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    1. Orlena

      This is all very convoluted. Chiwetel Ejofor showed up on my travels. Where it has led since the pic showed up has led me to Simon of Cyrene. How you can prove this I have no idea.

      What ‘it’ is saying is that it was Simon of Cyrene who they put the crown on thorns on and Jesus laughed. He was a black man. Anon was on the right lines I believe. And feeds into Jung, Freud and narcissism etc with the Golden Child who takes the glory and the scapegoat who does the work and takes the blame. Not sure where the Lost Child fits into it but that’s in there as well. Something along the lines of Life of Brian. Also the sense of betrayal. When I met ‘God’ he was a black man and now it is saying the Son of God was a black man. And there’s always some ridiculous joke to this stuff which seems to say it’s just a movie. Biggus Dickus and the black man’s cock. And also going back even further to the lost lands with Lemuria etc which maybe an off planet memory.

      And secrets in the vatican library. The mindline is saying the vatican is airing its dirty laundry.



      1. It is going to be very interesting to see just how far the White version of the divine patriarch will be able to reestablish his dominance over the earth. I think people would be surprised to learn how effectively the Roman Church is working through organisations most have never even heard of to secure it’s dominance. For me Pope Francis is a figure head with little actual power, someone for public relations, and a version of ‘Papa’ on earth.

        For me, it’s about power and to whom power rightfully belongs and ‘dark life matters’.

          1. ‘I will be heard’.

            I guess I don’t have the Rosie picture yet. Please excuse the pun. Naomi means pleasantness. But when she is finally heard the picture becomes unpleasant.

            Anon often asked, ‘what is love’. Maybe the answer will be found in the question, how do we share power?

  1. HELLO!!!!!!!!
    It’s Gemini season. Ya’ll ready?

    Happy Birthday, Roobeedo. Celebratory videos will follow for the wonderful birth of you, and I’m always thinking of ya. And miraculous twin suns 😊 be-you-tiful!

  2. Welp, the lion is sulking, and me too.
    How and why and what. the. fuck.

    I had a thought about words… GEMINI ENGINE. It’s the gemini engine that keeps ‘it’ going, supported by the ‘vowel shift’.

    (not about those born under Gemini, personally, just pointing out something archetype-ally)

    look at this: the TWINS

    ADAM and EVE
    CAINE and ABEL

    Pollux, not bollocks! Castor, not ‘cast her’. Rome, you’ll ‘us’, not re,…me, us. U C? The textus (Texus) is not Oh, Kay.
    Phoney phonetics.
    This is so not “appropriate”, but isn’t it true that words are killing us and “it’s” the separation?
    “Cleave” means “to adhere closely”, yet also means “division”.
    Words are blah blah. What’s also with words (sword), feeling?… Now that is ‘something’ πŸ™‚
    E-motion can be described by lots of words…until you can’t describe it anymore; “it” must be ‘felt’. And then, s-word is useless and the Roman high-arch-y is no (thing). The emotion, though, is quite intense and I am not doing word-play anymore. Obviously, we know about this here on merovee. Something about the vows, or vowels, and the ‘tone’.

  3. It’s about time. (sigh)-matics. And the toll it takes upon us, by having a ‘languish’ that hypnotizes us as we learn it, speak it, and spell-cast our way through life, weaving it as we speak it.


    Jen-knee, ?… Jenny
    Kneel … Neil … NEIL …N137
    (could rite entire post about Jenknee and Twin Peaks…Sunknee Jim, Jane-knee Jones, and…where’s An-knee?) En lodge, of course, just wondering which witch?

    Look!πŸ‘‰πŸ» !!!! here. I’m not ad-vocating, but rather saying out loud, that whoever reads this should partake in the marijuana smoking ritual. This particular e-vent could ‘free’ the mind from the gov. It’s so wacky, you just might pinch yourself to make shure u K-NOW, you’re high. Perhaps u need “re-minded” of this divine connection.

    Always comes back to the question: how do you get someone’s attention when you can’t get their attention?

    It’s beyond words.

    In the ancient Egyptian tradition, Osiris lives eternally in the ‘field’ of reeds.

    I read. I read. I rud.

    C? or, Sea? It doesn’t work in all tenses. Makes con-versing rather ‘tense’ and the rules don’t apply across ‘time’, or in-tenses-city. Wood prefer a little less conversation, but more action. Rather in’tense’ and 2 much learning and training of left brain, if you ask me, but, if you Ydid I already forgot.
    Rud is like ‘ruddy’, which describes a red-ness of complexion. Again, eye (sigh). How exhausting these phoney-ics bee.

    It/s easy.

  4. Welp, happy birthday. not quite what I expected.
    just typed in the u tube oracle and see re-sults.

    this good, non bad.
    quite good.

  5. Hey all!

    Sorry but have to disagree! And thank you for letting me post to do so!

    Jesus told us in REVELATION who “They” are! “Serpent Seed” who call themselves “Jews” but are not! They’re the Children of Satan!

