Sun Shadow


Plato’s Cave. Awe somewhere. As the sun shone in earlier.

Off the wall. Shimmering.




Something New.




All normal laws of reality have been wholly suspended. At least for me. Recently the actor Robbie Coltrane who played Hagrid in Harry Potter died. Since then I have seen him three times. The first time a young Robbie Coltrane was having a beer outside Holborns Est 1974 and today a giant 7ft Hagrid in Sainsburys. And then leaving Sainsburys there was another 7ft Hagrid. Last week I saw the singer Rhianna in Sainsburys. As you do.

Blooming On.




Who and what is real ?



Yesterday I walked down a new neural pathway which suddenly appeared and ended up at the door of the Memorial Hall.

‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’.



A memory deep down in my soul.


2 thoughts on “Sun Shadow

  1. I was browsing maps yesterday and was having a nose around your neck of the woods. I saw Memory Hall amongst others.

    And just because this turned a moment ago.

    1. Swim

      Memory and remembering seem to be part of this. I haven’t heard from MJ for a while. I’ve always banged on about going into guilt and fear and anger etc. She felt there was more to it. I think she was correct. We are having to go into memory and time and old old pain as well to release it hopefully.

      A new path suddenly appeared and I ended up at the Memorial Hall. Normally I walk past it on the pavement. Something led me to the hall from a new angle. As you may have seen from the map there’s not a lot of buildings around here. Interesting you got the urge to have a look see on the same day.

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