Fugit Tempus



‘In quantum mechanics events that could have happened still have an influence on what actually happens’.


It’s a paradox.



‘The past was once the future
The future is now the past

Tempus Fugit
Fugit Tempus

The future was once the past
The past is now the future’.

Frank Tremayne




Confusing He Says.


169 thoughts on “Fugit Tempus

      1. I think it was the first gif(t) from Frank – 7/8/14. Presents and presence. I found a lost hard drive with a lot of old pics and gifs earlier this year.

        It has significance for now looking at the gif. Gateways. It may have got seriously weird again. Not to do with anyone connected to Merovee. Same questions arise about who and what is real though.

  1. Chance (7 Aug 2022)
    “Russians Suspicious of Covid-19 Virus Origins – Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave


    Today, 8/8/2022, as per the 5 Doves article above is the 9th Av, the worst date in Jewish history.
    8x8x2x2x2 =512 = 256+256 or (16×16)+(16×16) or ([8+8]x[8+8])x([8+8]x[8+8]) where 8 stands for THEIR New Beginning stolen from the Bible!
    5+1+2 = 8.
    8+8+2+2+2 =22 or 11+11 where the number 11 stands for Antichrist in the Bible.
    From 8/8/2008, Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, to 8/8/2022, 9th Av, = 7+7 years or 168 mths or 8x(7+7+7) mths.
    From Reunion Island (flaperon from MH 370 found) to Kilauea volcano = 16,800km or 800x(7+7+7)km,
    168 appears again!
    And, the distance in both miles and Nautical Miles are also exactly divisible by 7+7+7.
    MH370 went missing on 8/3/2014.
    From 8/3/2014 to 8/8/2022 = 101 months and 101 is the 27th Prime Number = 9+9+9, Finality tripled.

    “Beijing Birmingham” = 888 (Jewish) (Jesus = 888 in Greek gematria)
    Beijing = 672 = 666+6
    Birmingham = 216 or 6x6x6 (The same as Obama’s birth date of Day# 216)
    17 letters. ie 10+7 and 17 is the 7th Prime Number. (Here the Satanists are claiming Spiritual Perfection and Ordinal Perfection with Beijing being 7 letters and Birmingham being 10 letters. Ref – Numbers in Scripture by EW Bullinger pg 258)

    The Birmingham reference is about the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony on 8/8/2022, today (9th Av).

    Soon will come the Antichrist who will require your complete attention and worship. You will not be able to buy or sell without getting the MARK.
    Better to worship God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Much better.
    Better than going to Hell!

      1. Frank,

        Yes, it would seem that way and certainly part of the bread and circuses strategy to keep the masses controlled and unaware of what is really going on.

        And whilst 8/8/2022 was the last day of the Commonwealth Games from Birmingham and also the 9th of Av in Israel, it was the day that Aussie Dame Olivia Newton-John (73) passed away AND President Donald John Trump’s residence at Mar-a Lago was raided by the FBI. He is 76.
        And 3 days earlier on 5/8/2022 it was Aussie Judith Durham, the lead singer for The Seekers who passed away. She was 79.
        From her birth date of 3/7/1943 to 5/8/2022 = 28,888 days.
        She was a firm Christian believer as some of their songs suggested.
        How fitting then that the days she was on this earth included 4 eights in a row because Jesus = 888 in Greek gematria.
        The Carnival may be over here on earth but she is off to a much better place for sure. A New Beginning!
        1,912 days (239×8) after Judith Durham was born Olivia Newton-John was born.

        1. Ken

          I didn’t know Judith Durham had died as well as ONJ. Seems to be an Oz trait that two similar people die very quickly one after another. See Shane Warne and Rodney Marsh dying on the same day. Down memory lane with all of them.

          1. Yes and thanks for the reminder about Shane Warne and Rodney Marsh both dying on 4/3/2022 earlier this year.
            4+3+2+2+2 = 13. Day#63 or 21+21+21 or (7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7).
            The day gap between them and ONJ on 8/8/2022 = 22 weeks and 3 days forming a reverse 322 for Skull and Bones.
            The day gap between them and Judith Durham = 22 weeks = 11+11 weeks representing Antichrist.
            Notice here that Obama was 61 on 4/8/2022 then Judith Durham dies on 5/8/2022 and then ONJ dies 3 days later on 8/8/2022.
            5, 6, 7, 8. + = 13+13.
            So 5+8 = 13 and 6+7 = 13 where 13 stands for sin and rebellion against God in the Bible.

            Then, in English Ordinal gematria –
            Olivia Newton-John = 206
            Judith Durham = 137
            And 206+137 = 343 = 7x7x7.
            The number of letters in both names adds to 7+7+7+7.

            Yesterday I saw a car with rego 343 and in the next street is another car with rego 343.

            The difference in Ordinal English gematria between the two men and the two women = 37, the most sublime of ALL numbers in the Bible.

            1. Kubla Khan


              Or, a vision in a dream. A Fragment.

              In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
              A stately pleasure-dome decree:
              Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
              Through caverns measureless to man
              Down to a sunless sea.
              So twice five miles of fertile ground
              With walls and towers were girdled round;
              And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,
              Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;
              And here were forests ancient as the hills,
              Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.


                1. https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=scaffold

                  So, a weird thing happened last night after I post ONJ death comment here – I went upstairs to collect the dog ‘cos Steve was about to go to bed. He had a YT vid playing on the TV and the guy on the vid was making fun of a hand tattoo…


                  *Not quite, Clicky, but that reminds me that there were unidentified persons on the scaffolding at the Capitol Building directing the riots on January 6th…*

                  … A word spelled out with a letter tattooed on each finger but a missing finger buggers up the word. The guy on the vid said, and I paraphrase here, “At least it was the pinkie. You should always try to not lose a finger, but if it happens, make sure it’s the pinkie.”

                  1. It was weird for me as well. I took a trip to the BP garage on 8/8. Took a trip there on 1/1. I had posted the Bee video earlier and went for a Pee at the garage – BP. And came out of the toilet and glanced at my phone and noticed you had left the comment. And briefly looked at the ONJ story and thought this is a rabbit hole which won’t end.

  2. Yes, I am a “busy bee.”

    I seek to “serve all.”

