Boy Meets Girl


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any freakier. And I know it won’t make sense to most readers. It has got so personal though.



Quantum reality is confusing.



At the movies.





And Purcy. This is an amazingly synchro meshed reality. Following the car clues. And dogs that don’t bark when they should.



Bot Why ? And ‘Why Me ?’ which is a question we all face. This is taking it to a new level though in a number of different ways or maybe that’s the idea. Just pure imagination and the Impossible Universe where anything that can happen does happen and going Beyond Belief. Maybe, possibly.



Or I’m mad but who would recognise another mad man around here.


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      1. I will say that the headline on X22 Report today speaks to Frank’s recent comment about “black hats” perhaps being angels in disguise:
        “The Good Guys Are Using the Bad Guys to Destroy Their Economic System.”

        yeah, I have to say I am not too upset about industrial chicken farming (thousands of birds destroyed) being decimated by the bird flu outbreak, nor some of the other farming “atrocities” of that system being burnt to the ground.

        So yeah….

        What did Jesus say?

        “Do not judge.”

        Because you HAVE NO IDEA what you are “judging.”



          She’s got, get this, 11K views in the last idk few hours….she’s Trending on BitChute….

          She’s pushing this “alien” agenda, which as we all have been told, is the “Last Card” of the Illuminati deck.

          An “ALIEN INVASION.”

          Which is a LIE.

          She doesn’t believe in the Creator God, doesn’t EVER mention Jesus….or?

          Biblical Flat Earth

          She’s therefore a “globalist.”

          Readying the public for that final card….

          THERE ARE NO ALIENS…..

          ONLY demons, grays and what have you…..


          Getting ready to take over on the World Stage.

          Get close to Jesus in this FINAL HOUR.

          1. Meanwhile what does she say? What “intel” does she give?


            But she’s shut off her Comments, so no one can tell you how they think her post is a piece of shite.

      1. Frank, I hear you. My trip to Florida was SUR-REAL in that EVERYWHERE I went I felt and WAS being watched by EVERYONE !!! from one gas station to the next, from one Cracker Barell with RV overnight parking to the next and it felt basically like the movie “They Live” whereby “they” spot you IMMEDIATELY….. ALL UNREAL.

        Also your comment about Notre Dame burning down, looking fake, like a “set.”

        that’s exactly how Jeff Berwick described the so-called “temple” on Epstein Island, and even documented it with his video….

        It was FAKE.

        He said, “Like a movie set.”

        1. There is some exceptionally weird stuff going on with me as well. The question of ‘Why Me’ comes up which in general when both good and bad things happen is in there. If it was just me involved in these shenanigans I wouldn’t mind. It’s that others would have been caught up as well and one of them in a very personal way which I’m seething about.

          And to BP. The movie reference is so in my face and I’m obviously meant to see it. Confirmation of what I was already thinking. The question and concept, and As Above So Below aspect to it, is fascinating and does appeal to my inquiring mind I won’t deny. WTF though.

    1. Hi Makky. Presuming it’s you . Great to hear from you πŸ˜€ Long time no hear !

      I’ve barely touched on some of the things I’m experiencing at the moment. Indescribable. And very personal as well. As an example virtually everyone I know is reflected as a film or rock star on the silver screen. And Pope Francis is a total mind what’s it. And now AI and robots have shown up. And Time has gone down the pan as well. There’s a load more as well. I was thinking how difficult it must be for those who have no interest in this sort of stuff and just trying to get through the day as reality collapses. Maybe though ignorance is bliss.

        1. Yes, I agree 100% about nature, “Creation,” being totally fake as well. I’ve gone off on hikes trying to connect with Yah’s creation, BEAUTY, “REALITY” and have had dirty-tailed bunnies and ugly deer staring me down…. CROSSING MY PATH. !!!!!


          Never mind my evil squirrel. He showed up on the tree behind my house and was on the tree facing downward and slowly lifted his tail downward over his head to expose its ass.

          It was obscene.

          And the fact that the DEVIL is so desperate to make me feel “OBSCENE,” A DOG (like him! The Dog Star!) ….”guilty,” ugly, whorish, like “white trash” in that moment, I SAW how PATHETIC the devil is to make ME feel that way….

          And I inwardly SMILED in the recognition and knew:

          I CAN TAKE SATAN DOWN by SEEING him as he is….

          HE IS BELOW ME.

          1. And in that moment of me inwardly SMILING at him and his patheticness..

            he took off and has not been back since.

            “Submit yourselves therefore to YAH. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
            James 4:7 KJV

            1. So “Snarky” promotes Bluewater as some sort of “credible source” of information? All about “off-world crap and promising idk “stuff” coming SOON, pro-Trump!…. BATTLE WON!….

              um…. BULLSHITE.

