It’s fast as fuck.

Lucy :

Film a car speeding down the road. Speed up the image infinitely and the car disappears. So what proof do we have of its existence ? Time gives legitimacy to its existence. Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist.






Mysteries of the Abyss.



Hidden Realms.

From Dreamstate Logic :

‘There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimensions, and inter-dimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. Each dimension is vibrating at a different level; everything is one and everything is of the whole. There is no true separation between realms and universal nature. It is possible to travel across all of these barriers that are perceived in your mind once you have moved yourself to a place of understanding that there are no barriers.’



Shadow Lands and the Mirror Verse.

Core energy. For educational purposes only.

From Lost Girls.






Would you Adam and Eve it ?





Anima and Animus. I have no idea how some of this works and here’s another example if needed. ‘When someone touches your heart’.



It’s been a jam packed summer.


149 thoughts on “Speed

  1. Frank

    All of this is copied from an article, simply because I’m not that intellectually intelligent, enough to explain it in my own words. ***Rather short article – hope you skim over it a bit***

    “There Is No Such Thing As Time” | Popular Science (popsci.com)

    Julian Barbour, British physicist, author, and major proponent of the idea of timeless physics. “If you try to get your hands on time, it’s always slipping through your fingers,” says Barbour.

    “People are sure time is there, but they can’t get hold of it. My feeling is that they can’t get hold of it because it isn’t there at all.”

     It is change that provides the illusion of time.

     Channeling the ghost of Parmenides, Barbour sees each individual moment as a whole, complete and existing in its own right. He calls these moments “Nows.”

    1. DDNA

      Thanks. Good video. Time has been one of the main topics since before the 2012 Olympics. Over the last six months or so I’ve been having serious time glitches. Been there for a few years but really become apparent over last couple of years. It feels like time has frozen or it’s moving at the speed of light. During the week I had an ‘experience’ when it was 10-20 am as an example and then the next instant the clock showed 10-40. And also visited places where it seems to be No Time or Frozen in Aspic. Where I live seems to be one of them.

      Now is a Present.


      This showed up in ‘my feed’ during the week as well.


      1. Frank

        If one could visually see ‘Time’ that would be awesome. Makes me wonder if people on ‘hallucinogenic drugs’ can see it and does it have a color. 🙂

        In all seriousness I’m thinking that time passes us by at a particular rate of speed and depends on what your mind frame is.

        The reality of it is that time itself does not ‘flow’.

        Time is like space in that we travel through it.

        We can travel through space in any direction, but we can only travel through time in one direction, at different speeds. I think what the human mind finds hard to accept is that time is NOT a fundamental unit of the universe, but that speed is.

        Many may see speed as a construct of distance divided by time. I may be wrong, but I think time is a construct of distance divided by speed, where distance and speed are the fundamental units, not time.

        At what point in our travels through time does one know that pain, death, illness and war becomes a pointless exercise?

        Oh, hell now I’m all mixed up, hope you understand my question as well as my rambling.

  2. England’s Green and Pleasant Land.

    Is there honey still for tea ? The answer is Yes it would appear following a visit to the local shop. And God knows everything about me and I’m sure you as well. And you are still loved.

    1. And Ariadne is real. For once a doppelganger has meaning. That was a surprise ! Unexpected journeys and our true beauty. It’s all very confusing. We seem to be looking at Shiva and Shakti and Lucy and Lucas on steroids.

      On repeat.

      Earth angels. I believe the extremes of the human experience is creating a form of ascension within the spiritual Self. I’ll try and explain what I’m seeing. A few earth angels have come my way recently. Each of them exist in the spiritual dimension and earthbound dimension. The angel side to them in the spiritual dimension are spirit without the pain and guilt and fear etc. The earthbound angels have had to deal with the 3D stuff and this aspect of them has made them incredibly beautiful.The way of the cross. There maybe method in the madness. Having said that there are only so many times you can experience pain, illness and war and death and rest of it until it becomes a pointless exercise.

        1. DDNA

          One of the points with Inception was that time was experienced differently in the dream. Cobb hadn’t aged whilst Saito had become an old man. The Doppler Effect which is beyond my ken apart from a vague understanding seems to be part of it.

          You asked how do you know when it becomes a pointless exercise. I feel Now is the time. Always is.

          1. Ho Frank

            I wish you had given your opinion on my other well thought out comment above: September 19, 2022, at 12:11 am

            Where I stated: Time is like space in that we travel through it.