    Meaning, I seek to spread the Word to as many “living flowers,” as I can.


    Because when you awaken to the Truth: like I said before, there’s NOTHING ELSE to “live” for in the matrix… Other than SPREADING THE WORD of “Jesus Christ.” For no beauty nor truth nor LIFE EXISTS apart from HIM.

    Nor can it be born! Your plants and vegetables will not thrive or reproduce without the “busy bee” of the Holy Spirit to PROPAGATE them.

    I want to say in regard to my Isaac Kappy posts, that I’m actually not 100% SURE this figure was not a deceiver. And I’m actually leaning to the sad truth he was a deceiver, given his one video was all about being “SEXY.” In a LIBRARY. LOL!!!

    Too many strange things going on with his “death” to make one believe it was REAL.

    It’s possible he is now living down in oneof those, you gotta admit, pretty AWESOME-looking D.U.M.B.S. (high-speed travel, the best of all the best shops and restaurants for …. the NEW UPPER CLASS straight out of the Hunger Games:called “Sovereigns”)

    And THEY are going to “make the offer” to EVERYONE NOW not yet recruited into their “club”: and they are betting no one can refuse their offer: it’s an offer you CAN’T refuse…..

    They are doing it NOW (to people like my son)

    Take our MONEY (Mon-Eye), and a position of POWER, and be “one of Us,” or?

    You will be “Q’d” (Quarantined = Districted! = imprisoned in your DISTRICT)…. i.e. POOR

    Or ? if you REBEL, and seek to OUT us?

    You will DIE.

    Um, I just wanted to say that…. this idea that Isaac Kappy cried over (which makes me now suspect him), that parents actually SOLD their children into Pervy Hollywood for the MON-EYE.

    And I will agree with Frank here, that this “shit that is hitting the fan”?

    Is psychic in origin, a physical manifestation of ALL OUR SINS!

    ALL OF US SOLD OUR CHILDREN TO SATAN, but we just didn’t know it….


    By taking your young child, as I did, to participate in the RITUAL of having that child’s PICTURE (thereby SEALING the DEAL) be taken in the Lap of Santa.

    In the lap of Satan.

    Satan is REAL. He laughs at me for having SOLD MY SON to him, and keeps telling me, “It’s TOO LATE to get him back.”

    NO it’s NEVER too late……

    My son is Innocent. I was not “innocent,” that’s how I let the DEVIL in…..


    I still have the POWER to rescue him.

    1. And that “Power”?

      Is my PRAYER to powerful Angels, like Michael, whom the Father told us He would send to us to rescue us!

      Psalm 91:11
      11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

      My ONLY “power” is in prayer.

      And what a powerful POWER that is.

      1. And I am suspect of a lot of things I fall for, and that i guess “Holy Spirit” has me look back on and go….


        Like “I Raise a Hallelujah” from the idk the Church of “Bethel” or somesuch….

        It’s very emotional, that’s your clue!

        It played on the “airwaves” radio late at night after I visited the packy, right when Satan wanted me to hear it, feeling GUILTY.

        I’m waking up to the fact that the Truth of Jesus Christ is not EMOTIONAL, NOR ever comes from a feeling of guilt.

        IT’s just FACT.

        The minute you are emotional about it, you have been deluded, been made guilty, by the main Prosecutor, Satan.

        And when you’re all feeling the VICTIM, and GUILTY, and a song comes on the radio playing into your VICTIMHOOD, you are being PLAYED.

        Like a VIOLIN, probably Satan’s favorite instrument.

        I’m not going to be PLAYED anymore…..

        I don’t know, but I don’t think I can!

        I’ve closed the DOOR.

        Standing up now….. with all the haters BEHIND ME.

        1. The touching thing about hummingbirds….

          And I mean, wow. These birds are ANYTHING but “peaceful.” They are very territorial and I’ve seen many a ruby-throated hummingbird BODYSLAM a white-throated one to keep it from the feeder…. That means a female…..

          The thing about them is…..

          They always let you know when the feeder needs to be replenished…. (Oh, OK, let me do that , Master)…

          And they ALWAYS say “goodbye” before they leave at the end of the season, as if in thank you.


            1. and to the young guy…..

              It’s not that you are too dark….

              It’s that you are too YOUNG.


              I have a son who may be older than you…..

              So really, Don’t even think about it.

              1. No I am not suggesting SEX between a man-child and a sextogenerian (how bout “septo, lol) is “good”????

                That’s the sick part of that film and IT IS SICK.

                NOPE nope nope…..

                But there is TRUTH in it, their CONNECTION is between INNOCENTS….

                and that’s the way Satan works.

                He’s A “SEDUCING SPIRIT.”

                He whispered in my ear that “Sex is good.”


                No it’s not.

        2. Trinity

          Music is so powerful. I read somewhere that there is a g spot for emotions with music – some chords and notes played in a certain way will effect the emotional being. It said Andrew Lloyd Webber in particular has worked out how to do this consciously.

          1. Interesting. I believe it, and don’t forget that Lucifer was the Angel of Music before he was ejected from Heaven.

            Andrew Lloyd Webber

            Yeah, “Jesus Christ Superstar”

            We ALL LOVED that “musical,” didn’t we? (Maybe not you, Frank)

            Even tho it didn’t end well, we all sang along!

    1. So, to conclude….

      The figure of that man/woman above meditating is of the Devil.

      Did JESUS ever tell us to pray in this way?


      LOOK AT IT.

      It’s pornographic.

      1. There is only ONE WAY to pray, and it was taught to us by the Father himself!

        By His SON!



        1. And the prayer goes on!

          Apocryphal but what we learned to say is:

          “And lead us not into temptation
          But deliver us from evil?”

          No no no!

          It was originally

          But Deliver us from the Evil ONE…!!”

          Yeah, the DEVIL!

          And Jesus even emphasizes

          For THINE [i.e. NOT the Devil’s] is the POWER
          And the GLORY
          FOREVER and EVER


          If you take Jesus’s teachings and garbage the rest, including “St. Paul’s” letters, which you SHOULD…

          The whole subtext is that summarized in the Lord’s Prayer.

          You are stuck here in Satan’s “kingdom” and YOU NEED TO PRAY to the Father to get out of it.


