Kings Of Leon


La Grande Illusion.



It’s gone feline again in Red Pill. An amazing sync with Kings Of Leon today which blew the mind. Where this is leading Jah only knows. Confusing he says.




Live at the Lyceum.




And I’ve taken a white Tiger home today in the Year of the Water Tiger. There is a tiger in my bedroom. The Water Tiger doesn’t have a willy so I’m presuming the tiger is a She. In the last few months I’ve bought presents in advance without knowing where they were going so maybe the same with the white Tiger. Or the tiger may stay with me.



And the Flower Of Life.







9 thoughts on “Kings Of Leon

  1. Tis butter dream.

    Emily :

    Death is a Dialogue between
    The Spirit and the Dust.
    “Dissolve” says Death – The Spirit “Sir
    I have another Trust” –

    Death doubts it – Argues from the Ground –
    The Spirit turns away
    Just laying off the evidence
    An Overcoat of Clay.


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