            We can travel through space in any direction, but we can only travel through time in one direction, at different speeds.

            However, I realize that you’re quite busy answering other posts.

            Thank you for answering my Cobb and Saito question.

            Carry on buddy! Be well 🙂

            1. DDNA

              IMO . Time is so weird. Firstly it is pure mind stuff and is within rather than without. A lot of this is personal experience and is difficult to explain. In reality I’ve actually been travelling back through time in loops since about 2012 – maybe earlier – and into the future and at the same time I have existed in different timelines. Also it feels like time is only going forward when it’s not. Also there is a future memory and add quantumness as well it becomes mind boggling. And it’s all happening Now. A ride on time and in time describes it well.

              1. Frank

                We are unique Individuals.

                On our journey through life, we all experience the passing of time in a different way.

  3. Meanwhile we who seem to be stuck living the 3D nightmare, who have children….who are being SNATCHED as we speak….

    Are we not to fight to try to save them?

    Note in the vid here posted below, a “movie” or not…. at its end the women (perhaps the mothers of the sacrificed children?), all gather and “pray.”


    With their foreheads to the ground and their asses in the air.

    Just like the scene from the beginning of The Exorcist that has been excised from the clip I posted a while ago: of multitudes of “worshipers” of Islam. Doing the same.

    I agree that ALL “religion” is SATANIC. Jesus never sought to form a “religion” of yeah, RITUALS just like that performed in the Roman Catholic Mass, of the eating of the “Eucharist,”and the drinking of the cup of WINE, the “BLOOD” of the Christ.


    Meaning, it’s NOT what “God,” Our Father which art in Heaven, WANTS or EVER wanted or commanded.

    He/She …. The Creator…. NEVER asked for THIS.


      1. “A pointless exercise,” meaning, “the way of the cross.”

        It might just be the ONLY WAY out. Did you ever think of that?

        And I think it’s Satan himself “massaging” our egos, those of us who find ourselves on the Way of the Cross, as being incredibly beautiful earthbound “angels.”

        We are NOT “angels.”

        We are the Children of God to whom the Father SENDS His Angels to PROTECT as we wage war against Satan and ALL his “followers.”

  4. And I don’t know if my son reads my posts or not. A lot of what I have posted has been for him, in the hopes he will HEAR the message…. I mean why else would I bother so much.

    We can’t talk to each other without the damn PHONE, listening in, you get me? Or in my house nor his apt, all bugged.

    Point is, “THEY” are trying and have been trying for long years, to “snatch” him from me. I think you know what I mean.

    Their main weapon is to fully investigate your “past” and then use it to smear you.

    That’s what they did to me, I believe my son has been hearing “gossip” about me of real or embellished SINS that I committed and that’s why I’m not a worthy mother to him and he should just JOIN THEM.

    Because? His mother is TRASH.

    They never give up, and this is CLASSIC.

    Who believes Tarot, and Pres Trump…. and in posting slutty picture of SEXXXXY WOMEN (as NO MORE than sluts).

    And they know “your secrets”!!!

    Yes, I LOVED Michael Jackson, the first album I bought was “Off the Wall” and yes, I in my “innocent” youth I LOVED dancing to it! And in college, drinking.

    It helped ease the PAIN.

    But I was never a WHORE, I was a virgin (or at least I thought) until after college….

    And I never DANCED SEXy with another woman, which is sorry…. pervert.

    Good bye, BLUEWATER


  5. So Isaac Kappy clearly looked Jewish.

    Um, and him arm in arm with David Brock, the CREEEEPIEST human pedovore I’ve ever seen…

    Hmm (pedophile factions at war with each other? Low-class Epsteins vs High-class Rothchilds?)

    So, was Isaac Kappy a psyop that backfired? (I do think he may still be alive: underground, of course)

    Because WHOEVER made the vid wasn’t him…. and made FUN of the child-trafficking network of?

    Jeffrey Epstein

    I can’t stop watching it or hearing it.

    KNOWING, they’re still out there….


  6. So there’s ALWAYS a MOUTH in the entrances to their “temples”

    See the Temple on Epstein Island in the Isaac Kappy video: the Archway and a door, with eyes and an OPEN MOUTH. See?

    Just like in the vid of the child-sacrifice ritual I posted above, and just like that mouth at that cursed rock-concert of that black rapper married to a Kardashian…. where people DIED.