          1. You know, I don’t think Jesus (unlike the “Jesus” in The Chosen….) ever smiled.

            I really don’t.

            He KNEW our situation here was so desperate, and that our Father LOVES us so much…was so worried about us He sent His only Son to save us…..

            That there is NOTHING to SMILE about.


            1. WHO makes these sudden blocks and why?


              Yeah, to block my FLOW of TEACHING?

              Yeah, MAYBE…..

            1. Thank you, Ken.

              I noticed all those be-YOU-tiful images of CREATION feature level horizons…..

              I’m no “flat-earther.”

              I guess I’m just a BELIEVER…. in the beauty of the Father’s flat-earth creation.

  3. So if there’s anything I have in common with Mary Magdalene, it’s that Jesus delivered her of her “demons.”

    She was “demon-possessed.”

    As I am.

    I can’t get rid of this demon alcoghoul…..

    But I’m not going to give up.

    And I will trust that when the time is right, the FATHER will deliver me from it.

    I see now it’s not just a “one-way” thing and how EVERYONE is affected by my struggle.


    AM I the CHRIST?


    At least in this scenario…. to those who listen and hear me and SPY on me, yeah.

    It’s the Father’s WILL.

    And He’s put me on a stage to TESTIFY about it.

    1. So um, does Jesus expect us to just lay down before SCUM and just “take it”?

      Just take ABUSE?

      Welp, if you’re an innocent child or a defenseless woman, you kinda have to, and that’s who He’s talkin to, above.

      To those of us who are not “defenseless”?

      I don’t think so, not at all.

      We are to stand up and be proud.



        1. Yeah???

          Well “Good Luck” with it.

          You’ll go nowhere, and find NOTHING.

          Cuz how, why?


          Cuz you’re a bunch of stooges, how’s that.

          You’re a joke, how’s that.

          You’re a PARODY of “law enforcement,” how’s that.

          I’m in a fight with the “big guy.”

          And you know what?

          He’s…um, welp, disappointing….. 🙂

    1. What I want to go into, and maybe with your help, are our memories of sitting on Santa’s lap.

      I know, it’s kinda YUGE that I would point this out as some sort of EVIL in your life….

      Frank, I ask to help me if there are those who really want to contact me and for us to investigate the brainwashing that went on in our “lives.”

      No one has ever contacted me or even responded to my posts here on Merovee, so in and of that itself makes me suspect this whole “Merovee” deal is a CIA operation, sorry “Frank.”

      I do love the platform and the ability to post any whatsoever vid I want, so I’m not complaining.


        My last post? Gone with the winds….



        MEROVEE is um….

        I hear about my posts at the DUMP.

        How’s that?

        Black crows everywhere…..

        Um, yeah.

        1. Oh and briefly I just wanted to point at that 1) Ricky Gervais discredited EVERYONE at the Golden Globes but did you notice?

          In that recounting of that, they did not include his SLAYING if the MOB table that included Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and AL Pacino and he made them look like a SHIP OF FOOLS.

          No they didn’t recount that one.

          Ricky is “Protected.” The globalists threw them all in Hollywood under the bus!

          And later Ricky Gervais is interviewed and says?

          He’ll do anything to get the JAB.


    1. Oh right, the “July 4th” mockery again, is all I can make of it.


      July 4th?


      BRING IT

      Here it is, but before you do, you have no idea what patriots like me are capable of….

      YOU HAVE NO IDEA what we will do when faced with our children’s annihilation.


      I HAVE NO IDEA, either.

      SO let’s just get it DONE.

      LET’s DO IT

  4. Arrghww.

    What’s the Pirate for “arrgggh”!


    Just play my video, can you do that?

    OK, I may have copied and posted it wrong, can you forgive me?

    1. Shit.

      I’m sorry I really don’t know what I am doing…

      I’m sweating here like a pig, that’s for sure.

      I think it’s gone to my brain.

      1. I WANT this to happen.

        I WANT this place to be wiped out….


        You know why?

        There’s no FIXING IT.

        Without Jesus Christ, no fixing it period.

        We need to wipe it out……

        And start OVER in the NEW BEGINNING….

        Christ’s New Kingdom?

        Or not….. If the Father and the Christ just want to wipe it out, SO BE IT.

        1. Alright, so. I have asked for the Best Cats Video EVER.

          SO ENJOY.


          You can thank me later.

            1. I’m very tiired as I am sure you are too…..

              What I see is basically what Stanly Kubrick predicted in 2001 Space Odyssey, yeah, like in Frank’s pic.

              Kinda weird, huh.

              What goes around comes around.

              HAL can’t handle it.

              He will NEVER be able to “handle it.”

              We will deactivate HAL or if not?

              HAL will just scizz out….

              And the population will just be like, Yeah.

              Bugger off

              I’d rather live as a prehistoric caveman than be an enslaved ROBOT anyday.


                1. I feel like Frank is editing it as I go. Blocking stuff as a good editor does!

                  Less is more.

                  And who am I to complain?

                  It’s his website after all.

                  Love you Frank. I’m not going to say “I’m sorry” as I’m trying to self-empower myself.

                  But I do as an artist will do, I do go overboard.

                  And I do appreciate your reining me in.


                    1. I actually like being an “old” woman…..


                      I can bitch and moan ALL I LIKE….?

                      Well to a limit….

                    2. Michael Nyykvist

                      And sometimes I wonder, was he caught up in my shit, an incredible actor like he was?

                      Somehow targeted because of me?

                      I hope not. I pray not… I’m actually not going to post him in the John Wick movie, because…..

                      I don’t like the way it ends.

  5. Trump’s HOME is raided by the FBI.

    Hmm, ya think it might be in reaction to Trump’s announcement a couple, few weeks ago (tempus fugit) that “Child Traffickers Will Get the Death Penalty”?

    Which I believe they DESERVE, as MOST Americans DO (if they have any clue… and have not become “married to the mob” yet…… YET!) .

    Nice report, Luke. (I love your beautiful German Shepherd. If I ever got a dog, I always thought I would get a BIG ONE. Who would protect me, when it’s not sleeping on my couch.)

