Route 66


Get your kicks on Route 66. People’s views of ‘kicks’ vary from person to person though. This has been spectacular. It’s simply not my problem though. Anyhoo I’m intending to detach from the attachment(s). Self healing etc. Over the years I’ve learned there seems to be a personal subconscious program in place and I take the view now Self Healing is the only choice for both myself as my individuation and the greater Self. Actually I see it as two programs. One program which wants to keep the Self in 3D and the other is a spiritual program. And only the spiritual program is real. It has meant deep diving into some very dark places though.




It’s lunar eclipse day today. Like with a lot of things the eclipses are even beginning to feel like the same old same old. It’s a Super Flower Full Moon and Blood Moon eclipse.




There maybe some truth to this.




It’s e motional and stormy weather. And man eaters.






Love is B Lind.



Everyone Says Hi.



Circling back and the right track.





Merci Empress of Light.


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  1. QI

    About maybe how abuse of all different sorts has been used to keep 3D going. And in particular abuse on significant meridians.

    And possibly the process how ‘entities’ attach themselves and feed. And maybe passed on through DNA down time lines by a process known as Entrainment whereby brainwaves connect. Cellular memory as well. In sex it is hypothesised there is a form of Mind synchronicity that takes place. Neural rhythms.

    Synchrony, entrainment, and attention

    Although a full characterization of neural rhythms is beyond the scope of this article, here I will describe potential means by which enhanced synchronous activity – both within and possibly between nervous systems (Hasson, Ghazanfar, Galantucci, Garrod, & Keysers, 2012; Hennig, 2014; Sänger, Müller, & Lindenberger, 2012) – may impact sexual experience and functioning. I propose that synchrony promotes the intensity of sexual experience through at least three mechanisms: 1) enhanced summation of excitatory neural activity, 2) increased attention via integration of mutually informing data streams, and 3) maximal driving of neural systems for reward and somatic response.

    The brain exhibits rhythmic oscillations at a variety of frequencies (Buzsáki & Watson, 2012), the source of which is the synchronous activity of neuronal populations. On the level of basic neurophysiology, neurons are more likely to fire action potentials if their inputs arrive within a narrow window of time relative to each other (Schutter, 2004). This temporal summation suggests a straightforward role for synchrony in enhancing neural signaling: synchronized neural systems allow inputs to arrive within sufficiently narrow windows of time such that neurons are more likely to transmit further signals by firing.

    Entrainment is a means of enhancing particular synchronous patterns, occurring when a system is influenced to oscillate at a given frequency based on rhythmic stimulation at similar or related frequencies (Canolty & Knight, 2010; Thut et al., 2011). Although still awaiting empirical verification, there are several reasons to believe that sexual rhythms are likely to entrain synchronous brain oscillations.

    1. The cavalry to the rescue. Should you have sympathy for the devil ? People hold very deep pain in them which I want to help to heal. Whilst that pain is projected in a distorted way probably best not to smile at a crocodile though. Self healing is the route I believe which some find selfish. Seems to be the answer.

      ‘It’ is saying karma is over and we are now in dharma whatever that means but the ripples of karma can still be felt. God only knows ! We have only Now.

      I put this comment in a reply to Trinity on another article. The past which only exists in the mind.

      ‘ACIM says we always see the past. I’ve recovered a lot of missing childhood memories recently – not abusive this time. And also past life memories I believe. They seem to be a mix of personal and collective memory. Is it just memorex ? And then in memorex we seem to have a choice. I’m remembering and holding onto the good times. How I saw it and how I remember the past’.

  2. Meat eaters. Following the rabbit earlier led me to Greggs which is a chain in the UK that sells pasties and burgers and things. Along with McDonalds and the other chains I wonder what is really in the food.

    And music and dance and neural rhythms.

    ‘Music and dance may be the only things that come close to sexual interaction in their power to entrain neural rhythms and produce sensory absorption and trance (Doelling & Poeppel, 2015). Indeed, this may be one of the primary reasons we sing and dance (Sievers, Polansky, Casey, & Wheatley, 2013; Trost & Vuilleumier, 2013). That is, the reasons we enjoy sexual experiences may overlap heavily with the reasons we enjoy musical experience, both in terms of proximate (i.e. neural entrainment and induction of trance-like states) and ultimate (i.e. mate choice and bonding) levels of causation (Tinbergen, 1963).’

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