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Imagine Twin Peaks and Alice in Wonderland, The OA and any other alt reality movie or TV show and x by infinity. For better or for worse the Brave New World. I’ve given up reading the news and watching TV apart from occasional dives and other small changes such as not using Google as my browser which I’m sure is connected with the collapse in my personal reality. I’ve found magazine covers more accurate for real news. When Kate Bush said it would get odder and odder, she wasn’t joking. Seriously weird. The Universe is saying I’m ‘In No Time’ which is easy to to believe. Fast as fxxk is the joke.



My sweet heart.






And when the impossible becomes reality. For reasons I won’t go into this is impossible but there it is and raises a big question about how a book and poem published in the 1800s can be about Now for me to find now.




Deep State of somewhere.


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  1. Evidence of the DEEP SATANIC STATE!
    Some financial experts on YouTube are saying there is a massive crash coming to the Stock Market. Could it be this month of October which brings forth the 93rd anniversary of 29/10/1929?
    It just so happens that on Oct 27th (9+9+9) it is exactly 51×666 days (33966 days adds to 27) since the Stock Market Crash of 29/10/1929.
    It just so happens that the 27th is the centre day of week #43.
    You will remember that back in 2015 the 266th pope met Obama in the WH on the 266th day of the year, 23/9/2015.
    The pope came to the USA for 8 days which included all of week #39 (13+13+13) from 21/9/2015 through 28/9/2015, the first day of week #40.
    Week #43 starts on Oct 24 through Oct 30th.
    From both of the first days of 21 (7+7+7) Sep, 2015 to 24 (8+8+8) Oct 2022 = exactly 370 weeks or 2590 days.
    For all of the 7 days of both weeks it = 7×370 weeks = 2590 weeks. Astonishing! The exact same number for the days between two dates!
    Also, some say that Noah spent 371 days in the Ark.
    Also worth mentioning is the fact that the difference between the day numbers is 33.

    Now comes the BIG stuff.
    7 years ago in 2015 I found that the two centre days of the 8 days the pope spent in the USA were the 24th and 25th Sep which add to 7×7.
    For these two days if you count from both Obama’s and the pope’s last birthdays and add them it comes to 666.
    So for both days either side of the 24th and the 25th the days again add to 666 and for both the other days so altogether 4 lots of 666.
    So what about this coming week #43 plus a day making an 8-day period?
    If the 8th day was on the end of week #39 presumable we should mirror that with week #43 and add the 8th day at the beginning.
    That would be the 7th day of week #42 or Sep 23rd which is day#296 = 37×8, an extremely important number being the first that comprises both 37 and 8.
    So if we now have a period of 8 days in 2022 mirroring the 8 days in 2015 what are the two centre days?
    Well they are the 26th and the 27th Oct, with the 27th being the centre day of week #43 and being 51×666 days since 29/10/1929.
    And is there a similar connection with Obama and the pope’s birthdays adding to 666 when combined? YES!
    But this time it is mirroring the day gaps and adding them from the 26th and the 27th to their NEXT birthdays.
    It is an exact Mirror of what happened in September 2015 but the exact same result is 666 days!!!
    For the pope –
    From 26th Oct to 17/12/2022 = 52 days.
    From 27th Oct to 17/12/2022 = 51 days.
    For Obama –
    From 26th Oct to 4/8/2023 = 282 days.
    From 27th Oct to 4/8/2023 = 281 days.
    52+51+282+281 = 666 days combined!
    This is obviously true for both days either side for the 25th and the 28th and the 24th and the 29th and the 23rd and the 30th.
    4 more lots of 666!
    A direct mirror of the 8 days in 2015 when the pope visited the USA and met Obama in the WH with both 8 days yielding 4 lots of 666 connected with both their birthdays the former being after both birthdays and the latter being before both birthdays.
    The pope requested all Roman Catholic entities around the world to return their assets/funds to the Vatican Bank by Sep 30th, 2022.
    From 30/9/2022 to 27/10/2022 = 27 days (9+9+9) and 2+7 = 9!

    Multiple astonishings!
    Sep 2015 Oct 2022
    21 23
    22 24
    23 25
    24 26
    25 27
    26 28
    27 29
    28 30

    1. The 8 days in October 2022 featuring the 26th and the 27th at the centre.

      We saw how the day count to Obama’s and the pope’s next birthdays from the 8 day centre days of 26th and 27th October, 2022 when combined added to 666. This is also true of each date either side of the 26th and 27th etc etc for 4 times.

      From 29/10/1929 Stock Market Crash, to 27/10/2022 = 51×666 days.
      From 27/10/2022 to 17/12/2022 = 51 days.
      So there are two lots of 51 (17+17+17) connected to 27/10/2022.
      27/10/2022 is the centre day of week #43.

      So let us now look at those two birthdays in the future.

      The Pope will be 86 on 17/12/2022.
      Obama will be 62 on 4/8/2023.
      I expect you to be astounded and astonished to know that 86+62 years = 148 years = 37+37+37+37 years.
      And even more so when you see that 148 years = exactly 888+888 months!!!!!
      Most know that Jesus in Greek gematria = 888 and here we have it doubled as a direct connection between Obama and the pope.
      And 1+4+8 = 13.
      This is then linked back via the 8 day mirror to 2015 with multiple 666’s again joining both Obama and the pope.
      Also, when the pope turns 86 on 17/12/2022 Obama will still be 61 and 86+61 = 147 and 147+741 = 888.
      This will remain the case from 17/12/2022 for the next 33 weeks until 4/8/2023.
      So the 888 will be in play until their 888+888 occurs on 4/8/2023.

      Time to pray against spiritual wickedness in high places!

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