    Yes, the whole thing “stinks to High Heaven”! Jeffrey Epstein, always the “man with the island….” And all the “elite” trash who visited him there….

    And I THINK it’s gonna BACKFIRE on the DEMONCRATS big time, as this will regain for Trump first-time supporters like me who became disillusioned with him after the Jan 6 debacle for which PATRIOTS are still serving time, it’s UNBELIEVABLE…..

    BUT if the FBI is SO DESPERATE to STOP Trump’s “campaign” against CHILD-TRAFFICKING and TRAFFICKERS…

    I think they just OUTED THEMSELVES.


  6. OH, so I’m being blocked again with my Trump post in which I am calling for forgiveness from Luke R., but in the meantime, I loved that reference to “Confusing He says….”

    Heh, yeah, “Confucius says…..”

    I read his um, “sayings”….. and really didn’t like them at all.

    Confucius was Confusing.

    Jesus is not confusing at all! St. Paul is, however, and that’s who you need to watch out for, so don’t read his treachery! What for? I mean, He wasn’t even one of JESUS’ Chosen Twelve. So why would you waste your time reading what he has to say about ANYTHING.

    1. Shorter is always better, as a writer I know that…..

      I think the FBI has just OUTed themselves as the “Child Traffickers” Trump recently pronounced will receive the DEATH PENALTY …. by RAIDING his HOME.

      A little Crazy, don’t you think?

      The adrenochrome they MUST dabble in has really gone to their heads.

      PERFECT JUSTICE as we watch them, and that Epstein-bought JUDGE, HANG THEMSELVES.

      1. Didn’t we “hear” recently in this CLOWN WORLD we are living in that the JUDGE has ordered the release of the records of the flight logs to Epstein’s Pedo Island?

        WTH happened with that? Eh, yech, MOSSAD MSM who RAN 9/11… and EPSTEIN ISLAND…. isn’t going to tell you.

        How’s that?


        Nor should you…..

        I think you might be like me….

        Waiting in the trenches….. How is Trump going to play out….. Lay low.

        And once we have a TARGET?

        Once WE KNOW THE DEAL, because we don’t KNOW right now….. (General Flynn? Um in drag?

        There’s actually nobody on the stage.)… but we are PATRIOTS after all…..

        So we’ll WAIT until?

        We have a CLEAR TARGET.

        The Father is GOING TO GIVE IT TO US.

        WE must be PATIENT, until HE DOES.

          1. So Frank, it’s kinda interesting, don’t you think, how diametrically opposed our hopes for the future are, or idk?

            To be an “American” is to be a rebel.


            That “Crown” has no power over us JUST BY OUR DECISION, whether they all say it was a LIE and SHE STILL OWNS US????

            YEAH? SHE STILL OWNS US?

            I DON”T THINK SO.

            Sure, they are BANKRUPTING the middle class (people go on about the “white class,” no!) it’s the MIDDLE CLASS they have DESTROYED. It’s not about “race” at ALL…..

            I don’t know, I don’t talk to anyone except my son, of course whom I want to SUPPORT, even if he’s being sucked in to the Dark Side.

            I’m gonna be here when he wakes up and finally says NO.

              1. Ha, you wanted to end with “Princess Leia’s” Final FLUSH, with her FACE in the picture.

                Haha, Frank, yep I bet you didn’t know that it’s my FINAL PROJECT right now, “The Final FLush,” as I AWAIT the DISCHARGING of my debts in BANKRUPTCY COURT.


                I KNOW you HATE ME.

                SO I DARE YOU to POST this idk FINAL?

                FOR TONIGHT AT LEAST


                Post it… I ask.


                1. Ha, you can’t even let it play to the END.

                  YOU ARE DONE


                  YOU ARE DONE

                2. Ha, you can’t even let it play to the END.

                  YOU ARE DONE


                  YOU ARE DONE

                    1. Notice the shot of the mother and child watching the warfare OUTSIDE the window from the safety within their home?

                      That’s no longer the case. There is no SAFETY for “women and children” anymore.

                      Nope we’re all EQUAL now, we’re all FREE in EQUALITY.

                      In other words, we can’t go back to “American Revolutionary” times, as heroic as they were, and there’s no going back.

                      So what DO WE DO.

                      Well I went from being a graduate of Notre Dame and then Columbia into a workplace in which I was treated as little more than a piece of white trash. It was shocking, and I really couldn’t come to terms with it, I mean…. And then I SAW as it always comes from the top down, from WHOM that disrespect came from: the Jewish execs at Conde NAST…. Whoa, wait!! I THOUGHT they were all British socialites! I didn’t realize ALL the British SOCIALITES kow-tow to their Jeweiish um, yeah, masters. EMPLOYERS.

                      There was the real estate deal for the One World Trade Center for which Conde Nast got a YUGE tax break to be the big OCCUPANT. And I saw the photo opp of the signing, with Si Newhouse, and smirking, yes, SMIRKING, over his shoulder was Mayor Bloomberg…. ANOTHER JEW

                      So um yeah!

                      I’m calling them out, from EXPERIENCE.

                      Hey Lar,how’s it going” Am I gonna end up in jail somehow for calling you out?

                      IDK, maybe.

                      SO where do we go from here?

                      The JEWISH STATE has DESTROYED the AMERICA we want to rebuild, and for Pres. Trump to NOT CALL OUT THE jeWISH STATE and ALL the judges, et al who are the GATEKEEPERS, is HYPOCRISY.

                      HE WORKS FOR BENJAMIN NETANYAHU.


                      SO what do we do?

                      I think we need to FULLY SECEDE from WASHINGTON D.C.

                      That means the “Federal Government.”


                      DENY IT COMPLETELY.

                      IT has NO RIGHT to TAX US, and STEAL from US the BILLIONS of dollars to further their NASA lies of “space travel” while building their underground DUMBS.

                      This is BULLSHIT.

                      ALL OF IT.

                      Your mortgage, an albatross around your neck! You can’t so-called “OWN” a home without going into thousands of dollars in debt.

                      It’s DEBT SLAVERY. The word “mort-gage” includes the word DEATH. A “LEGAL” agreement (“gage”) that leads to MORT.

                      It’s a LOSING GAME, hahahaha….