    You never name the Enemy on here…. because it’s the Enemy who wants you to look at this world, and throw up your hands and say “Whatever” and “What.The.Fuck.” when the Father is SHOWING you the Truth in PLAIN SIGHT! A “world” in which it has been revealed openly to us that the Jews are not only trying to kill us, but have been FEEDING us our own children in our so-called “food” with ground up baby and human fetuses, and dead humans, like that Jewish rabbi TOLD US….they’ve been doing it for centuries….in your McDonald’s Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, or even in my own favorite: Sausage Burrito! And now? Comes “The Impossible Burger,” that virtue signal to us that we are going “vegan” but unknowingly becoming cannibals, and “vampires,” like them! Do your research: they know now how to RECYCLE dead bodies into a red “Natural fFavoring” liquid and SELL it to the makers of the “Impossible Burger” for that taste of “real meat”!!!

    Look it up! There’s a video of a guy being given a tour of their Impossible Burger factory. THEY HAVE TO SHOW YOU WHAT THEY ARE DOING, it’s Yah’s LAW…. so that you HAVE the LAST CHANCE to “convert” back to being a “reborn” “Christian” before the Second Coming, when it will be too late.

    Everything that has been done in secret HAS NOW AT THE END been revealed.

    “Bon Appetit”!!!

    “Soylent Green”
    “Soy” as in green?
    Or “SOILED Green”…..

    1. Ben Hur was a Jew, as were all those B.C. (Before Christ!)….

      Remember how Jesus saved him from dying of thirst when Ben Hur, an upright Jewish “Roman Citizen,” was enslaved along with the criminals on the “chain gang?? (Note, “black men” are not the only race of humankind who have been enslaved….)

      1. Judah Ben Hur didn’t come to know just WHO Jesus was until he saw him again much later in his own life of suffering…..

        when he recognized Jesus on the road to Calvary struggling under the heavy burden of the Cross he was carrying.

        But it was not until he saw Jesus being crucified on that Cross did the upright Jewish man Judah Ben Hur step into the Light….

        And become converted.

        1. If you have been “faithfully” watching the vids I have posted, dear readers, you will remember that when John the apostle asked Jesus, “Who is counted the greatest in Heaven?,” Jesus replied simply that unless you are “converted,” you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven….

          So it’s fitting that Charlton Heston, a goy who played a Jew who is converted to BELIEVING in Jesus as the “Jewish” Messiah, be the one who blows the trumpet of warning in the End Times depicted in “Soylent Green,” with the Serpent Seeds’ (“so-called Jews”) having completed their Father Satan’s ancient plan of the enslavement of humanity, God’s children, not his, and ultimately their annihilation through getting the “cattle” to eat themselves … unto death. And that is, the “second death.”

          The Death of your Soul

          1. And that rabbi who revealed that they’ve been stealing children, draining and drinking their blood, and grinding them up for what, their “kosher” sausage, it’s in an audio recording of an interview with a ya know, famous Christian minister that you can find on youtoob from over a decade ago…. the Christian “goy” said at the end of the interview, which many didn’t take seriousy, that it was just the rabbi pulling this “Christian’s” leg….the minister noted that the rabbi was being very open about this pure-evil practice of the “Jews,” and the rabbi replied very smugly….something to the effect of, “Welp, we Jews gotta do what we gotta do and for you goy now….

            “It’s too late….”

            It’s too late for the goy to do anything to stop them.

            I believe it’s too late as well…..

            Of course I don’t KNOW anything more than anyone else…..

            But back when I was cleansing and fasting and trying to expel the (maybe I was born with it) “parasite” that I believed was in my gut, what stopped me?

            Well, first came the chimney guy, after which I had some sort of mercury (from my recently removed fillings) overload…. my scalp and brain were on fire, and most of my hair fell out, and was bedridden, barely able to climb the stairs.

            You know, my “crown” of “glory”? It fell out.

            Then, after I returned to work at ya know, that fashion mag led by the Devil who Wears Prada, I was almost bald, and the whole weird “J” thing started happening….

            and then?



            Everything shut down…. we were put in lockdown.

            I believe the “old dragon” Satan was released from the PIT at “Ground Zero” on 9/11…

            11 (the Twin Towers) is their number of Destruction (of God’s Creation).

            But the Father is using Satan against him, always did, does, and will.

            9/11 was our “Wake-up Call”!!!!

            Hell-O? Are you gonna wake up now?

            ….. Remember the 911 Emerge-and -see “system” was put into place around the year 2000, not long after I moved into this house, and my house number was changed from 376 to 14….. and we saw and were given the number 911 as the “Who you gonna call?” number for any emergency, and since then the number 911 is on EVERY “First Responder” vehicle you see: county sheriffs, local police, and of course, the FIRE DEPT.


            It’s in the Bible, people.

            “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).”
            Revelation 9:11

            Who has a ceiling painting of “Apollyon” in his 5th Ave apt and a golden statue of him on his mantel?

            Jus’ sayin…..

            My hair has fully grown back in finally, after two decades of my keeping it short.

            And I had a dream that said the End would come in a certain number of months, which I counted out and ended in the 7th month (the number of COMPLETION of God’s creation: 7 days) of this year, 2022.

            I saw another video by a numerologist that said he has been revealed “222” is the BEAST.

            That’ll be soon after I complete my 30 days “sober” during which I am fasting and praying and washing my “robe” white in the precious “blood of the Lamb.”

            We do not know the hour or the day…. NO ONE knows that but the Father. That’s why the Vatican has the most powerful telescope on “Earth”…. they are watching the Dome, the “firmament,” VERY CLOSELY to see the first sign of the Second Coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, so that they can alert all the other serpent seed and they can all run underground into their D.U.M.B.s to escape….

            But the Father just laughs at them…..why?

            Cuz they are … DUMB.

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