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    1. FWIW

      Hanged Man’s Awakening

      In German mythology, Odin sacrificed an eye to be allowed to drink water from the stream of knowledge at the root of the world tree Yggdrasil. The tree or gallows (in Tyr’s magic song, the awakening of a hanged man who was memorialized) is a symbol of intellect, inner perception and is closely related to the cross that God hung up. Odin also made himself injured by a spear and hung himself on the ash tree. It is also impossible to ignore the similarity with the Savior because they both seek common salvation and are not personal.

      Just as when Christ rose from death and united himself with his Father through death, the Hanged Man could comprehend the reversed world through his new vision and could gain knowledge. Through that action, he is not only saved but also filled with youthfulness and the idea of how meaningless suffering can lead to experience, it brings meaning and inner humility through the acceptance of fate. Like Jesus waking up from death, Odin awakens his “alternate self”, because Hangatyr (Tyr is hanging) is another term for Odin hung himself from a branch of Yggdrasil.


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