                      JEWISH USURY.

                      And It’s against GOD’S LAW.

                      DUMP IT

                      WALK AWAY

                      WE DON”T NEED TO GO TO WAR.

                      WE JUST NEED TO WALK AWAY.

  7. So I just want to finish what I started with the IDEA that, once you GET IT, can and will BLOW YOUR WORLD APART, as it should. Kinda like, “Flat Earth”?

    We all of us, throughout yes, the “Western” world…. have been brainwashed to brainwash our own children with the magic of “Santa Claus,” (Klaus Schwab, anybody?) WHO lives at the North Pole and every Christmas (a bastardization of the Holy “Christ’s Mass”) and WHO delivers to all the “GOOD” children presents! You know, the ones who take their shots! And to all the BAD children, you know, the “anti-vaxxers,” coal.

    Shorter is better, right Frank?

    I did it.

    And I also FELT the PAIN when my son cried when I admitted I HAD LIED to him after he “found out” from some kid that “Santa” is not REAL.

    That I had BETRAYED him, for not telling him the truth. ( I did it also with the Easter Bunny.)

    ANd that REALIZATION on the child’s part that his own PARENT has lied to him….. (just like Satan planned)

    Leads that child to reject you, his loving parent, the ONLY ONE who REALLY CARES about him, in this world.

    And thus that child RUNS into the arms of OTHER “authority figures” in the world who won’t lie to him like his mom did…..

    And straight into the arms of Satan.

    Like Darth Vader: “Join ME, and we can RULE” in this horrible world in which your own Mom and Dad….


    Thereby “Santa Claus” (Satan’s CLAWS) has REPLACED CHRIST in that child’s idea of his “SAVIOR.”

    He’s a “tricky dick,” that Devil.

    It’s like child rape, thievery, lying, and now… “child porn”….. ALL ROLLED INTO ONE.

    What is it?

    Baal Worship.

    US sacrificing our own children into the deathly lap of MOLOCH, who EATS them.

    Hi Hil.

    “Just sayin'”

    1. I speak with the Sword of Truth.

      I’m a SLAYER of DECEPTION and all its resulting abhorrent creatures that are squirming up from BELOW.

      I come from ABOVE.

      You wanna CROSS me?

      1. After I woke up to the TRUTH of Jesus Christ, it wasn’t long before Satan led me off the path into New Age “sorcery” and yeah, “divination,” and “horoscopes” looking for …. idk….. ME.

        And I did a numerology reading on my full name: MCK (spelled out)

        And it read, “One who engages with….”


  8. So, as my sister asked me about my awakening to flat earth, What does it matter? Why do you care?

    Because it might be the key to our release from this slavery?


    And lied and lied about the “moon landing,” ALL OF IT…..

    What does that mean?

    Um, it MEANS our entire FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has bees STEALING FROM US for decades.

    There’s no “space travel,” they EVEN ADMITTED TO US that they can’t get up beyond the lol, “Van Allen Belts.”

    i.e. the Dome.

    That literally our “government” are out and out CROOKS.


  9. So, as my sister asked me about my awakening to flat earth, What does it matter? Why do you care?

    Because it might be the key to our release from this slavery?


    And lied and lied about the “moon landing,” ALL OF IT…..

    What does that mean?

    Um, it MEANS our entire FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has been STEALING FROM US for decades.

    There’s no “space travel,” they EVEN ADMITTED TO US that they can’t get up beyond the lol, “Van Allen Belts.”

    i.e. the Dome.

    That literally, our “government” are out and out CROOKS.

    That’s why I CARE.

    1. So Frank I apologize about all these double posts…..

      My signal is so weak off this “hotspot” on my phone, I think that is the problem.

      But then again waking up the masses takes JUST AS MUCH REPETITION as it took to brainwash us in the first place.

      Here ya go, a little trick:
      the second you see some kind of “Truther” like ech, Mr. Rubin, for ex, and who is very self-deluded, self-righteous, and an openly gay man having a baby with his husband….

      yeah, HIM

      do you not spot that GLOBE on the shelf behind him?

      Then YOU KNOW.

      What, what do you know?

      He’s a liar.

      He’s ONE OF THEM.

        1. Thanks, Frank. It happened with my emails to my bankruptcy lawyer too, they just went straight to spam.

          I think it’s President Snow’s doing, personally.


  10. So I’m going to play General Washington here, and try to suss out HOW to defeat them.

    It’s all about strategy.

    This Trump thing is I’m pretty sure a psyop. I don’t know anything but I read lately that he has received something like a 45 million payout…. Hmm, for what? For this FBI thing?

    It’s a psyop, I can assure you.

    WE need to stop playing into these psyops.


    Welp that’s why I’ve been wishing for a blackout.

    Take it all down, just like in The Matrix.

    The AI and all that digital crap has no “power” when the grid goes down.

    Why don’t WE take the initiative?

    They’re NEVER gonna take the grid down like they threaten ALL THE TIME, because they would die.

    Let’s take it down ourselves.

    Get a breather, let people reorient themselves, realize….

    WE dont’ NEED these M-F’s at ALL!

    They need to die a starvation death.

    Because that is how they “live.”

    They are PARASITES, pure and simple.

    They FEED off us!


    Haha, how BEAUTIFUL is the LOGIC of THE FATHER.

    WE don’t need to kill anybody.


    1. Believe me, if we start “starving” like they are threatening?



      Then THEY will starve

      YOU HEAR ME?

      1. “Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”
        1 Peter 1:13

        Prepare yourselves…..

        FOR BATTLE

  11. So it all sounds hunky-dory…..pretty easy.

    WE THE PEOPLE just need to unite!

    Um, welp….

    Unfortunately the Enemy has anticipated this “outcome.”

    By infiltrating all these small towns, like the one I live in, with their Freemasons.

    Freemasonry is just Judaism in disguise.

    LITERALLY I AM ALONE in this “Town” of mobsters, crisis actors, Jehovah Witnesses….. et al …..

    I think they are either all related but at the very least, they all attend WORSHIP in their Black Masses on West St. on Sunday night.

    THEY WORSHIP and are in “Community” much more and much better than we ever did in our “Christian” churches.

    This town has as far as I can see, is one controlled by Witches and Warlocks…..