    Just like the entrance to the factory I worked in for the GAP…

    Just like the fireplace in my OWN HOME that I bought on foreclosure, meaning I did not know its “history,” and had NO IDEA that it’s entirely possible the fireplace was built with a MOUTH and two eyes (vents) and a RED chamber for “firewood” in which children were sacrificed.


  7. You have to KNOW your ENEMY and you have to NAME your enemy, if you EVER want to defeat that enemy.

    I’ve NAMED MY enemy, and thank you Merovee for posting it.

    I mean it.

    1. Trinity

      You may have noticed your posts about ‘It’s the Jews’ are disappearing. That’s me. I’m fed up with racial toxicity in general. It actually makes me feel sick now. I’m not going to have talk about ‘eliminating Jews’ on my site. You will have to find somewhere else for that.

      1. Merovee,

        I would argue that it’s not “racial toxicity,” but I respect you’re telling me to stop instead of just banning me.

        But I’m only naming the names of this “people” who are the BILLIONAIRES of our world and stating facts about them.

        They are the puppet masters.

        But yeah, it would not be good to bite the hand that feeds us.

        1. And just to the bit about “eliminating” them, I only meant expelling them….

          Not KILLING.

          Don’t twist my words.

          1. Anyway, I’m not a hater. I’m not a inciter of “violence.”

            I’m a lover.

            But NOBODY here wants ME…..


            And that RACE of people is DESTROYING CREATION, i.e. “ELIMINATING” us, whether you like it or not.

            And I think this is the FINAL TEST:

            If you can’t stand up and yeah, NAME THE ENEMY…..

            YOU LOSE

            Because “naming the Enemy” is the same as proclaiming our belief in Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Savior.

            Sope, I know you’re not on board with that, that’s why I’ve thanked you so much for having me post in what I see clearly now as “enemy territory.”

          2. Trinity

            Eliminating was the phrase you used. Even expelling has an unpleasant undertone. Maybe the Native Americans would like to expel the white and black people from the USA. We are where we are though. Surely we can leave this crap behind.

            About you being disappointed in me. It doesn’t matter whether you are disappointed in me or not. What matters is if I’m disappointed in myself. In this case I’m not disappointed in me.

            1. Again, twisting my words, that’s why I’m gone.

              I didn’t say I was disappointed “in you.”

              I don’t even KNOW you. I am disappointed that you as Merovee have rejected the Truth that I’ve been trying to shout out to “YOU” and everyone else who have read my posts here.

              Maybe I’ve been heard by someone, thanks to your website.

              Our only salvation is in Jesus Christ, the Son of Yahuah, sent by the Father to save us.

              Yahuah bless you, and may HIS rainbow ….

              open your eyes.

  8. Here’s the other thing, the mind-fuckery of “Hollywood.”

    And I as a former wannabe critic thereof, quickly realized I wasn’t dealing with an “art form.”

    Case in point: George Lucas CHANGING the Star Wars scene of celebration with Luke’s dad, reborn, standing next to Obi Wan. Lucas actually changed it to paste in that actor who played the young Darth Vader…..


    Plus, I have many times including with The Exorcist, remembered a scene (like multitudes of men bowing down in Islam prayer) but? can never FIND it again.

    And I started to realize actually years ago, that they film all sorts of different angles to a scene (so I HATED that, because to me, it’s no longer an art form with a FINAL CUT)…..

    No I started to see scenes that I knew that were not how I saw them originally. They shoot multiple angles and are constantly using whatever angles they need for whatever BUSINESS they are trying to SELL.

    HOLLYWOOD corrupted the art form of FILM, as seen in the French New Wave and in the Soviet Republic….. Italy? C’mon… um “8 1/2″…. “400 Blows” “Breathless” “Seven Samurai”

    These were works of art.

    And Hollywood TOOK THAT AWAY from very GREAT AMERICAN directors when they opened that door to changing the MOST ICONIC HOLLYWOOD PIC of all time: “Star Wars.”

    And George Lucas BENT to their will. BENT OVER and yeah, took it up the ass.

    I wonder how hard it is for true artists who have worked in Hollywood to have seen that.

    And now, it’s all gone to shit.

  9. Anyway Frank, you’ve put up with a lot, so thanks.

    I can’t say I’m not idk “disappointed” that you were never able to see my way.

              1. No, not forbidden; your comments were toxic and made Frank feel sick, and at the end of the day, this is his site and online home. Take it easy on the sauce/juice; you’ll be fine.

  10. And I wouldn’t want poor little Frank to feel “sick”

    Ugh about all my horrible um what, idk “racial hatred” when THAT is the very thing I hate too!

