The Pearly Gates


Thanks for Roob in helping to make at least some sense from the insensible.

I’m taking a bit of a trip back in time with this article. I rediscovered this gif yesterday on my lost and found Hard Drive. A blast from the past on Merovee. Best Gif ever.

The Pearly Gates. And in the strange way reality manifests I went through a set of metal gates a couple of weeks ago which has had a powerful effect in my life and connects to the Butterfly Effect.



The good ship Venus. The feminine may feel the same about the masculine.



‘She may be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a heaven or a hell
She may be the mirror of my dream
A smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem
Inside her shell.’





The White Light.



Over the years a few weird notes have shown up randomly. Below are some pics of scribbles which I found in a book which I had taken out of the library in the Harlequin in Red Pill about how to build a Time machine which I posted in an article on Merovee 1 about ten years ago. Recently some more weird notes have showed up which again speak about Time but this time more personally. It would seem different timelines and quantum realities both personal and collective and reincarnation are real or at least ‘real’ in the context of our physical reality. I would also include Quantum Memories as well. Whether there is a physical reality in reality, similar to the one we experience is another question.





As an overview we seem to be circling back to a place where anti matter and matter meet and Time and quantum dimensions and everything meets. I definitely seem to live in a quantum world. Also I believe there is some sort of Adjustment Bureau scenario again personally and collectively where reality is altered to keep the same old, same old going. Whether this is just an automatic self defence process in 3D or there is actually some sort of conscious mind which attempts to control reality is difficult to say but I tend to go with the view that there is a part of the mind which consciously knows what it is doing.

And the OA – the Original Angel. Over the years I’ve done ‘research’ into areas which have surprised me and this research has come to a conclusion which in hindsight doesn’t surprise me. The Whore of Babylon is the Original Angel.



The First shall be Lust and the Lust shall be First.


13 thoughts on “The Pearly Gates

  1. Time.

    In the UK we live in GMT. As an example the USA is behind me in time and China is in front of me. Is the USA the past which would make GMT their future and is China the future if you live in GMT. And add in the Paris meridian as an alternative time line as well. It seems to indicate Time works differently to how it appears.

    1. Quantum fields.

      There is also weird stuff going on with professional football. I support Crystal Palace. Last weekend we played Manchester City and and I checked the time the game was due to start in the morning and it was 2pm. A few hours later it changed to 3pm. This weekend we are playing Newcastle. On Wednesday it was a home game for Crystal Palace and I checked yesterday and it is now an away game at Newcastle.

        1. Ken

          Interesting to see how Australia reacts and whether King Charles and Queen Camilla reignite republicanism in Australia. It may rekindle animosity over here about Diana.

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