    You know, like its FOUNDER: Norman Vincent Peale, Trump’s minister, and a 33 degree MASON.

    That means, basically….

    a WARLOCK.

    The PEOPLE are very few and far apart, indeed

    1. “Just to let you know”….. 🙂 (haha, ehhh, yeah, “Freemasons” everywhere…..ulghergh)

      It’s OK

      Somehow, someway, with enough prayer…. WE WILL DO THIS.


  12. And I think it’s worth recounting that I saw “Aliens” when it was released, that would be in late ’80s.

    I watched it with my boyfriend in a New York City theater, the Lowes megaplex up on the Upper West Side….

    And I’m telling you, I have never experienced anything like it.

    When Sigourney Weaver delivered that line: “Get away from her, you bitch” the whole theater erupted.

    We were all on our FEET!

    You don’t do that in a movie….. It was insane!

    Sigourney in “Aliens” was our HERO.

    Defending a defenseless child from a ….


    How little did we know at the time that she and the movie itself was such a prophetic and defining harbinger of the oncoming onslaught of PEDOPHILIA.

  13. I’m getting blocked again…..

    But I think simple observations are worthwhile to recount. Like I love comments, a lot of the best info is in the comments.

    There was a recent vid by Hugo Talks (based, in my opinion) about this large sigil in the hills over there in idk ENGLAND.

    so yeah, long story short, they’ve got this huge garden inviting families and their children to walk this garden……

    Long story short, the symbol is of Azazel, a DEMON, a major demon.

    And it’s IX XI.

    So why do I care?

    Well I’ve never liked “Mel K.”

    She says she’s just some Italian girl from Philly.

    Well if you look at her in her opening shot, there is a candle in the foreground (ALWAYS look at their surroundings, and she is always going on about the HOLOCAUST and how MILLIONS suffered and died there…LIE)

    The IX XI is in the candleholder in the foreground.

    Mel K is a liar and I’ve always distrusted her, that EYE_talian from Philly.



  14. The DEPTH of my struggle and abuse has been revealed to me, and I can’t share it without hurting my family.

    To sum it up is the line from the Hunger Games, when Katniss says “Everyone knows my secrets before I do,” and the guy says “Unfortunately for you, that would be true.”

    It’s BEYOND hurt and betrayal, what has happened to me…. from when I was an innocent child, with NO IDEA WHY my mother angrily ripped my bathing suit off in front of my father and older brother….. NO idea WHY my older sisters hated me…… NO IDEA why all my cousins looked at me so strangely……

    Everyone knows, everyone KNEW…. And no one in my family reached out to me.

    And, NOW I know.

    And I have no one, but Jesus, to hold my hand.

    You can all fuck off forever. I have no family.

    Never did.

    1. Satan is the “subtlest” of all creatures.

      That means, um thinking back, I don’t remember but it might have involved my dad and older brother playing with me at the beach! Pretty simple. I seem to remember a game of being swung back and forth in the water, and it was fun! Innocent! Truly. But perhaps for my mom…. watching….. she was I would say a clinically described depressed “narcissist.” She got jealous, pure and simple….

      And took it out on me, in just simple anger when she was doing her motherly duties of stripping off my suit and washing me clean from the sand…..

      There’s no one “guilty” here but it’s the perfect illustration of how Satan divides, ALWAYS…..

      Point is, I would not want my family to think I have suggested that my dad molested me.


      It’s just the subtle rivalry between my mom and dad that arose, and my mom was never there for me because of it? Well, maybe she never would’ve been.

      My most painful memory, LITERALLY, was when I was caught in a snowstorm at school, seventh or eighth grade, and when I would usually just walk home from school, it was a snowfall, and I was wearing only sneakers.

      I trudged to the nearest store (i’ve always had a problem with cold hands and feet when I played in the SNOW) and called my mom ( a sacrilege! Do not waste our money and what, you think I’m gonna waste gas to come get you?)

      And I remember I was crying, and I needed her to come get me because the pain in my feet was so bad….

      And when I asked her to come for me, she laughed.

      That that would be ridiculous…..

      And I think my love for my mom got BROKEN as I trudged home, I think it’s a miracle I didn’t lose my feet to frostbite.

      Just sayin.

        1. I got targeted because I didn’t KNEEL.

          I never feared nor worshiped “AW,” nor did I have any idea of “her” power and the structure she employed me in.

          And when 9/11 went down, I openly questioned it, welp, at least on my “private” phone conversations with family and friends.

          I said OUT LOUD: “Wasn’t that all a little too perfect? It was like a movie!!!”


          I thought I was running my own life, I had bought a house for my son to grow up in and put away savings to help him get through college and beyond.

          I slowly realized that as far as SHE was concerned, I was a NOBODY.

          And that I was her SLAVE. that whatever I THOUGHT I had EARNED and SAVED …. was not mine at all.

          It was HERS.

          SHE OWNS ME.

          And I?

          Just couldn’t accept that…..

  15. Let’s stop worshiping celebrities.

    Like Ricky Gervais SAID, they have no idea what it is like to live a “normal” life, and they have LESS EDUCATION than…. Greta Thunberg (haha! Like, what’s that, “middle school”?)


    It’s sad but TRUE.

    WE worship ACTORS.

    It’s their JOB to LIE.

    They get PAID to lie. And if they do it well?



    1. For what it’s worth, I was shown (or were they just playin’ with me) a falling angel in the clouds (have you seen the vids from Juan O’Savin with faces in the clouds? Archons? Yeah, for people like me? They’re real, or rather…. I SEE them too!) a cloud formation that looked like Obama. I TOOK A PICTURE. Then as I have posted before, “he” passed by me on Harmony Hill Rd in a blue convertible, pretty much frowning…. ??? Then yeah, Hillary passed me, smiling…

      VERY STRANGE and I can’t say it’s REAL.

      However, maybe it’s no coincidence that the Devil in that Jesus/Bible series looked so like him, they had to say, No, we did not intend that! (That series with former angel, there wife to the producer, Downey.)

      And where is Barack now? He doesn’t seem to be the Evil One…..

      Is he just waiting in the wings?

      Or has he been undone? Why was he never an investigated for a multithousand dollar “hot dog” party at the White House?