    Not my fault he FAILS at honest “debate” instead of twisting my words….

    Not my fault he might be idk….. DUMB


      1. You’re dumb, ya know why?

        You idk profess to LOVE women, and respect them?

        Give me a break.

        YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW to respect women, and I would argue by the very way you have treated ME.

        Twisting my words. Trying to make ME a hater when it’s YOU.



        You’re WEAK

        Oh no! Can I get sued for this?

        I don’t f–CARE.

  11. I’m pretty good at laying it on thick when I want to, but I think I will just stop here…..

    You’re weak, Frank, by allowing ROOB, your attack dog to attack me when I was trying to bow out gracefully …. ANAL vibrating beads? um….WTH? Truck wreck s of vibrators??? And lubes…

    You’ve NEVER regulated it (posters like Roob and Clicky) as a MAN….

    You’ve never stood up and said, Um, that’s not very gentleman like….

    This site is a JOKE.

    Headed for the trash heap.

    Without me, you are nothing.


    And you know I know what that means.


  12. You delete comments seeking the Truth about yes, the JEWS, the subject of which has been debated about for centuries, but yet you allow porn, about shitty stuff like vibrators….. stuff about Clicky’s posts, I don’t need to repeat it.

    Because I FIND those types of comments OFFENSIVE.


    I FIGHT FOR WOMEN, and YOU are a BORE.

    Time to leave you….. Bye bye Merovee….. Pshhssh.

    You are SO LAME you may very well delete this.


    1. Trinity

      This is how I see it. Sex is built into the fabric of God and racism isn’t. God is definitely not into eliminating and expelling Jews.

      Maybe it’s the company I keep. Most women I know are open to conversations and jokiness about sex. To be honest they tend to initiate it. Behind closed doors. A woman’s best friend sometimes.

      1. OK, Frank

        I hear you, and I think that is a woman I used to be…..

        Until I moved HERE.

        MOBSTERS do NOT understand that kind of “joke.”

        Um, why?

        Because they are the purveyors of PORN. Um, are you gonna pretend that porn is not the most ABSOLUTE EVIL that is beyond “jokes”?


        They murder women. Poor soul prostitutes.. They are REAL. ANd the “JOHNS” keep all the rest of us women under control …. out of FEAR.

        But it’s good.

        I’m finding new strength today to just BE WHO I AM.

        And f– them all, WHOEVER they are.

        I’m gonna be ME. yeah, sexy.

        I can’t help it.


              1. The screenwriter of Batman BEGINS, along with CHRIST-opher Nolan?

                David S. Goyer


                “Early life
                Goyer and his brother Jeff were born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and were raised by their mother. He is Jewish on his mother’s side, and attended Hebrew school.”


                The man who wrote the Batman Trilogy is a Jew.


                He’s not Goy-im.

                He’s Goy-er.

                And let’s not forget what happens to Rachel later in his “story.”

                (Oh, he also wrote the script for “Blade: Trinity”)

                1. And let’s also not forget what happens to “The Batman” at the END of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

                  Did he SACRIFICE his own life to save Gotham?

                  Open to interpretation… but

                  Sure looks like it.

                  1. They write our blockbuster movies (“Jaws,” (Never go in the water again!) The Dark Knight Trilogy: did you notice the “hole” in the WTC on 9/11, looks just like the Batman hole they plastered in the skscraper posters towering overTimes Square?, just to make sure they are SHOWING the DUMB GOY what they are DOING)… therefore they can DO WHAT THEY WILL to the dumb sheep.

                    They control your paycheck, they control ALL of the media….and I’m here to tell you it’s not just the TV networks, it’s ALL of PUBLISHING of novels, magazines… all of it.

                    They have all the potential American heroes in our military and government COMPROMISED….. did they go to Epstein Island? Do they watch PORN and call on prostitutes? Did they engage in sex outside of marriage? Um….. YEAH.

                    They are the ARBITERS of FASHION (Anna WIntour is just their MASCOT. She has no power of “her” own….)

                    They rule the MUSIC INDUSTRY (write the songs, decide who’s hit and who’s NOT).

                    WE ARE THEIR CATTLE

                    Just sayin’!


                    1. But now we SEE….

                      “Red shoes” hmmm, on the Pope, on the Podesta GUYZ, on the “wife” of the Sheriff.

                      MOCKING us.

                      And I’m not going to say, oh the dumb sheep…. we’re so so DUMB.

                      NO WE ARE NOT!!!!

