Water Works


As Above So Below.




Life is turning into a scene from a movie. Today’s movie is Dark City with a twist.

Mysteriously yesterday the water works at the White House developed a leak and trickled into the apartment below. And the emergency female plumber turned up this morning and we set to work. Which was a surprise. Why I should be surprised she was female I’m not sure but I was. The problem was a filter titled Liff which was leaking and the Liff filter needed changing.

The Meaning of Liff.




For some reason it involved knocking a hole in the wall and I thought ‘Here we go’ – Dark City.




And Shell Energy.



The imagery can be sexual at times. Replacing the Liff filter involved her turning off the Stop Cock for a short period and we then made a trip to Screwfix. And the Liff filter was replaced by a Center.

And the shadow.



And taped over the hole in the wall and back to new now.

In Shell City, Frank gets sent into the Void. Hopefully this time yet another void can be a voided.




From Witchy Woman :

I came across a good You Tube video recently where it asked ‘Who is the real Self’ ? Is it Superman or Clark Kent ? And you can probably use Wonder Woman for the feminine. From our earthly perspective we would probably say Clark Kent. The You Tube creator as they are called now, asked what if actually Superman or Wonder Woman is the real Self. I think there is truth to this. Using myself as an example Big Frank is probably the real Self rather than little Frank. Paradoxically I think the real heart of God lives in the human experience. It maybe an illusion but the extraordinary nature of this reality is so extreme that it pushes the heart to the limits and beyond sometimes what you think is conceivable.

The alchemical crucible is a bumpy ride. Something like that.


14 thoughts on “Water Works

  1. Although a good movie, I feel bad about poor Frank.

    I believe that Superman AND Wonder Woman (both) ARE the real selves, after all – both Clark and Diana wore disguises (pretty much just glasses – haha) when they weren’t being all super.

    1. Ken

      The movies have a habit of sending Frank into the abyss. In 2001 they blamed HAL and in Dark City it was the Strangers wot done it. I suspect in both Dark City and 2001 it was more human – see Cain and Abel.

      IMO we are definitely spiritual beings or even a spiritual being. The diamond is confusing . There is something about the extreme nature of our reality though we experience here which as spiritual beings you are not going to get anywhere else. Tough as it gets.

      1. “…see Cain and Abel”
        Were you referencing another blog of yours, or speaking biblically?

        I’m asking because I noticed the image is from another blog of yours, but I can not find a corresponding post.

        btw – I seem to be late to the party, but I found a plethora of interesting posts there.

        1. Ken

          My theory is that it wasn’t Hal or The Strangers who pushed Frank into the Abyss. It was actually Dave and John and Cain and Abel was a reference to that.

          Seth was the third son.


          That blog has become defunct. I used it exclusively for spiritual articles. Got too complicated with Merovee and later Blade and Chalice so I left it in limbo. I use it to store my gifs there as they take up a lot of space in the media library. Tend to be big files so I link to that website.

  2. Double Diamonds.

    Not sure what the Universe is saying with this. As Above So Below ? In the White House car park this morning.


    Half remembered names and beers.


    By Emily Dickinson :

    Much Madness is divinest Sense –
    To a discerning Eye –
    Much Sense – the starkest Madness –
    ’Tis the Majority
    In this, as all, prevail –
    Assent – and you are sane –
    Demur – you’re straightway dangerous –
    And handled with a Chain –

  3. Welcome to the sauce age 😉


    *All that’s missing is Pesto… /thinks… much like in my Ronageddon stories, Clicky… /shakes head… Weird, I’m off this week to write the next one in the series…*



    *Err, thanks for that encouragement, Clicky… /mutters darkly…*


    *Ah, links…*

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