      Why is there never an investigation into ANYTHING these Federal Government EMPLOYEES do? Oh because…. FBI, CIA, NASA, CPS, um what else (make me sick)….

      Maybe Obama has been UNDONE in the eyes of the public, who can see through him now….


      Maybe that’s ENOUGH


    If this guy is not an “Uncle Tom,” I don’t know what is.

    (It’s not that he’s Black, but his look (heavy-contempt), his tone, and the way he speaks? ESPECIALLY if you are a woman, like ME.)



  17. Hey Mel

    To all those out there, I hope you love “training,” because me and Mel?

    We love it.

  18. And Mel is not just a “celebrity.”

    He’s a Teacher.

    Everything he has touched has been GOLD.

    If anything good came out of Hollywood, it was him. I mourn Hollywood’s death, as I am sure he does as well, and all the GOOD it could’ve done.

          1. I will say, that now that I see “Mel Gibson” trending on Bitchute with basically no new info about him but “TAROT CARDS”? that ….

            this “BLUEWATER”?

            Is um…. what with all the busty ladies IT posts, EVERY DAY, like PORN basically……

            BLUEWATER is nothing but a piece of CLICK-BAITING SHILLNESS, especially after he/she/IT (Who knows?) declared IT’S nemesis Charlie whatever, DEAD.

            WTH happened there?

            Charlie did not die, apparently.

            And all “bluewater’s” TAROT CARD readings from whoever, Jeanine?… are just a bunch of crap.The emphasis on “off-planet” stuff is ridiculous.

            HOW DARE YOU put up “MEL GIBSON” and his face on your site for clicks for your horseshit.



            1. This is not about “Mel” and you do not want to mess with me, period.


              Um, well….. see here? I don’t need to say it.

              Whatever the day, whatever the hour…..

              I’m READY FOR YOU.

                1. This is a nice “good-bye” for now vid.

                  Very well done, by citizen journalists.

                  Thank you, guy journalist. What you did here is brave. Braver than I could be, ever.

                  Thank you, Richie for posting it, thank you, Russian Vids (you are always spot-on), and finally….

                  thank YOU, Eric Dubay.

                  The Father of the “Flat Earth” Truth Movement.

                  The fact you are never credited for your work by these “new guys” never fails to infuriate me.

                  Thank you for continuing to post, like your most recent on “Why are there no Flat-Earth Whistle-blowers?”

                  Thank you ALL.

                  I LOVE YOU


                    1. Um, I’m getting BLOCKED again!

                      Blocking the TRUTH?

                      That “Roddy Piper” was the STAR of “They Live”?

                      Um, yeah

                    2. Jesus “told” me today that I’m his “Little Leaf”

                      And HE is the Vine on which I grow.

                      Remain in Me, and I will remain in you. Just as no branch can bear fruit by itself unless it remains in the vine, neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in Me. 5 I am the vine and you are the branches. The one who remains in Me, and I in him, will bear much fruit. For apart from Me you can do nothing. 6 If anyone does not remain in Me, he is like a branch that is thrown away and withers. Such branches are gathered up, thrown into the fire, and burned.…
                      John 15:5

                2. Oh, EXCUSE ME……

                  I meant WOMEN and their little SPOILED BRATS.

                  That is all “Jakie” is to me, a spoiled brat who never got schooled.

                  He’s still out there. I’ve always wished him the best, and he has always wished me the worst.

                  ARE YOU OK?

                  Cause I don’t want to get MURDERED by “Uncle” JOHN because YOU are A SPOILED BRAT.

                  AND? and and?

                  I am going to be making moves OUT OF THIS TOWN……

                  I get wind EVEN on the other side of this COUNTRY of YOU stalking me…..

                  Um YEAH….

                  YOU ARE DONE

                  The SON of the LATE Sheriff of Country WHO HAS BEEN STALKING ME FOR YEARS.


                  NO, I AM YOUR ELDER, JAKE.

                  YOU HAVE DISRESPECTED ME and….

                  I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.


                    1. Is Jake ever going to admit he is wrong? Is he capable of that?

                      Does he have any even perspective at all? And of ADULT male/female “relations”?

                      Probably not, and I’m sorry but…. he did mention “porn” the first time I saw him at age 10 or so at a peewee baseball game. Also ” I shit and then I eat it.” The kid is either severely damaged or yeah…. I’m severely damaged. He probably is too. And he is controlled by the CT mob Freemason side of that family, I see them all the time. CT license plates…. They want Jake LARGE and IN CHARGE.

                      What a tragedy, is all I have to say.

                    2. Welp, I’ve been through HELL with you “people” stalking me.

                      I’m done.

                      Because YOU’RE DONE.

                      I’ve tried to reconcile as a “good neighbor” with you and give you my best!

                      And my “best” was only um…. UHAUL to you.

                      YOU DON”T EVEN KNOW what is GOOD versus what is bad…..

                      You run around with your $19 FOR RENT INSULTS…… for what?

                      YOU ARE LOSERS.

                      And you seem to be determined….

                      to ALWAYS BE….. LOSERS

                      I CAN’T HELP YOU…..

                      BUT I CAN HURT YOU IF YOU HURT MINE.

            1. Well, maybe Mel is my own personal Anti-Christ.

              It’s painful for me to realize, and for me to “let him go,” but I have f- JESUS telling me….

              I’m HIS.


  19. Here it is again double post….


    Have serious ANGER Issues…..

    Probably dealing from incest, family dysfunction, all due to alcoholism.

    You can’t even SEE a “mate” because you are so filled with hate.

    I can’t even FATHOM that I am “related” as ancestrally I am linked to YOU.


    Change my mind…..

    Ope, welp yeah, every f– day I drive around and see you scumbags insulting and hating on me every where I turn.


    I honestly don’t know how otherwise to describe a “people” who treat um, outside-the-family like me, but Irish, I am Irish, you can’t deny, I’m one of yours! “O’Connor”

    First impressions are usually right, and I got it the day I opened my beautiful back door to the park and immediately, the sound of a motor……

    And I said, Out loud…..

    What is this? Deliverance?

