = 7520 days.
    7520+257 = 7777.
    7+5+2 = 7+7.

    Truss went to see the Queen to be confirmed at the new PM on 6/9 kicking off her schedule as PM.
    6/9 >11+11 days > 28/9 > 11+11 days > 20/10, Truss resigns.
    Then the Queen dies (resigns) 2 days later on 8/9.
    8/9 > 11 days > 19/9 Funeral > 11 days > 30/9 Pope orders all funds around the world to be returned to the Vatican Bank.

    Today, Saturday 22/10 is 11+11 days after 30/9 and 1+1 day after 20/10 when Truss resigned.

    Sunday is the 23rd and day# 296 or 37×8.
    This is the last day of week# 42 (21+21) which kicks off the 8 day EXACT mirror of the 8 days in 2015 when the pope visited the USA and Obama at the WH.
    Then on the 25th art fa says there will be a huge light explosion in the Heavens.
    We will soon know if he is correct.
    If he is correct then were his next two predictions to come true in 7+7 days the world would be in complete shock!

    1. Ken

      I’ve been getting the same messages about next few weeks – Show Time and Sherbet Shock and ‘We have a Surprise for you’ and Game On are the phrases used. It’s a weird language but be prepared. Again !

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