                      I’m only waking up to it NOW!

                      They are DECEIVERS, and ALL OF US GOY are ONLY waking up to it NOW.

                      The gig is up.

                    2. So what’s next? Now that we can SEE their ENTIRE OPERATION?

                      Something big. Bigger than 9/11.

                      And to us CHRISTIANS who are FINALLY fully awake to the Enemy?

                      WE CAN’T WAIT.

                      Bring it on…..

                      Because it might just be the EXPLOSION that breaks us FREE from their SHACKLES, and by which THEY self-destruct.

                      We will be FREE to do?

                      WHAT WE WILL.

                      And what do WE will?

                      Love and obedience to Our Father, which requires love of thy neighbor.

                      “The MEEK shall inherit the EARTH.”

                    3. I think this is funny (not), but remember all those videos documenting the “sound of trumpets” out in the middle of regular towns and villages, people’s camera phones looking up to the skies? Where the heck was that sound coming from?

                      You know what that sound of “trumpets” was?


                      Scouring out their TUNNELS underground virtually everywhere!

                      Hahaha! I mean, you HAVE to LAUGH…. or you would cry.

                      Her name, the tunneling mammoth machine?

                      Big Bertha


                      SO you know the END is near, because they are FURIOUSLY burrowing UNDERGROUND.

                2. Frank,

                  In good faith, one last note.

                  As to “The Batman Trilogy,” I still think it is one of the greatest film works we have.

                  And as to the screenwriter, Mr. Goyer.

                  He is as described as idk…. half goy, half Jewish.

                  And that would result in the CONFLICTED hero we identify with, “The Batman.”

                  So… there you have it.


                  Let’s smile, it’s all gonna be OK


                  1. Trinity

                    Whoever you think your enemy is they are just as damaged as yourself and myself. It’s a shared pain. The trick is to find compassion for yourself first and then the world changes. I live somewhere where I go down the pub with my black neighbour and where white women sneak cuddles with black babies and I see black and white couples walking down the road hand in hand. Not sure why that should be surprising but in this reality it is. I don’t see any police and the local police station have stopped holding prisoners. And I have Jewish and white and gay neighbours and Sikh and Indian and Turkish and Phillipino friends etc as well as white friends and basically the whole world has turned up here and somehow we get on with no problem. And I like it.

  13. If you don’t think “God” is real….. Think again. (you’re screwed)

    WHO is “The Batman”?

    Um… “YAH”

    YAH, as in the ROAR of a LION……


    1. I’m just reviewing and I believe that the original “Rachel” (portrayed by Katie Holmes excellently) was replaced (oh yeah, good “story,” cuz of her husband Tom Cruise et al….) in welp, The Dark Knight, why?
      Because her death at the hands of the Joker would’ve been TOO MUCH for the audience to handle. The new actress helped the disconnect and reduced that trauma. I’m not an MK-Ultra specialist, but something was going on there….
      Also when “Rachel” is about to be blown to bits, she’s about to start singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” But our attachment to her has been greatly reduced because we don’t really recognize her as the “Rachel” from the Batman’s early life in Batman Begins. Just an observation on Hollywood Mind Control.

  14. So Frank….

    It’s not about you or me…. at all.

    It’s about YAH…..



    1. And bada bum… Ah NO.


      It is YOU who are done.

      I’m thinkin, I’m gonna stay just where I am……


  15. The bottom line is I have stalkers…..

    I have men who idk……

    want to kill me..


    I’m SICK OF IT.

    YOU WON’t HAVE YOUR WAY against…..


    1. And finally, I know God is in the mix and this was the song I heard today as I drove…you know, … wherever.

      I searched the lyrics on Google, and guess what folks. Google doesn’t work anymore. I found it by searching the lyrics “God, turn this around” on Duck-duck-go.

      So thanks, Merovee…..

      I’d like this to be my “swan song.”

      1. I’m asking to finish this all out and post this again just to make sense of all these M&C posts and the ending, also because it’s AWESOME.

  16. That’s not right, really. I GET what your message is to me, if I can learn to have compassion for myself my world will change.

    So… I’m gonna work on that…. I sort of feel like it’s starting, idk. Like I’m starting to break out of this shell.

    If my world changes….

    I’ll let you know.

  17. Merovee,

    Peter Weir, basically the most esteemed of great film directors, is due to receive a long deserved award at the Oscars this year.

