Feel The Fire



Everyone is still saying Hi to me.

I’m told it is Percy.




Both Feel the Fear and Feel the Fire can give you butterflies.



The Golden Child.




Anima and Animus can be confusing as we seem to exist in all time zones and dimensions at the same time. I see the split between the masculine and feminine as at the core of everything. For me the core thought which needs to be changed is when Big Bro said we needed to put our clothes on otherwise the police will put us in prison when we ran around the garden naked. I say ‘We’ as I remember who was also running round the garden naked with me. When We Were Young and The Self police. It’s just a thought and the mind can be changed.

And the bizarre mirror with Pope Francis continues.



From The Daily Beast :

In eyebrow-raising comments on Good Friday of all days, Pope Francis lashed out at his detractors, saying they have succumbed to “disinformation, slander, defamation, and coprophilia” in criticizing him for not directly naming Vladimir Putin or Russia as the instigator in the deadly war in Ukraine. (Coprophilia is the technical term for those who have a sexual fetish for feces.) The pontiff made the statements to an Argentine journalist who asked him why he has so far failed to publicly condemn Russia or Putin. “Sad! Such a noble vocation as that of communications being soiled,” the pope wrote, turning his criticism on journalists, according to the Catholic news site Crux. It is not the first time the leader of the Roman Catholic Church has referred to such an esoteric fetish. In 2016, he hurled the same accusation against journalists who peddle in fake news.


The Scapegoat.

It’s a piece of shit when you look at it.




I Dream of Lucy.


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