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Everyone is still staying Hi. This morning I received a text message which read Hi and yesterday when I was in town and contemplating ‘Life’ and turning to my right I noticed a street billboard and I saw a small boy who seemed to be waving at me from behind it. He then disappeared behind the billboard and then re appeared again and re waved and then did same thing another two times before my mind said I can’t cope with this and I walked off. Is it just as simple as saying that at some level I created the situation or is there an actual point to ‘Everyone says Hi’

This mainly comes from my own reading of personal runes. ‘It’ seems to be circling back to Genesis or even pre Genesis. It’s talking to me about two parallel lines which fork out from 1:1 and from these lines an unimaginable number of realities are created and we are circling back to a zero point. Presumably if it is a singularity it must include All but some of this is incredibly personal.

Even though I presume there must be a male aspect to it, it speaks to me in female terms and is talking about what I see as the Rosalind Line and the Mary Line. Maybe they will converge in the Rosemary line. Anyway here are a few pics which talk to me of this. And the Upside Down. One of the pics is an Upside Down Medusa in a Sun in a circle. In this regard Medusa may not be as negative as portrayed in mythology.

Questions arise in my mind such as are both lines valid or is one line the real line. And how reality will manifest when Guilt is fully released.





And Golden Girls.




It’s freaky.


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  1. The above pick shows my latest interest: edible wild plants.

    Arugula is quite expensive and hard to grow, so why bother? I’ve already started eating the free edible greens growing in “my” yard. Ya know, i grabbed a bunch and put it on my tuna sandwich, you gotta get some green in there…..

    And I know I said GOODBYE but it’s hard for me to let the LIES and DECEIT of 9/11 go,

    Especially when they are STILL being propagated.

    This guy, Luke Rudkowski, was “born” as a somebody on 9/11.

    He is clearly a fake Crisis Actor “Journalist.”

    Popped up on the scene just like Alex Jones did.


    He’s still goin at LOL, “CHANGE dot ORG”…..

    Just watch this fakery, it makes me sick every time…

    1. Excuse me, it’s We Are Change dot org.

      And he’s still “going strong”…. in CHANGING nothing, lol.

      Here’s his hard-hitting investigation of Epstein Island… guerilla-style “journalism,” trespassing onto the private property … HEY, that’s reminiscent of Alex Jones secret “access” to the Yale secret 3/22 initiation ceremony! FAKE.

      It’s interesting that it’s much easier to spot the FAKERY years on down the road….

      Harder “in the moment.”

      1. Jeff Berwick, on the other hand, seems like he might have gotten innocently lured into this staged escapade and looks and sounds clearly like the innocent fall guy (Luke: “Jeff! Come!!!”), and I’ve noticed that neither Luke nor Jeff have mentioned each other in their subsequent vids.

        I watch Jeff Berwick’s vids (, which are a favorite on BitChute in terms of keeping us up with the current shite that is going on, and idk, him walking and talking with his dog Lucy can get you to laugh out loud at this absurd “APOCALYPSE” we are currently experiencing. He doesn’t know what’s going on or what’s going to happen any more than we do…. but his commentary is encouraging and actually funny in the face of very depressing and indeed desperate times.

        I think Jeff is a good guy.

        It’s not real, so let’s not make it so…. Keep up the good fight and work on ourselves as we journey toward the End of the GAME.


    2. Trinity

      I’ve been going through the same thing recently with the big alternative news names recently. Are the white hats really black hats and who can you trust ? I trust spirit and the path first but even then the black hats maybe angels in disguise.

      1. Frank, I KNOW!!!!

        Yikes. WHO do you trust?

        Black Hats and White Hats (I think you’re right: this world is so upside down, everything in is OPPOSITE of the Truth, so if someone presents themselves as a “White Hat” or a “good Guy,” you know he’s lyin.

        I had a LOT of “CRAZY” synchs that led me to take off down to Florida (but I had to to not freeze to death in my house running out of heating oil). Get this, when I started to cross the bridge to St. Petersburg, a VERY loud and clear church bell started chiming…. BING….BING….BING!!! I’m like, um, but wait, it’s 5 o’clock, not 3! (Satan is constantly mocking me as “Trinity.” I’ve had birds chirping sounding like they are saying “trinity! trinity! trinity!”

        Later I had some sort of ridiculous idk “trip up” and I exclaimed out loud, “Oh, for Pete’s sake!!!” and a bird shrieked out in answer….