    And if it’s anything I want to leave with your audience, you, and anyone studying ACIM, which is all about FORGIVENESS, is that um….. I’m a film buff and critic, and a lover of the art of film, and of the POWER of what this MASTERPIECE demonstrates about how to “forgive” and how to “love” our neighbor.

    And my HERO is not actually “Mel,” but film director Peter Weir.

    The director of “The Truman Show.”…. The “Frank Tremayne” Show.

    The EVERYMAN Show.

    And that final battle scene in “Master and Commander” is a WORK OF ART.

    Every one of us wants to be the Captain of our own ship, the SURPRISE.

    And FIGHT the battle of our lives when we need to…..

    And also, if you watched the film, to know when to forsake the battle to save our dear friend’s life.

    The Captain decides not to pursue the Ageron and his own glory and go to dry land so that his good friend the doctor can live.

    I love that, and I love this film, and it deserves to be watched over and over again. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Russell Crowe’s career, after portraying an historically correct British captain who prays the Lord’s Prayer over the shipmate who died and had burial at sea, for which Crowe was nominated for Best Actor, basically “self-destructed” after his phone-throwing debacle in a NYC hotel. His next film, several years later? He played the VILLAIN in “3:10 to Yuma.” Hmm.

    For King and Country

    1. Trinity

      About the Truman Show and M&C. Great films. They are true up to a point. What they don’t describe is when God enters the picture and you discover you are not the M&C !!! Or at least the 3D survival based version of You. Took me many years to understand that. I started Merovee when I had finally got it. Drip drip effect over a few decades. And at a soul level though I am the M&C. God’s will is my will which you will probably remember from ACIM. Seems to be true.

  18. And that’s a ship sailing unto the HORIZON….And whether or not it’s shrouded in fog….

    It’s ….. flat, i.e. level, the horizon is a PERFECTLY STRAIGHT LINE.

    The way the Creator made it.

    There’s no way around it. Haha….

  19. And you might delete this but…..

    IF NASA lied about the moon landing, and continues to lie about trips to Mars, et al.

    Um, yeah..



    Going broke here…. paying for lying NASA “space trips” to Mars and BEYOND…. and um… idk children who are abducted into agencies called “CPS”…..

    Bottom line is?

    I’m not willing to PAY for this EVIL anymore.

    I guess it’s the Roman Empire all over again.

    It will FALL…..

    by its own CORRUPTION.

    1. But even more….

      People like me are realizing….

      I’m not going to PAY for your lies and TYRANNY anymore….murder, child abduction and sex rings, um disgusting welfare for ILLEGAL immigrants from wherever, could be all criminals, WHO KNOWS????


      BOSTON TEA PARTY, whoo hooo!

      LET’S PARTAAY!!!



  20. We will not participate in another FAKE ELECTION when you cannot even secure the election process.


  21. Secession is the only way

    What state is going to have the “cojones” to do it.

    Otherwise, we are done.

    1. Digital currency…..

      Um…. OK!

      But not in America.

      No f– way

      How do they fight?

      By threats of your being “suicided”?

      Um, idk…


      You’re gonna suicide ME?

      I don’t think so.

  22. [picture Woody Allen here, with his queen Diane Keaton] Oh now that’ll really get me suicided.

    Diane Keaton, who was pictured at the Sheriff’s funeral in Poughkeepsie.


    Red shoes anybody…

    Woody Allen….? Now wears a clown nose…..

    Notice the fashionista wearing a babies head necklace…..

  23. Bottom line is… these “elites” are high on something ELSE.

    And it ain’t “alcohol.”

    My sister is going to jail. Did she ever hurt anybody? Did she kill someone drunk driving?


    But the law is now that she’s gonna go to prison. SHe is going to have to do a breathalyzer 3x a day for the next 5 years. She’s 67.

    And I think it is a little too harsh. She never hurt anybody, she did have the potential to, but….

    She didn’t.

    This country has become a country of?


    You suck, and there are no men.


  24. Um, some of these ideas, like sex jokes?

    They won’t past muster in the end.

    In fact?

    Those dick jokes, suck my dick or whatever?

    Might just be what send you into the Lake of Fire?

    Do ya think?

    1. And I’ll end here, Frank, but you don’t seem to understand that “sex jokes’ about another woman?

      Can become basically a matter of life or death……

      For the woman.

      It’s no joking matter.

      It’s no joking matter to denigrate a woman, especially if she has a son in the social mix.

      You denigrate her, you denigrate her son.

      You destroy her, you destroy her son.

      For what?

      IDK how to describe my fall, other than it was demonic. Satan was in the mix, and had me do stuff that would CONVICT me later as a slut.

