It’s a foreign language.



From Tractates: Cryptica Scriptura – iAhuasca :

Philip K. Dick :

In Summary: thoughts of the brain are experienced by us as arrangements and rearrangements — change — in a physical universe; but in fact it is really information and information-processing which we substantialize. We do not merely see its thoughts as objects, but rather as the movement, or, more precisely, the placement of objects: how they become linked to one another. But we cannot read the patterns of arrangement; we cannot extract the information in it — i.e. it as information, which is what it is. The linking and relinking of objects by the Brain is actually a language, but not a language like ours (since it is addressing itself and not someone or something outside itself).

Much of what I write is personal to me. My rationale behind this is so when others come across the same processes they will understand they are not going mad.

It’s super weird at the moment and super emotional as well. I’ve had a crazy week. Every day is an adventure. And bolts from the blue down the pub over the weekend. Firstly the super weirdness. When I went to the bar I found myself looking at a doppelganger of the barman who used to serve behind the bar thirty years ago in a different village in England at the pub I used to visit after playing football. And he hasn’t aged which is weird. And ‘Me Too’. Three of the men got talking and we all played football when we were young. I said I played in midfield and then another man said I played in midfield and then the third man said the same.

And then a Bolt from the Blue on Monday. There has been a T shirt merry go round going on and for my birthday I received a Jamaican athletics T shirt as a present which is connected to the CARIFTA Games which are the West Indian island junior athletics championship. Click Carifta Games.




A few days previously I had given the ‘One Love’ T shirt which I had bought about a month ago to a new neighbour who has recently come to England from Jamaica with his family as a welcome present and a reminder of home for him. It can’t be easy being in a strange land. Without being aware at the time I had probably bought the shirt for him even though I had no idea he would be moving in. And then he shocked me with the birthday present.




And Cherchez la Femme was the other bolt from the blue. Is it just an enormous in and out breath between the masculine and feminine or is there a core ? Multi dimensionality is confusing to say the least.

Inner beauty.





And Nuts.

A Corns.




And the Butterfly Effect.





Jah only knows !


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  1. Apologies for being off topic but…

    In Kansas yesterday, Dorothy awakened from the dream.

    And finding herself in her own body, decided to uphold its personal sovereignty. This is important for everyone, not just women, to understand. To save ‘the choice’, a ‘no’ vote must be available.

    There’s no place like home!

  2. Pandora

    Lots of floaters about.

    Pandora : The First Woman On Earth

    Pandora was, according to the myth, the first woman on Earth. She was created by Gods; each one of them gave her a gift, thus, her name in Greek means “the one who bears all gifts”.

    Pandora was created as a punishment to the mankind; Zeus wanted to punish people because Prometheus stole the fire to give it to them. Her gifts were beautifully evil, according to Hesiod. Hephaestus created her from clay, shaping her perfectly, Aphrodite gave her femininity and Athena taught her crafts. Hermes was ordered by Zeus to teach her to be deceitful, stubborn and curious.

    Pandora was given a box or a jar, called “pithos” in Greek. Gods told her that the box contained special gifts from them but she was not allowed to open the box ever. Then Hermes took her to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, to be his wife. Prometheus had advised Epimetheus not to accept anything from the Gods, but he saw Pandora and was astonished by her beauty, thus he accepted her right away.

    Pandora was trying to tame her curiosity, but at the end she could not hold herself anymore; she opened the box and all the illnesses and hardships that gods had hidden in the box started coming out. Pandora was scared, because she saw all the evil spirits coming out and tried to close the box as fast as possible, closing Hope inside.

  3. I don’t think Dorothy can “wake up” to her own sovreignity until SHE faces the EVIL-DOERS.

    She wakes up to her POWER when she realizes she needs to STOP them.

    She needs to stop the WITCH.


    Isaac Kappy

    (Notice in the web address: “Fuhc”


          1. You want double posts?

            Have double posts…….

            (I’d rather you just ban/block me than this)

          2. You have to DELAY …. delay… delay…. to block my momentum.

            It’s like a movie, my posts, well YEAH!

            F- PLAY them!

            I won’t be here much longer, Frank

            1. So if it takes a catchy tune to get people to wake up and know that CHILDREN are being kidnapped.

              Children are being raped.

              Children are being GROOOMED.

              Children or BABIES, are being EATEN…..ALIVE (best to get the full benefits of youth-inducing adrenochrome)

              And it needs to STOP


              I don’t think ANY parent alive now who KNOWS THE DEAL can SLEEP until WE see some JUSTICE.