              “Linda Paris” I believe her name is….

              How can a “woman” like Snarky promote this idk SHILL as some sort of “worthy” source of information when, well, I have to believe it’s a HE, posts practically PORN images of SEXXXY WOMEEEN and THUS disrespecting of all “real” women everywhere….

              Over and over again….lately SIDEWAYS, not sure what that is about….

              WHO IS THIS SHITHEAD?

              “BLUE WATER”….

              Eff U


              1. They BOTH promote that “jeanine” TAROT CARD reader…..

                They are of Satan, and both need to be AVOIDED, if you want to be saved, in the name of Jesus Christ.

                Tarot cards, Aleister Crowley, Yoga, um… yeah ROCK MUSIC…. DANCE a la music videos….. ALL OF IT….

                MUST BE RENOUNCED if you want to ….

                make it to the NEXT LEVEL.

                Yah’s KINGDOM!!!


  1. The uh, “power grid”? Electricity = Lucifer (Satan) = the power of fire = the lightning bolt

    the grid is cobbled together now that is obvious…. notice how the power poles look like crosses? Lines strung along like in a third-world country. Just like all the infrastructure in this land it’s… falling apart. It’s um…. “old world.”

    “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan fallen as lightning from heaven” Luke

    Lucifer is THE Fallen Angel….

    and he ain’t getting up.

    No, he’s DOWN, and down for GOOD.

  2. The Narcissist and It’s Your Duty and emotional blackmail. The government as a quasi parent.See the jab and ‘Your country needs you’ at times of war.

  3. “Boy Meets Girl”…. the spark planted for an unavoidable tragedy a la Cupid! (i.e. the DEVIL)

    (ever heard of “Romeo and Juliet”?)

    So back to the “tail” of “Mary Magdalene”

    I actually love this scene from “The Greatest Story Ever Told” with Max von Sydow, even tho I have pointed out that the woman whom he saves from being stoned to death was not literally Mary Magdalene. A conflation of several characters in the Gospels that it is necessary for screenplays trying to depict the huge drama within a couple hours of screentime.

    This scene beautifully CAPTURES not the “Letter” but the “Spirit” of JESUS, The Master.

    His STRENGTH. His “MAN”-LINESS. His COMPASSION. His ESSENCE as THE TEACHER sent us by the FATHER. His DIVINITY as the Messiah.

    Jesus “championed” women because they were being treated by the Jews (humankind) as chattel.

    Jesus was sent by the Father to teach the “Jews” and the “Gentiles” (“Mankind”) that women were not CREATED as the “chattel” of men.


    Because the Father created beautiful “WOMAN” to be the temple, the earthly womb, of sons and daughters of Yah, the CREATOR of humankind.

    SO um…..

    THIS SCENE, this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN thrown down into the dust by UGLY HATERS for what…?

    “SHE” was caught in the ACT of ADULTERY.”

    Um yeah???

    So um….

    Who was the MAN she was caught in the “act of adultery” with?


    Why was not HE charged for the same crime?

    Why isn’t HE being stoned to death?

    And from the Father’s point of view, I BELIEVE it is MORE the MAN who is “guilty” of the CRIME, not the innocent and beautiful young GIRL in the “Red Dress.”

    An innocent Daughter of God.

    Whom Jesus lifted up from the dust and told her, “You are not “condemned” anymore by men nor by ME, the Son of God.”




    And Jesus recognized her as not a “dog,” but it’s OPPOSITE: a D.O.G.

    A Daughter of God!

    and thus put her accusers and condemners to SHAME.

    A Daughter Of God!

    The most beautiful and innocent of God’s Creation, mothers of humankind.

    And that’s what “MM” stands for.

    (it’s a Freemasonic fave for it’s SIDEWAYS (ha, Bluewater!! I GOT it…) 33…..)

    Marilyn Monroe (a Baphomet whore) MM = 33

    Satan’s upside down mirror of Mary Magdalene…. Her OPPOSITE….

    MM, the Father’s most “beloved” of His DAUGHTERS.

    Whom Satan calls a DOGLY “prostitute”.

    She was not.

    Just read your BIBLE.

  4. That’s so funny Clicky, because I have literally been driving around town giving everyone the finger.


  5. Meanwhile….if I have your attention, check this out:

    I always knew and idk yeah, since the treaty back in the 1950s that we can’t go to Antarctica.

    Perhaps there are more lands? IDK… I think they don’t want us to discover the DOME.

    But what is even more INTRIGUING to me is why “they” are prohibiting us from exploring the NORTH POLE.

    I always had a feeling to….


  6. Check the clip of Justin Trudeau…….

    It speaks a thousand words. Like why the current “Justin” looks nothing like the original.

    It’s sad….He was so innocent.

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