      Yeah, Satan is that powerful and seductive and when you are on the RISE? As I was….

      I was on the RISE….. and he knew how to throw me down. To the worst…..

      But I’m back up, and ?


      I’M BACK

      1. In this vid one of surfers does the “peace” sign. Welp, for those indoctrinated into Satan’s secret societies? It’s the Devil’s horns.

        But for us Christ believers? It’s the Big “Y.”

        For Yah

        Yah Way!!!


      1. Just saying that I can’t change who “I am” whether or not it’s not real.

        I can’t CHANGE THE PROGRAM…..

        1. and I’ll say it to the world….

          You don’t get with me unless you are going to yeah, throw your cape down over the puddle so I can step across?

          You want me?

          You’re gonna have to declare your love for me to the WORLD.

          And if you can’t?

          then I’m sorry.

          I am a Princess, and you don’t deserve me if that it the case.

          1. I am a Princess, and I need to let any suitors know…..

            I’m not available.

            I Know I have left the door open, so to speak, hoping for a prince to step up, but now it’s just too late. I never knew about a marriage and new kids.. Gosh, two new kids.

            Children in the picture disqualify you.


              1. So, yeah….

                Maybe I’ll meet my Prince someday…..

                But it’s not “J” and it’s not “B”

                NEITHER ONE


                1. I actually was told that a long time ago by a fortune teller…..

                  There would be two men

                  But I would find my “true love” beyond them.

                  Could be I am the Bride of Christ.

                  And the only ONE who deserves me? And truly WANTS me?

                  Is HIM.

                    1. Russell Crowe’s performance in just that one scene: reciting the Lord’s Prayer, in authority and reverence at the same time…. kinda blows me away….It’s PERFECT.

                      I believe it has been said that the only Hollywood actor who never sold out to portraying a villain was Jimmy Stewart. Because He KNEW that to portray EVIL, you would have to BE evil, channel evil, and become one with evil to do it.

                      Clint Eastwood comes to mind, and it’s kinda amazing, that he never commented on this that I know of, but he never played the villain either. He played down and out heros/so-called criminals… but NEVER played the villain. He never sold out.

                      And why am I commenting on this? Because Russell Crowe as the Master and Commander is in my mind the Best Actor FOREVER . His presence and power, understated performance…. it’s just idk INSPIRED. And so I pray for him, for having to go thru the Hollywood gauntlet, and idk I heard he ended up divorced from the mother of his kids….

                      But Russell Crowe is UP THERE with the GREATS: Jimmy Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, Mel Gibson …. Am I forgetting someone?

                      These are somehow the enduring Hollywood stars who held on to their … MAN hood. And never SOLD OUT. They all learned how to “play the game.”

                      And survived (as MEN).

                    2. OMG but how could I forget?

                      Charlton Heston

                      He’s the what do you call it, the original, the MODEL upon which “Manhood” was copied.

                      Yup, I could post ANY ONE of his scenes from MULTIPLE MOVIES to prove my point.

                    3. Actually it’s good to know, go back and watch the movies, Planet of the Apes…. and Soylent Green.

                      Charlton Heston played the hero through and through, from the age of Christ until the End Times….. That’s hard to beat.

                      It’s insane but yeah, they now turn human beings into fertilizer, or flavoring for their Impossible Burgers. I kid you not, and this is all INSANE.

                      And it’s happening. IDK. Just trying to point it out! I don’t like the scenes of Charlton in the Soylent Green movie. Nah….

                      Sope. It’s all not “tragic’ but Apocalyptic. OVER……

                      Our world is passing away.


                    4. Do Not Love the World

                      …16 For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not from the Father but from the world. 17 The world is passing away, along with its desires; but whoever does the will of God remains forever. 18 Children, it is the last hour; and just as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have appeared. This is how we know it is the last hour.…
                      1 John 2:17

                    5. Frank,

                      I apologize for the vid I tried to post tonight,…. and yes, sorry! I know it’s not what you want on Merovee….

                      But THIS popped up with thousands of views (!!!) immediately after I tried to post it (a FAILED post, and only YOU know what I tried to post….hmm?)

                      Is this not …. SCARY? And WORSE?


                    6. Frank,

                      This is all a dream after all. Somehow, with your violin-playing woman in yeah, that’s Grand Central Station at the Shuttle to Times Square, I can’t help but feel you are making fun of MY violin playing vs Yours.

                      Welp, it is YOUR Web site, so there’s that….