              1. Where’s the JUSTICE, Pres. Trump?

                YOU PROMISED some Justice on “Child Traffickers.”

                WHERE IS IT?

                We are not stupid, you know…..

                1. Where are these accounts of “military tribunals”?

                  Pedophiles being tried before a court of military law and being executed?

                  WE ARE THE PEOPLE

                  YOU don’t HAVE TRIBUNALS without US, PERIOD

                  WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.

                  Silent people like ME are FED UP with YOUR bullshit.

                  AND WE are ready to fucking take you out of power.

      1. So here’s the original long version of “Jackets and Brackets”

        And it’s a LIVE performance, he was speaking the lyrics as he read the LIVE CHAT as he posted.

        The guy was a true artist, wow.

        And it makes me believe in him, and that he did indeed DIE for TRUTH.

        A MARTYR for JESUS

        Hallelu JAH

  4. Would you play my video, you…..


    Khazarian Billionaire JEWS are the ones who have BLACK-LISTED ME and forced me into yeah….


    PLAY IT.

    and ENJOY

  5. Hahaha, and yeah…..

    My son was schooled to say that maybe I should try “truck driving.”

    MY son was SCHOOLED to say …(referencing my Mel Gibson truck driving in the Road Warrior with the bulldog on the hood)


    MY SON….. has been in their EVIL grip since idk since middle school, I kid you NOT.


    HE made the evil sign of allegiance of the pyramid to them in his medical school graduation ceremony, in front on me ( who knew) next to his father (who has no clue) and on the other side, some old Jew.

    1. And I knew the night I went to pick him up from a middle school dance something was not right I guess, and I looked in to see him smiling at me, with Jake holding the devil horns behind his head, without him knowing….. and laughing.

      Ten year olds.

      Jake, the Sheriff’s son… a “good kid”? Um I thought so….
      The one who ended up calling me a whore, and what kind of woman “takes it up the ass.”


      He’s mentally disabled clearly, and the sheriff married an upright woman later who clearly doesn’t “take it up the ass” because she now has two kids by him.

    1. You want to know who I am?

      I chose this in high school for my dance performance for Talent Night.

      THIS IS ME, take it or leave it…

          1. And actually watching Sly Stallone running next to Carl Weathers makes me wonder if, as we have been told, ALL HOLLYWOOD STARS ARE INVERTED…..

            Is Sylvester Stallone an FTM.

            What a wonderful exposition of a man’s thigh versus a woman’s thigh this has given us…..


            Rocky was a woman.

  6. 9/11 is coming up again…..

    No, there were absolutely NO PLANES on 9/11, but ya know what else every truther is AFRAID to say?

    There were no DEATHS either….. Hard to believe?


    THAT”S how the J deceivers GET AWAY with it, STEALING OUR COUNTRY and OUR CIVIL RIGHTS right out from under us. AND OUR MONEY, OUR WEALTH.

    They are “INNOCENT,” you get it?


    J’s FEED off their Dupers’ DELIGHT!

    Cuz we really ARE just sheep! the goyim……


    1. Satan conquers hu-MAN-ity through deception.

      LIES, not by anything else. He has no power over a son of Man nor to take his life….. He can only DECEIVE a Man into BELIEVING he is conquered, that he is DONE.

      “My people perish for LACK of KNOWLEDGE,” said our Lord Yahuah.

      And what is that “lack of knowledge” of?

      Of the Father.

      Flat Earth. The AUthor of the RAINBOW….. YOUR CREATOR WHO IS WATCHING YOU NOW.


      I know, I’m extremely upset with myself for falling for a mob bankruptcy lawyer who idk has set me up for what?

      I don’t know……

      ‘But I am determined to NEVER BE DECEIVED by the SCUM J MOB again.


      I don’t have much of anything left in my pocket…..

      But I’ll be damned if I LET THE J MOB SCUM pick it again.

        1. So are you gonna mask up this fall and take whatever shot THEY tell you to?

          Because IF YOU DO….. and you SUFFER disgusting pain and crazy-ass “side-effects” and STERILITY and miscarriages and black-eyed babies…?

          Ypu DESERVE it, because you are a…..

          SHEEP . . .


          IT’s WIDE, and Our Savior Jesus Christ WARNED us about it.


          “TAKE CARE”

    1. And no “man” can possibly stand idly by when he KNOWS children are being tortured and trafficked and eaten alive, yeah….

      That’s enough to DRIVE any “real man” ….


      Thank you, Isaac

      I LOVE YOU

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