This is an unimaginable place but it probably is imaginable at the core. I’m not really sure what is going on in the outside NEWS as I read it so little these days apart from keeping up with the Crystal Palace football team’s results. I find myself in Limbo and maybe we are all there. The Abyss is a mystery.



The Universe is saying there have been some extraordinary goings on. Been doing some googling. Again maybe, possibly. I don’t know for sure. Personally I feel in a positive place as the tears subside. I am very aware though there must be healing for all somewhere down the line. I never give up until the final whistle blows. And I understand now about the bubble of protection. A mother’s love.

There seems to be two levels to the dream. Firstly our physical reality which is mainly about our personal relationship to each other and the physical world and the other level I believe that is the main level and our physical reality reflects this, which is the relationship with God and the erroneous perspective of God and our Self. And to change the dream the belief coding about this relationship needs to be altered as well as understanding who we really are. What we really deny.

Q : Who Am I ?

A : You are the innocent Holy Daughter of God himself. I am the innocent Holy Son of God herself.



Full Circle. Or something.


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    One of the Christian Gnostic writings found in the Nag Hammadi library, the Second Treatise of the Great Seth, has a similar substitutionist interpretation of Jesus’ death: 

    ‘I was not afflicted at all. Those there punished me, yet I did not die in solid reality but in what appears, in order that I not be put to shame by them […] For my death which they think happened, (happened) to them in their error and blindness. They nailed their man up to their death. Another, their father, was the one who drank the gall and the vinegar; it was not I. They were hitting me with the reed; another was the one who lifted up the cross on his shoulder, who was Simon. Another was the one on whom they put the crown of thorns. But I was rejoicing in the height over all the riches of the archons and the offspring of their error and their conceit, and I was laughing at their ignorance.’

    1. Swim

      This is crazy land .

      I’ve just had the most incredible hour. I watched a video about connecting with Lemuria and then it went weird. Time stopped I believe and something indescribable going on in the heart chakra. Had to delay grocery shopping. How we are meant to function in physical reality with all this going on I don’t know !

      1. I hear you, it feels like I’m going through the motions at the moment. Holding down job etc. There must be a reason for it; is the thinking that keeps me ticking.

        1. And more weird stuff after replying to you. When I eventually managed to get out to do grocery shopping I bumped into Dark Energy woman – I call her Bellatrix – who gave me the evil eye. Friday has turned into Evil Eye day. She stared at me intensely anyway. I gave her a nice smile. Hi ! So absurd this stuff.

          1. I noticed Friday last time you mentioned it because of similar personal experience I had on a Friday.

            1. How this stuff works I’ve no idea. ‘Something for the weekend’ is personally sinky with something else going on. Maybe I shouldn’t have smiled at a crocodile. See you later alligator. This is so nuts. And time has kept on freezing. This is what happens when you connect with Lemuria. Alchemical.

  2. I’m being made aware of a shadow being. Twice today whilst walking my dog it’s spooked her and she bolted. It’s transparent in the daylight but a partial outline is visible if you’re tuned in. It hangs around bushes, weirdly and on a previous night when coming home I’ve seen an actual shadow at night lurking near my front door then it fleets off when it knows I’ve seen it.

    1. There’s a lot of very weird thing goings at present with ‘dark’ forces for want of a better description. I think I know who Bellatrix is actually. She’s a blast from the past. All sorts going on with Up and Down, Dark and Light, In and Out and shake it all about and mirrors and reflections.

      Here’s a wiki entry about Shadow People.

      A number of religions, legends, and belief systems describe shadowy spiritual beings or supernatural entities such as shades of the underworld, and various shadowy creatures have long been a staple of folklore and ghost stories, such as the Islamic Jinn and the Choctaw Nalusa Chito.

      The Coast to Coast AM late night radio talk show helped popularize modern beliefs in shadow people. The first time the topic of shadow people was discussed at length on the show was April 12, 2001 when host Art Bell interviewed Native American elder Thunder Strikes, who is also known as Harley “SwiftDeer” Reagan. During the show, listeners were encouraged to submit drawings of shadow people that they had seen and a large number of these drawings were immediately shared publicly on the website.

      In October that year, Heidi Hollis published her first book on the topic of shadow people, and later became a regular guest on Coast to Coast. Hollis describes shadow people as dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision, and claims that people have reported the figures attempting to “jump on their chest and choke them”. She believes the figures to be negative, alien beings that can be repelled by various means, including invoking “the Name of Jesus”.

      Although participants in online discussion forums devoted to paranormal and supernatural topics describe them as menacing, other believers and paranormal authors do not agree whether shadow people are either evil, helpful, or neutral, and some even speculate that shadow people may be the extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe. Some paranormal investigators and authors such as Chad Stambaugh claim to have recorded images of shadow people on video.

      1. I’ve always wondered why Jesus never resonated with me and why St Francis spoke to me more. Jesus maybe not all who he’s cracked up to be. This seems to make a bit of sense. And the Golden Child and the Scapegoat and the Lost Child and sins of the father etc, etc are in the mix. It is all getting very teardious though.

        The calvary came over the hill.

        The good news is that it says a Young Lady is readying herself. God knows how this will play out. Or I’m mad. On the other side there must be a way of getting win win out of this rather than win lose though. I have good memories of when we were young.

        1. I’ve been taking a dive into narcissism. I understand the process and seen repeat patterns in my life. I’m wary of the labels empath and narcissist. What I don’t like is the energy within the empath victim mentality which says all narcissists are horrible vile people and should be sent to the darker reaches of hell forever. Agreed it is not a pleasant energy and horrible process to experience. And the inner child. One of my ‘narcissists’ was an old boss. Basically he was bullied as a young boy and as an adult he became the bully. Somewhere there must be healing for all.

          1. I’ve got compassion for people with ‘personality disorders’ and need healing. It’s the predatory types that are the conundrum.

      2. Thanks, I’m sure it’ll get bored and PO of its own accord. It’s not going to get much of a reaction from me.

        Linking old faces to the past is not nice. I often wonder what they’ve been through. Although I know whether to talk to them or not by their energy.

        1. I think they maybe ghost figures from the past somehow still caught up in the reality fabric. Maybe we all are at some level. At a soul level though I feel very much alive. And the sense that time is freezing is very apparent again today.

          1. Yes absolutely. I forget myself sometimes 😉
            Limited belief reality is coming down. It’s already done.

      1. Apols. You tried to post some videos which went into spam. Think I’ve sorted them. That I Monster song is a blast from the past. Haven’t heard that in ages.

        1. No worries. I should just get a WordPress account and save you the job of fishing them out.

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