                    7. I hope you found that opening sequence laugh out loud funny! Because it is!!!

                      But, this sequence actually captures what is not so funny…about ..idk..this world.

                    8. See, I’m conflicted! Just like a baphomet…. huh go figure. I’m male and female in one.

                      Sope, yeah.

                      I can be the Mother Duck, And I AM.

                      But um…. yeah. I can be the FATHER here, too. The lazy LION.

                      I’m not just gonna sit back and watch as our world gets destroyed.

  25. Thank you, Frank for posting that last vid. Like I said, the “Old Man” is Satan, not you.

    I feel obligated to post these two last vids, because it is NECESSARY to expose how the Devil is intent on destroying mankind (…womankind most of all).

    The Russian woman in this vid is wiping tears from her eyes? Because she thinks the jokes are so funny?….. or because she got PAID (hmm, $10K or more?) to bear her child for this …


    And her baby?

    Wasn’t “good” enough…. even for his “Russian Salad Dressing.”

    And the monster wanted her to know it.

    I wonder if she is still alive or has killed herself by now.


  26. And that vid and the one below really brought it ALL home for me ( a woman who when she was young and oh so innocent, had an abortion, because she never intended to get pregnant but was hoping to find “the One”….. but she got pregnant and her “life” and costly (to her parents) higher education and hard work to becoming a career woman would’ve been OVER, so she didn’t want the baby for OBVIOUS REASONS. She was offered with no shame involved an abortion through Planned Parenthood, because before that she was too Catholic and trying to be good to have ever purchased birth control to be “prepared” and thereby be called a whore, and of course the young guy would never have gone shopping beforehand for condoms, or same thing, be labeled disgusting trash, so we young people went into romantic “dating” unprepared (set up by Satan) for sex. And thereby getting pregnant with unwanted babies.

    All a set up from Satan.

    So, this vid below lays out where we’ve come from there and yes, it’s from “Christian” Russia.

    I’ve been to Russia (Moscow, Kiev, and St. Petersburg). And I KNOW these “people” are survivors of Communism. I think I sold my jeans on the black market there for like a hundred bucks back in the 80s. And yeah, Russian women like the one above seemed to live from deprivation, and IDK… many might have sold her baby, like the monster mocks “Sasha” in the PizzaGate Comet Pizza vid above, for just some “soft toilet paper.”

    I kid you not.

    So the Russian Christians who made this video “Sodom” have I grant them, PERSPECTIVE, on the Big Picture.

    But just as Christ will reap his WHEAT from EVERY nation, EVERY nation has been corrupted by Satan.

    And Russia is no different.


    Neither is America.

    Except…. except….

    Our Nation was founded upon The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

    That ALL MEN are created equal.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. ”


    Like Brother Nathanial has posted?





    Be SUBJECT to the Father’s WRATH in His righteous judgement upon America and ALL Nations as SODOM.


  27. We are the United States of America (at least I thought I was born into….)


    When our VALUES and MORALS are not represented by some IRS-stealing “federal” government?

    We “states” are not beholden to ANY “Federal Government” of Corruption.


    YOU ARE STUPID to think you are…..

    How do we secede?

    We’re all stuck in jobs and whatever…..


    Taxes for WHAT???

    And if you refuse to see the LIES of NASA {we NEVER went to the moon ! And? We are never gonna get to Mars, you IDIOTS}…

    YOU DESERVE to be cattle, and?

    YOU are NOT what I would call true Patriots.

    “CITIZENS” of America.

    You took the jab? wow… um clock’s ticking…. you’re DEAD.

    You’re STUPID

    Are people stupid because they are evil…..

    Or are people evil because they are stupid.


  28. Now I’m not exactly sure who “pulled the trigger” to get me arrested in the middle of the night as A DUI PYLE on my own country road by State Troopers who came outta NOWHERE…..

    But I have a pretty good idea now….

    And they MESS with me again? I think I will be able to figure it ALL out.


    1. Good luck with your Train Show.

      Hope the kids don’t catch any of that black goo coming off ya….

  29. President Donald Trump said human traffickers will get the death penalty.

    He was your BOSS, no? … Melania, his WIFE, too?

    Welp…. He was right.


  30. So what do we do in the meantime? Work it out.

    Work it out.

    Time is short.

    Give praise to the Father every moment you can, repent of all your sins and forsake them…while you can!

    It IS “all good” only when you hand it ALL over to the Father.

    And give praise to HIM every moment of your life.

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