A Multitude Of Drops


Happy birthday to me. Good year for the roses.



The deep dive continues. How the heart is meant to cope with this I’m not sure. Things are becoming clearer and at the same time more confusing. It’s a paradox.

Ultimate Dotty.





From extraordinary pain comes extraordinary beauty. It’s a paradox.





Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops.


9 thoughts on “A Multitude Of Drops

  1. Emancipation Day in Jamaica. 1962.


    It’s a Jam packed summer. By some miracle I seem to have become an honorary member of the Jamaican athletics squad on my birthday. U Sane. Thought I was. Lots of forgiving going on. T shirt merry go round.




    Memory Lane.

    This is in the mix though. Undercurrents.

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