        Um, so I learned a lot living in my camper van for 6 weeks….. but…. as a framed decorative wall art I didn’t order (and my “Footprints in the Sand” journal was “guiding me”) ….

        “I Followed My Heart and It Led to the Beach.”


        Just ANOTHER Dead End.

        I can honestly say now I can spot Satan/Ego now masquerading as the “Good Shepherd.”

        He’s the Pied Piper! All the crazy synchs you think are guiding you in the “right” direction? They’re NOT.

        Jeremiah 17:9 – The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: Who can know it?

        1. The whole Saint Peter vs Mary Magdalene thing.

          I read the Elaine Pagels’ “Gnostic Gospels.” And I read the Gospel of Mary. Not sure exactly where I read it but that Peter was jealous of her (i.e. hated her) because after Jesus was risen, He appeared in visions to Mary Magdalene, which she recounted in her gospel.

          Obviously Peter discounted her and the fact that the risen Jesus appeared to HER first, not him. So he EXCLUDED her from the, what, “Roman Catholic Church” he was supposedly by Jesus himself charged to establish.

          Satan has worked his wily ways not only through the Garden of Eden and all our hearts but also through the Bible.

          Mary Magdalene also preached the Gospel after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

          Perhaps it is HER “church” that is now present as the “remnant,” awaiting the Second Coming of OUR King.

        2. On the beach in Florida has meaning for me as well. Every picture tells a story.

          Reading the runes, ‘it’ is saying the rest of this year is going to be totally fxxking crazy.

  2. Tonight is the night that Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane.

    He was left basically abandoned by his disciples, who could not “stay awake.”

    He knew what was “coming” for him and it was not THAT perhaps that was so terrifying for him but more the temptation to perhaps just take off…let this cup pass me by…. to FAIL THE TEST.

    THAT is what is most TERRIFYING of all, to FAIL the TEST the Father has put before you.

    1. “or” it’ll NEVER happen. (I’m a goof! Just like you….)


      Or don’t .

      Are YOU the ONE?

      There’s only one way to find out….

      And the WAY this world works is…

      It’s NOW or NEVER.


      Actually, that’s very good advice, dontcha think?

        1. And Frank? I hope you know I’m not sending these vids to you, the “original” True-man….

          Hopefully you “get” what I’m doing.

          In the “name of love”!


          1. Because I know now…..

            I am a destroyer of men.

            Always have been…..

            Always will be?


            I’ve observed that “those who hesitate, die.”

            Just a helpful warning.

              1. I am looking for a partner, tho.

                A real man to my real woman.

                Someone who is interested in the cleansing fasts and how they affect the body to teach others how to heal.

                Yeah, I REALLY want THAT.

                1. A man who KNOWS about “coffee enemas”…..

                  All in the name of CLEANSING.

                  Am I CLEANSED?

                  Ah, no, nobody is completely cleansed….

                  They’re still trying to GET ME with a 2nd DUI that’ll get me put in JAIL.

                  I’m SIRIUS.

                  I can assure you, I don’t drink and drive, OK?

                  I am not a DRUNK.

                  I DRINK, perhaps every NIGHT.

                  But I am NOT perpetually DRUNK.


                  So F- Off.

                  1. I have a GREAT screenplay idea.

                    A WOMAN like me, gets pulled over.

                    Ahh, well you know me enough to know my fantasy…..

                    Let’s just say….

                    She kicks his ASS.

                    1. I will have to admit that my identifying with male heroes like Mel Gibson and Keanu Reeves….. is…..


                    2. Also the Khazar Russians who have been stalking me ever since I went sober and left their Rego Park wine shop and I guess network, and I had no idea, like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, what I was getting myself into by devoting myself to sobriety in JESUS” name.

                      That they have been stalking me ever since. Khazar Russian Jews.

                    3. Satan’s biggest lie that has now been uncovered is the “globe.”

                      That is why suspected “pedos” like Anderson Cooper, son of “Little Gloria,” a HIGH Ranking WITCH and the richest little girl on the “planet,” brother of his suspected “suicided” brother, is pictured “reporting” on pedo allegations against the Pentagon and Disney before a Globe in the clip below. Remember him holding up the owl “artwork” of a Sandy Hook child victim?

                      It’s WHY “they” are called “globalists.”

                      Truth in Plain Sight.


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