Awe Some Thing


Awe Some Thing.



Autumn is here in England’s Green and Pleasant Land. It’s very beautiful.



Something new is being created.






Jo Key.

Actually I’m serious. Who’s That Girl ?



Heart to Heart.

‘Cause I know that you feel me somehow’.



Babylon. Tracks of the years and tears. Cellular Memory.

And doppelgangers. Looks familiar.



And the face which launched a thousand ships.

Nothing compares.




Dot Dot Dot.



From the album ‘White Ladder’.






Baby Spice and Time Flies.

In Another Life.





The Spice Guru Mirror.



A Memory Deep Down In My Soul.








The Long and Winding Road and Unexpected Journeys.

A Long Long Time.







Or Something.


10 thoughts on “Awe Some Thing

    1. Orlena

      I’m not being deliberately contrarian. In the Big Picture I’m not sure if that is exactly true even though releasing the past and what no longer serves you in 3D is part of the spiritual process. There’s in the dream and outside the dream. It’s a paradox. A large part of what I’ve been involved with has been remembering and keeping the memory alive. A memory deep down in my soul.

      As Shakira put it. She has many faces.

      Whenever Wherever
      We’re meant to be together
      I’ll be there and you’ll be near
      And that’s the deal my dear.

      It’s unusual. Takes 2 2 Dotty.

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