    Um, YEAH

    These people are scum

    1. And is it any COINCIDENCE that I POSTED this shit before…

      And the HERO Burt Reynolds got taken out before (just like Tom Petty)?


      They’re dead now!


      REAL MEN

      BORN TO BE

      1. And you?

        Will follow your Pied Piper, even my own family members who don’t know any better, straight into the Lake of Fire.


        (I won’t do the childish “Na-na-na-na-ya heey hey GOODYE song…..It’s just too high school…. and….?


        1. Because if you don’t turn to Christ, repent of your wrongdoings (ALL OF THEM THAT YOU CAN THINK OF, because they are the source of your unconscious guilt) this is the hell you are headed for.

          You like it? (I get the feeling some of “you” like it.)

          Well, good.

          Cuz it’s where you’re going…

          to HELL

          UNLESS…. you begin to BELIEVE.

  20. I’d just like to say quickly that I apologize for saying that I had no family to reach out to me…..

    I remember Chris and Trish visiting me soon after the um…. chimney-guy debacle…. and the look on Chris’ face. He knew.

    It was NOT GOOD, let’s just say THAT.

    I LOVE YOU Chris, Trish….. Scott, Clare, ALEXIS…. Martha, Mike…. RICH and K-k-k-ate (even tho I KNOW you have gossiped about me and are a SNAKE in my family).

    And I love my sisters too.

    This is a NIGHTMARE, I agree.

    It’s in the Father’s hands now.

  21. I notice a lot of “23”s in my recent posts.

    The Good Shepherd is not just with ME, He is with my entire FAMILY.


    Psalm 23

    1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

    2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

    3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

    4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

    5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

    6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

    1. Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water
      Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea
      Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently
      By puttin’ your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee

      Every time I look into the Holy Book I want to tremble (tremble)
      Or when I read about the part where the carpenter cleared the temple
      For the buyers and the sellers were no different fellas than what I profess to be
      And it causes me shame to know we’re not the people we should be

      So, put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water
      Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea
      Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently
      By puttin’ your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee

      My mama taught me how to pray before I reached the age of seven
      She said, “there’ll come a time when there’ll probably be room in heaven”
      But I’m feeling kinda guilty ’bout the number of times to do what we must do
      Well you do what you must do
      But we forget what he said, then we figure that he’ll still make room

      So, you gotta put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water
      Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea
      Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently
      By puttin’ your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee

      Everybody come along
      Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water
      (Who stilled the water)
      Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea
      (Who calmed the sea)
      Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently

  22. I always wondered why people LOVED Elvis Presley so….

    Well, now I know just looking over his song list: a LOT of Gospel!

    A lot of “JESUS’ WORD”

    No one mentions this…..

    Makes ya wanna go….hmm

  23. I could list many others who have sent me love with just a look, or a nod (though they might not want me to….)

    So I’ll just go with first names, like Paul (and his beautiful wife).



    Yeah, it’s been DRY ever since….

    And you gotta wonder about Paul and his wife’s last name: Drinkwater.

    I love you just for that, interesting to note I remember your wife was/is Jewish (crazy I remember that….it was part of the “gossip”?)

    Anyway…. 🙂


    “All things work for the best for those who love God.”

  24. And, well, most of all, I love my brother, Scott (Paul Drinkwater’s good friend) and his own beautiful wife, Clare, my sister-in-law.

    Push come to shove, do I care if I am discovered as “Trinity”?


    I don’t have a job, and who cares, really?

    I have nothing to hide.


  25. The other thing is I’ve noticed in the matrix is…..

    1: all men are taken

    2: mostly if not all, “taken”

    3: they have no way out

    4: if I make overtures to one, I’M the slut.

    5: Maybe Satan has made me the target of any man who is trying to break out of a heartless “marriage” for a “true love.”….. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve always been wrong before!

    6: And I don’t think I ever will find “true love” (Mel? Nah…. you’ve got a kid and movie projects….. Butch? Nah….if you’re not dead, you don’t seem to have the balls to make a play for me, cuz I certainly can’t make a play for you…. Um, Jeff! You are happily MARRIED (having your “couple” massages for god’s sake….). Maybe you are of Jewish descent, but the stumbling block is you are MARRIED. MIKE!!! Hehe, uh…. you are a sweetheart! Named after my Guardian ANGEL, Michael. I love you, if you are a dad, you gotta stay close to them…. SO I understand and Adios, brother.

    7. I’m going to the “wilderness.”

    8. And if you stalk me there…..


  26. Which is not true, meaning I have no such power over you, nor you me.

    i.e. “freedom” to act…. because?

    we live under the Dome.

  27. WOW. THIS is telling people!

    The one coment THEY won’t post of mine:

    Which is not true, meaning I have no such power over you, nor you me.

    i.e. “freedom” to act…. because?

    we live under the Dome.

  28. We do live under a “glass ceiling,” just as HIllary told us.

    BUT she was wrong about a very important thing and that is, there are not only not millions of cracks in it…


    I do think “Hillary” has just by that notion, condemned herself to damnation (in ADDITION to “frazzledrip” –she’s a WITCH, clearly)….

    By basically renouncing the Father and His Creation of the Dome: which is IMPENETRABLE, Hillary. AND YOU? WIll go to HELL and for sure be tormented DAILY with the TORTURE if it is true, you have inflicted on LITTLE ONES. YOU will be tormented FOREVER.

    Like Jesus said, It would’ve been better for you had you been cast into the sea with a millstone around your neck than for what is COMING FOR YOU.

    ETERNAL DAMNATION AND TORTURE, for what you have done to little ones.

    Come and get me, Witch from HELL?

    You think I am afraid of you???


    1. You wouldn’t get no “adrenochrome” outta me, you know why?

      No fear.

      I would welcome the end.

      My “adrenochrome” would probably kill you.


      We can only hope.

  29. And I just have to say finally,

    I can’t be with you if it’s not out in the open, like with “Don-ielle.”

    Yeah, she got you. Are you some sort of …clo—…. okay, I won’t be MEAN.

    But you blew it. And? Thanks for your protection….. not?

    You’re gonna have to call me or knock on my door “in disguise” I guess…

    before I leave, because if I see you “out there”……

    to me?

    You’re just a stalker.


    You always were.

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